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hi, i'm molly. i like music and books and movies.

5/22/13: i
4/21/13: today's just a sad mood day.
4/19/13: wow. that concert was amazing. springfevertour<3
4/9/13: good first performance! hopefully the next one will be even better.
4/2/13: RIP murphy. you were an awesome dog<3
3/26/13: lose yourself in the music.
3/21/13: i cannot put into words how much i do not like school.
i just can't.
2/28/13: i've decided i don't like people. it's official, guys, i'm a misanthrope.
2/1/13: that was literally the best night of my life.
1/19/13: fed up right now. in other news, i'm putting stuff up on my wall again.
1/17/13: snow!
1/5/13: slowly i begin to mask myself within.
12/25/12: my parents are so awesome
12/15/12: model un conference...i am so not prepared.
11/23/12: movies based on books may be pretty bad in general, but they also have great soundtracks. just, like...really good soundtracks.
11/20/12: you know how people are like "oh the worst feeling in the world is probably not having brushed my teeth in the morning" or something silly like that? well, that's wrong. the worst feeling in the world is when you dye your hair and don't quite get all of it out so your hair is far too thick and you can't even brush it. ARGHH!
11/18/12: on break. i wish it lasted for the rest of my life...
11/2/12: birthday.
10/21/12: why are all the good concerts during the week?
10/19/12: do you ever talk to someone and feel really happy no matter how lame the conversation is? yeah, me too.
10/9/12: i'm starting to hate this (school) year.
10/7/12: perks is a good movie.
9/3/12: where have i BEEN?
8/16/12: i wish i hadn't stopped graphics for so long. it's gonna be so hard to get back into it. *le sigh*
7/21/12: SO. BORED.
7/16/12: 7 hours of play rehearsal today...WHAT?!
7/14/12: i feel like watching tron: legacy.
7/11/12: i'm gonna be in a play [the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe] and i got the role of susan!! super excited 'cause i wanted to be her haha.
7/8/12: i feel like whenever i dye my hair, my neck/arms/hands get colored more than my hair. it seems like it might be time to buy some more gloves.
7/6/12: all nighter.
7/4/12: happy 4th of july. also, since i missed it, happy canada day.
6/16/12: oh, universe. why must you make all my best friends move away from me?
6/8/12: I'M FREE.
6/7/12: last day of school tomorrow. super excited. got a letter from the head of school saying i made it in the accelerated math program for next year...decisions, decisions.
5/29/12: 7.5 days left of school! and only 3 of those are gym days, and only 2 of those are inside so one of those 3 gym days i probably get to sit outside and "read" [that means talk to my friends and pretend to read] instead of playing frisbee or w/e outside. SO. EXCITED.
happy st. patty's day! <3
2/22/12: have you ever really danced on the edge?
2/16/12: help, i'm alive.
2/7/12: i feel like crawling up in a hole and laying there forever. ugh, braces.
1/22/12: props if you know who pinksixteen is.
1/8/12: i know the worlds a broken bone, but melt your headaches, call it home.

12/11/11: one more week till break. gonna start fresh in 2012 <3
12/4/11: cannot wait for winter breakkkk.
10/27/11: new class groups on monday, so excited. also; no school today or tomorrow, halloween is on monday, && dying my hair this weekend.
10/1/11: so my best friend had to move to another state and she's gonna visit from thursday to monday!!! SO. PSYCHED.
8/19/11: i used to know you so well.
8/17/11: i like really cool guitars & superheroes.
6/4/11: i love when i'm excited about doing something and i come home and find a song that gets me even more pumped up about it.
4/26/11: found out something terribly depressing today.
3/16/11: matching sets of marching clocks.
3/15/11: we don't have school on thursday or friday (parent-teacher-student conferences), so my schools having st. patricks day tomorrow. am i wearing my new green and purple and black floral print shirt? heck yes.

3/14/11: i milked a cow today. &&happy pi day.
2/13/11: well, the windshield was broken but i love the fresh air, you know. oh, it would've been, could've been worse than you would ever know, oh! oh, we talked about nothing which was more than I wanted you to know.
1/17/11: doing my homework on a holiday. urghh. have to write a whole story today, fun, right? >.>
1/15/11: what if there's nothing more to me? i'm just skin and bones, there's no mystery.
1/9/11: same old story.
1/5/11: so what if you can see the darkest side of me?
1/1/11: happy new year. new year, new hair. (dyed and cut my hair this week.)
12/20/10: underdog, just look at the mess you made.

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