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Welcome to Julie Sunripple's Userpage!


Hey! I don't know if anyone will ever look at this page again, but I'd like to leave a message here, just in case.

If you ever moderated, contributed to the wiki, created art, posted stories, or simply posted anything at all, and you remember me: thank you so much. Though I've grown and changed immensely since my time here (I've graduated from high school AND college, how wild is that???), I've never forgotten the wonderful people I met here, and the absolute joy it was to get to know you.

Thank you to the moderators who made this forum possible. Thank you for letting me be a mod, if only for a short time - I was at a low point in my life, as many teenagers are, and the sense of responsibility to a community I loved was a bright spot that I needed at the time.

Thank you to everyone who ordered something from my art shop, or read any of my (small amount of) writing. Without the encouragement and support of you all, I wouldn't still be drawing and writing today.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to discussions, polls, forum games, and every other post, large or small - this community became something special because of you.

Anyway, that's enough sentimental stuff. I miss you all, but life goes on, so I doubt I'll be returning to the forums after this is posted.

See ya 'round the waterfall.


On April 25, 2010, a baby laughed for the first time.

It was early in the morning when the child woke. Her parents had accidentally left the window open, so sunlight gradually streamed through. Suddenly the bright rays were high enough to shine through the child's colored glass mobile, and it sent bright patches of color dancing on the opposite wall. The child watched, fascinated, and suddenly smiled. The light show continued, and the baby's joy grew. At last she could not hold it in, and it escaped her in the form of a quiet but peaceful laugh.

The laugh zoomed happily around the room, darting around the colored beams of light. It soon found its way to the small crack under the window, where fresh air streamed into the room. It was free at last! The laugh settled down, knowing it needed to continue its journey. It drifted to and fro, and finally settled on a daffodil. But as soon as it touched it, a petal came loose and attached to the laugh. It zoomed for joy and flew up and away.

The sun still had not fully risen, and the two stars that led to Neverland were still faint in the sky. Knowing it had little time, the laugh flew as fast as it could towards the second on the right. The laugh flew away from the sun, so as it traveled it became darker. It knew it had arrived in time, for within an hour the island was in sight. Somehow, deep in the laugh, it knew exactly where home was.

It drifted down towards the Pixie Dust Tree, and as it neared the Tree fairies came and flew around it, guiding it with gentle gusts of wind. The laugh finally settled in the middle of a circle rimmed with small mushrooms, and suddenly the Hollow was silent. Fairies zoomed to their talent groups and stared expectantly at the sole petal.

A dust-keeper fairy flew forward, bright pixie dust cupped in his hand. He slowly poured it onto the petal, and everyone leaned forwards to watch the miracle. There was a bright flash, and suddenly a young fairy sat where the petal once was. She had long, mud-brown hair, bright brown eyes, and tan skin. She wore a light yellow sleeveless shirt and bright orange skirt made from layered petals. Her dainty fingers brushed a lock of hair behind her right ear as she stared up at everyone in awe. "Hello," she said shyly. A few said "Hello there!" back, but most looked past the arrival to a bright light coming towards them.

A burst of pixie dust sped up to the gathering and formed into Queen Clarion. Everyone smiled as she flew up to the new fairy. "Born of laughter, Clothed in cheer. Happiness has brought you here. Welcome to Pixie Hollow." Queen Clarion said majestically. She ran her fingers along the edge of the new fairy's wings, and all of a sudden they began to glow. A few fairies oohed and aahed at the sight. "Now it is time for you to find your talent," The queen said after teaching the fairy to fly.

One fairy from each group flew forward and placed a glowing item on a mushroom. The fairy looked around in amazement. She walked up to a spool of thread and reached out to it, but it faded and dropped. She walked to the next one, a hammer, but it faded also. Next she tried a harp, but again, it faded. Suddenly she felt warmth behind her. She turned and saw a ball of light at the opposite end of the circle. She ran up to it and touched it, and instead of losing its glow it began to shine brightly. The fairy reached out and held it in her hand, then looked up and smiled. The fairies in front of her cheered.

Suddenly the sun, which had not yet risen in Neverland, sent its rays shining through the trees. The fairy shakily flew up to watch. She saw the sky change colors and traced the clouds with her finger. Queen Clarion smiled. "You are a light talent, specifically a sunrise talent, and you shall be known as Julie Sunripple."

~ About Julie ~

Hello, I'm Julie Sunripple! When playing in Pixie Hollow, I enjoy earning badges and playing talent games. Right now I'm working towards those seemingly out-of-reach Flitterific Helper badges.
I love adding Forum members, so if you'd like to meet up in the Hollow don't hesitate to send a PM my way!

~ About me ~

Hi, I'm Julie! Below are some random facts about me, I do hope I don't bore you...

Spoiler for Academics:

I confess, I'm a total math/science lover. Two of my favorite parts of science are physics (in general) and astronomy - maybe that's why I'm a light talent?

Spoiler for Music:
I play cello. My most favorite piece is The Swan, from Carnival of the Animals (by Saint-SaŽns).

Spoiler for Dance:
I love dancing. Ballet and tap are the two kinds that I really enjoy, although modern is fun also. I have been on pointe for a few years now, and it's really worth the effort. My absolute most favorite ballet ever is Swan Lake, followed closely by Giselle.

Spoiler for Travels:
My family just loves to travel, and as a result I've been all over the United States, as well as visited France, Germany, Norway, and the Philippines. We are considering visiting Australia in the near future.

~ About my art ~

I started creating 3D fairies in August of 2012, and ever since I haven't been able to stop! I've gone through many style changes, but I'm still not content with it.

Spoiler for Some of my 3D fairies!:

I was the first person to come up with the so-called behind-the-leaf graphics, although I owe the idea to Onionleaf. I'm so excited that others have built off my idea and come up with so many new kinds of graphics!

Spoiler for Some of my behind-the-leaf graphics!:

Ruby (Book Thing) started the idea of book style fairies, and I just loved the idea and had to try.

Spoiler for Book style fairies!!! :D:

~ About my writing ~

Coming soon to a userpage near you!

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