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Welcome to my UserPage!

one and all
to Whispered's
Big Top of Fun!!!
There's going to be
seven (7) fun activities
for you to try per week!!
And if you can get them all
done, CONGRATS!!! First week
starts on Sat, 6/7/08 at 7 PM EST.

This weeks theme:


1. Go jog around your block! Get some excersize!

2. Play a dancing game on a gaming system, that'll get you moving!

3. Run to the nearest convinience store and grab a candy bar, then run back! Theres a workout!

4. Invite all your neighbors ofer for a cookout. Ger some sausage, hot dogs, or other grillable items and GRILL IT UP! Make some friends too!

5. Let the neighborhood kids come over to your house, or take them to an amusement park! That'll make kids happy!

6. Have a great time riding around a col-de-sac! It is fun practice on a bike or scooter, and you get excersize too!

7. Toss the computer aside, and go to the pool or a nearby waterpark! Get wet, have fun, and GET FIT!

Bonus: Walk to your school or workplace for at least four days! Get fit, and get where you need to go! (An alternate for suburbians, ride a bike!)

Bonus 2: Carpool, or cut down on car usage, for at least a week! Have fun in the process while coming up with ways to conserve Mother Earth's resources!

This is also on the VMKForums. Thanks! have fun, and GET FIT!

Thanks for coming!
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