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Mommy 2 Jules 01-09-2016 05:30 AM

You asked for it, you got it! Signatures and PM Space for All
We have had such a flitterific year that the staff of PixieHollowForums.com would like to thank you all by giving all community members a signature.

:News: :News: :News: :News: :News:

That's right! Everyone will now be allowed to sport a sweet siggy on every post. I'm sure you are asking, "But is this just a temporary thing, Em?" :Confused: OH NO, NO, NO, my pixie pals! :Shocked: This is a permanent change that we are making to show how much you all mean to us for continuing to show your support and dedication to the forums. :Excited:


So get out that pixie dust and start creating that beautiful artwork! It is Art Month, after all. :Happy: Show off your creativity and individuality with a new signature!

But wait :Warn: ... that's not all!


:Singing: We are also increasing the size of all community member's PM box to 100 messages! Oh yes, we went there, too. :Clapping:

:GiftBox: :GiftBox: :GiftBox: :GiftBox: :GiftBox:

We hope you all enjoy this new policy on our site.

Please remember that all signatures must still abide by our rules. Images should be no more than 500px wide by 200px tall. You may have one small line of text thanking an individual for making you the image if that is applicable. However, if including any other text, the lines will count toward your total height allowed. (Each line is generally about 10px high.)

Neverbelle 01-09-2016 06:11 AM

Oh my pixie dust! :Shocked: This is just flitterific! Thank you so so much to all the staff for this lovely surprise. I've really missed having a signature, and I can't wait to see all the creative signatures from other pixies. And more space to talk to friends, too? YAYYY! :sigs-object-042:

Rainbowswirls 01-09-2016 02:35 PM

Thanks so so much, guys! This is a wonderful surprise!

Sapphira110 01-09-2016 03:15 PM

Wow, thank you for this. It pays to be loyal huh? Of course, I can't see mine, did I do it wrong...?

popcorn1234 01-09-2016 06:08 PM

Wow, this is amazing! Thank you, mods! :Flowers:
Sapphira, you can easily change your signature by going to the top bar (the one that says things like "Gallery", "Arcade", "New Posts" etc) and clicking on Quick Links. Go down to the "Edit Signature" option (should be the fourth one on the list) and editing your signature that way. If it's a new image you uploaded to an album, there's a chance that it needs to be approved by a mod before it can be used. Hope this helps!

Jack I 01-09-2016 06:29 PM


Originally Posted by Sapphira110 (Post 310075)
Wow, thank you for this. It pays to be loyal huh? Of course, I can't see mine, did I do it wrong...?

You should just need to go under User CP and click on Edit My Signature. (Which, side note, you can easily access by clicking the little http://www.pixiehollowforums.com/for.../menu_open.gif beside User CP rather than going into the full thing!)

From there you'll get a text editor box just like if you are making a post, and an option below it to upload a signature image. You can either upload your image directly there, in which case you will need to put [sigpic][/sigpic] in the text box, or you can just use it as a normal text box with [img] tags and a picture from your albums! Just make sure anything you use stays within the 500x200 size limit. :Cupcake:

Blaze_of_Glory 01-09-2016 10:50 PM

Thank you for this wonderful surprise! I'm really enjoying having a signature and more PM space. :Happy:

Onionleaf 01-10-2016 02:50 AM

Goodness, I really hope everyone will enjoy this extra freedom on PHF! I am loving all the signatures that I've been seeing around the forums so far.
Here's to a more colorful and talkative year in 2016! :D

Alyce Natalie 01-10-2016 05:22 AM

Oh wow (just noticed about this) thank you so much! :D
And also, hope you'll have a wonderful new year 2016. :)

Primrosesweet 01-10-2016 06:41 PM

You all are amazing! This is such a sweet surprise! When does a site ever do this kind of thing? Thank you for such a wonderful and unexpected present. :D

Night Wish 01-10-2016 07:09 PM

Aww, what an amazing way to thank everyone for their support! I'm loving all the signatures everyone is sporting. :Happy:

I hope you're all enjoying the extra siggy and PM space! :Flowers: Happy Art Month!

Rach1214 01-12-2016 08:09 PM

Yay! New Year, New Things! :GardenTalent:

Julie Dazzleshimmer 01-12-2016 10:46 PM

Wow, thank you so much! This is so generous of you guys! Logging on a few days ago, I was wondering why my PM box did not say "96% full" as usual. :Laughing:

Twilight 01-13-2016 02:46 AM

I noticed I had a signature this morning when I replied to a post here.
Thank you so much, I have missed having a siggy here. Now time
to be creative again.


Jenny Hollybell 01-13-2016 09:22 PM

Oh my goodness this surprise is just lovely, thank you so much!! :Flowers:

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