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Old Famous fairy visits throughout the years

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Old 09-04-2021, 12:10 AM
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Rainbow Famous fairy visits throughout the years

Fly with you! Here is a timeline of how famous fairy visits in the original Pixie Hollow evolved throughout the years.

The first ever famous fairy visit was during the Beta and it was Tinkerbell. According to some fairies from old forums posts I read, she would randomly appear. Her appearance would be signaled by a green glow and jingling bells. Tink would then appear and leave as soon as she came without talking. But in an old Pixie Hollow trailer, she was seen talking to another fairy.

The first real famous fairy visit was during Pixie Hollow's first official event; Tink's Arrival Day party. The events blog stated, "if you're in the Hollow at the right place at the right time, you may get a chance to chat with the guest of honor herself!" I do not know what went on then, but my guess is that Tink showed up in Cottonpuff Field and unlike the Beta Tink, would actually chat with fairies. Famous fairy nametags, and eventually chat bubbles, would be gold so that they'd stand out.

During many events, famous fairies would visit randomly. So whether or not you encountered one was luck based. Fawn made her first visit during the 2008 Animal Masquerade, Tabby in the Autumn Jubilee, Iridessa in the Winter Light Up, Silvermist in the Winter Wonderland Party and Rosetta in the Fairy Friendship Festival. During the Autumn Jubilee, fairies voted on which famous fairy would visit and Tinkerbell won.

In the 2009 Never Dove Egg Hunt, Fawn dropped gift boxes during her visit.

In April 2009, the Never News announced that Tink may show up at public parties named "Tinkertastic To-do". But it was unclear where and when to throw the party.

On Earth Day that year, Kit announced a surprise visit on the Never News for that day. She would announce the meadows and time and she would visit servers ending in "Forest". She would drop gift boxes with the same gifts Fawn dropped during the egg hunt.

The next famous fairy visits would be announced in the Never News. But it would still require looking through the meadows and servers. The servers famous fairies would be visiting wouldn't typically be announced, other than the fact that Tink and Rosetta visited flower servers during the Garden Tea Party. Famous fairies would almost always drop gift boxes when they visit.

Marina made her first appearance in late May 2009. She would visit Formally Spring parties. Sweet Pea made her first appearance in June that same year to convince fairies to work on Iridessa's Summer Solstice quest. But her visit was a complete surprise. Iridessa's visit during the End of Summer Sparkler that year was also a complete surprise.

The first ever minister visit was during the Changing of the Leaves that year. The Minister of Autumn would drop a gift during his visit. The next famous fairy visit was Fawn and Kit appearing for the Animal Masquerade, but they didn't drop gifts (same for Tink's revelry visit). Fawn and Sweet Pea showed up for the Fairy Feast and they did bring gifts. But the 2009 Fairy Feast was the last time any famous fairy other than a minister would bring a gift.

The first time a famous fairy wore a special outfit was during the Autumn Revelry that year. Tink wore her adventure outfit. Fairies would wear Camp Pixie Dust outfits in 2010, their seasonal outfits from the movies, and outfits that connect to the event currently going on.

The Minister of Winter made her first visit during the 2009 Winter Wonderland Party along with Silvermist. Depending on what time range a fairy visits them, they would either be in the ballroom or one of the winter meadows. Attending a ballroom visit would make it a bit easier to find the famous fairies as one would only have to server hop rather than meadow and server hop. But only members were allowed in the Ballroom. It was also announced that they would visit the top 12 servers. The servers the famous fairies would visit would be announced in the Never News most times from then on. Many of the following famous fairy visits would also have that same idea of the famous fairies visiting the Ballroom and multiple meadows.

In the spring and summer 2010, the corresponding ministers would make their first appearances. Bess made her first appearance during 2010's Art Month, Vidia during the Friendship Festival and Beck during Animal Mothers Day. Beck is the only famous fairy that visited who is also a shopkeeper.

Camp Pixie Dust 2010 had a camp calendar in the Pixie Hollow website which would tell fairies when and where this summer's famous fairy visits would be. The famous fairies that did visit, the minister of summer, Slate and Silvermist, would only visit the Ballroom meaning only members could see them. Though at the end of camp, the Never Council visited the theatre which nonmembers could enter. This event introduced Lyria performances, which would take place most days on certain times. Lyria shows were a bit different as fairies could not talk to Lyria. The performance could be viewed from all servers at once.

Camp also introduced the Camp Counselors. They were Pixie Hollow staff members whose names were like, "Camp Counselor Lulu" or "Camp Counselor Jazzy". They had green nametags and chat bubbles. They resembled Pixie Hollow fairies and would sometimes change their hair and outfits. They visited various locations very frequently throughout the summer.

After Camp Pixie Dust, the famous fairy visits were announced on the Never News again. For Pixie Hollow's 2nd anniversary, Kit announced on the Never News that "undercover photographers" would take pictures on the big day for the event blog. The Never Council made a surprise visit to Havendish Square and snapshots from that were on the blog.

The event calendar would return for the Animal Masquerade. The camp counselors also returned, only instead they were the Animal Buddies. The calendar would be how fairies would find out about famous fairy visits from then on. The camp counselors and Animal Buddies' titles would change depending on the event. They were referred to as chefs, snowflakes, pixie pals, mermaids, crittersitters, coaches and more.

Also, I would like to mention that while the famous fairies that actually appeared in the movies and books did visit the meadows, they mostly visited the Ballroom.

Terrence made his first appearance during the 2011 Fairy Friendship Festival.

For Silly Days that year, there was a comedy show in the theatre that worked similarly to Lyria's performance. Only the comedy shows would be at the top of every hour. This idea was brought to the Lyria shows in future camps.

During Sports Camp that same year, the coaches would drop talent colored silly sweets during certain events. This would lead to famous fairies other than ministers sometimes dropping silly sweets.

Marina hosted the first fashion spotlight in August 2011, only I will do a separate thread about it later. But her first spotlight visit was a surprise one.

When the Pixie Hollow website updated in September 2011, the event calendar updated as well. The fairies that were referred to as counselors, critter sitters, etc. were referred to on the calendar as "Pixie Pals" after their title from the Fairy Friendship Festival. Only their title still changed depending on the event.

Chloe made her first (and only) appearance during the Pixie Hollow Games event. Dulcie first appeared during 2012's Sweet Week and Queen Clarion made her first appearance in April 2012 to celebrate the launch of the Queen's Boutique. Periwinkle would make her first appearance during the Sister Celebration that year. Vidia would unexpectedly show up at some famous fairy visits in 2012.

In 2013, Tink and Silvermist would sometime wear outfits meant to promote the Palm Tree Cove toy line. And sometimes during famous fairy visits, Pixie Pals would unexpectedly show up as well. The Pixie Pals no longer changed their titles to match the events. One thing I would like to mention about the Pixie Pals is that some of them stopped showing up in the Hollow that year. As the Pixie Hollow closure approached, some of their pixie pages were even deleted.

The final famous fairy visit was Tink and Silvermist visiting Snowcap Glade in their pixie party dresses in August 2013.

Well, that was it. Sorry if it is a lot. But I hope you find this nostalgic.
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Old 10-31-2021, 09:11 AM
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Thanks for writing this! I happened to randomly fly into the forums for the first time in years and it's cool to find this to read.

I remember catching a few visits from famous fairies. They were always SUPER crowded and therefore very laggy too, but it was exciting nonetheless


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