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Old Camp Pixie Dust Throughout The Years

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Old 06-01-2021, 08:55 PM
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Rainbow Camp Pixie Dust Throughout The Years

Yes, I am still alive on the forums! Any way, do any of you remember Camp Pixie Dust? It was a summer event based on mainland summer camp and it began in 2010. It was always my favorite event and the one I looked forward to most every year. I loved it so much that even every year since the closure, I would come up ideas on what the camp would be like. I thought it would be fun to look back on Camp throughout the years. And I didn't share all my camp ideas on the forum, so I will share them.

2010 was the year that started camp. Each week, new things would be added. A new badge was added every week, but meadow activities (many stayed after camp was over), seasonal crafts and two quests also got introduced throughout the summer. On the last week, the theatre campfire was replaced with a stage for the end of camp ceremonies hosted by the never council and camp counselors. All fairies that flew in would even receive a camp award with their talent troop's mascot on it.

Instead of Camp Pixie Dust, 2011 had Sports Camp and training for the Pixie Hollow Games. The camp was divided into five two week sections, each based off a different talent. Each section would have a different ballroom gift, Lyria tale, Marina quest, badge and decorated meadows based on that talent and talent's minigames.

Camp Pixie Dust returned and it lasted for twelve weeks rather than ten making it the longest duration of any Pixie Hollow event. The first two weeks were introduction weeks when Lyria told the Fearless Five story from 2010. Each section focused on a different talent and minigame. Troop rabbit section focused on Animal Derby. Butterfly on Butterfly Painter, otter on Bubble Bounce, turtle on Tinker Toss and glowworm on Gem Juggle. Each section had a different famous fairy quest, Lyria tale, seasonal craft, decorated meadows, troop cheerleader badge and silly sweet, minigame badge and the dreaded mega trophy for getting on the leaderboard of that minigame.

The sections were based off Pixie Hollow activities rather than talents. There were weeks based off the wilderness, gardening, crafting and partying. And there was the sparkler at the end but that was also the farewell event (worst pixie hollow memory ever and one of the saddest moments of my life). Any way, each section had a badge for doing the activity the section was based off. There were even camp challenges each week where the talent with the most fairies that earned that section's badge won an honors badge. Every talent got to win them though.

This year also revolved around the mystery of the Never Unicorn, who was the subject of Lyria's story. Each section would have a quest about looking for the unicorn. The five troop cheerleader badges and silly sweets as well as the crafts from 2012 were available throughout the entire summer.

Now for ideas for camp I came up with throughout the years

That year, I wrote stories about my Pixie Hollow characters attending Camp Pixie Dust. I decided to combine the ideas of camp from all the four previous years. Each week would have a different camp challenge. I never came up with all of them, but I came up with an introduction challenge (which was a fast flying race), wilderness, Berry Ball, Rock Paper Scissors and Tic Tac Toe. What I found interesting when rereading this old story from my cringy preteen years was that Silver (my oldest fairy from my main account) wanted to relax during camp and enjoy having fun with friends. While Marigold (my youngest) was very into the competitions. Snowflake (the middle one) was in the middle of Silver and Marigold's ideas about camp. I just find it to be interesting. The story also had my garden fairy character, Rosa (from one of my old US nonmember accounts) looking for a gem from a Lyria tale that is said to increase spirit for all the troops.

As for badges I created, I made 2014 versions of the troop cheerleader badges from 2012 and 2013 and even though I didn't like the leaderboard trophies from 2012 (because I never got any), I created a few honors badges for reaching the leaderboard of each game.

Because 2015 was 4 years after 2011, I decided to do Sports Camp again. The camp would be divided into sections for each talent game. If you play that talent game three times during its section, you'd get a badge. And I made leaderboard badges too, (for reaching the leaderboard in any of the, say, light or tinker talent games)

This was the only year I didn't do anything for Camp Pixie Dust. But I would like to give a shoutout to Sapphira (if she's still here) for creating the idea of a summer celebration where there would be different activities each week. Each one would be based off a different movie or book character. In 2014 or 2015, she also did Pixie Dust Alchemy camp which involved making pixie dust for the different talents just like in the Pirate Fairy movie.

Here were the activities I did each week (I actually had this one be 13 weeks!)
  • Introduction week
  • Fairy house week-Maybe Lizzy's fairy house would be visitable that week
  • Friendship week-Tailor a friendship bracelet craft
  • Dream remembering week (I do not know what that would be about but I love dream interpreting)
  • Story writing week-Maybe it would have a story writing station?
  • Dust alchemy week
  • Camp craft week-Many of the seasonal crafts would be released then
  • Mainland adventure-Maybe fairies could visit the mainland then to work on summer preparations
  • Summer Splash party
  • Stargazing week-I do not know what you would do then but as a light talent, I love that idea
  • Wilderness Explorer Week
  • Fashion week-Hosted by Rosetta, of course
  • End of Summer Sparkler

And each week would have a badge to go with it

2018's camp was similar to 2017's.
  • Introduction week
  • Storytelling/storm talents-Scary stories-Maybe Lyria would tell a scary tale
  • Tinker talents-Friendship week
  • Dust keeper talents-The Magic Around-It is about embracing the magic we see in our daily lives
  • Kitchen talents-Camp treats week-I thought it would be cool if there were popsicle recipes in Dulcie's. And there could be a freezer game instead of fire tending
  • Garden talents-Flower Power week-Instead of gardening, there would be a scavenger hunt about finding plant life all around Pixie Hollow. Completing it would earn the badge
  • Fast flying talents-Mainland adventure week
  • Water talents-Summer Splash Party
  • Art/music talents-Camp Craft week
  • Animal/scout talents-Wilderness Explorer week
  • Light talents-Stargazing week
  • End of Summer Sparkler (while it is a light talent event, I decided that it should represent all talents)

I did Sports Camp again that year. Each week would focus on a different talent game and there would be badges for playing it (though I didn't create any leaderboard badges that year)

I have slowly been working on this book series for a while and I decided to have Camp that year be inspired by that. The idea is that the fairies found a spell book from the mainland and decided to try the spells out. Each week would introduce a famous fairy quest about performing each of the spells. The final step of the quests would be to look for a secret spell casting nook for that element somewhere in Pixie Hollow (a hint is given in the quest) and to cast the spell. Fairies could cast the spells again to obtain more items throughout the summer, but they would need to gather the ingredients they gathered in the quest in order to do it. Here are the different themes, questgivers and spells.
  • Earth-Rosetta-Planting a celestial flower that would give celestial flower seed packs
  • Air-Iridessa-Creating a rainbow. After the rainbow is created, one of a selection of ombre hair color options would be added (imagine having rainbow hair on Pixie Hollow!)
  • Water-Silvermist (duh)-Creating new dye colors
  • Fire-Fawn-Creating a potion that could be used later on to heal your pet without doing the quest
  • Sun-Tink-Collecting light rays that can be used to craft seasonal items (including seasonal silly sweets)
  • Moon-Periwinkle-Collecting mermaids voice (serves same purpose as light rays)
  • Star-Zarina-This spell would give a special item

I got the idea of light rays and mermaids voice from the Tinkerbell DS game.

Any way, congratulations on actually finishing this thread. Here are some links you may enjoy:

Any way, Fly with you Later!
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