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Welcome to my userpage! Thank you for coming!

Tinker Bell and the Legend of the Never Beast

Watch my favorite clip from Tinker Bell and the Legend of the Never Beast right here!
Please click on the added link for a redirect to the source.

Starry Night - Tinker Bell and the Legend of the Never Beast on Disney Video

Pixie Hollow

Watch one of my favorite promotional videos for Pixie Hollow online! Click here to see several other Pixie Hollow promotional videos, which have been uploaded to the official Disney website.

Create Your Own Fairy - Disney Fairies Pixie Hollow - Disney Video


Fly with you! My name's Popcorn (popcorn1234 is it fully, but some of my friends call me Eve), and this is my userpage!

Credit goes to captainzarina for the gif!

(No, I don't need an excuse to put that in there, what are you talking about? )

So, I guess my story begins here, with the first time I found out about the Disney Fairies franchise: it was when I was looking for books for a reading project way back in 2006--I needed a fantasy chapter book, and the Disney Fairies books seemed perfect. I read The Trouble with Tink, and continued on with the other chapter books that had been released. The interest in the chapter books became an interest in fairies... long story short, its like they say: believing is just the beginning...

I found out about Disney Fairies Pixie Hollow back in 2008. I played it every day, if not every other day, or at least once a week. I always tried to stay up-to-date on the latest happenings in the Hollow with Eve Stardust, but as you can tell from the bio list below, I did give attention to the rest of the members of my big fairy family.

I found out about the Forums in late April of 2011. Ironically enough, I was actually wondering if there was a website out there like PHF--a great place where fans of Disney Fairies and Pixie Hollow could come together and talk about all the great stuff that Pixie Hollow had to offer! I was originally going to wait until May 1st to join so no one would think that I had seen PHF for the whole month of April, but I was just too excited to really meet you all!
I joined April 30, 2011. I've been flying on here for five years now--but I've loved every moment!

Lately I've been spending most of my spare time flitting about on the internet, or drawing pictures (some of which you can view here or in my art gallery!), as well as researching new animated movies (mostly Disney or Pixar movies).

My Art
Here's some pictures of some recent art I've done!

Click the image to view the full version

Eve Stardust, Shooting Star of the Galaxies

Click the image to view the full version

Rosa and her hummingbird, Josie, flitting through an autumn forest.

Click the image to view the full version

Dulcie, the best baker in all of Pixie Hollow, with some of her famous poppy puff rolls!

My Fairies

Click on the emote at the end of each fairy's bio to fly to their (now defunct) Pixie Page!

Eve Stardust

Eve arrived April 15, 2009 on a bunch of buttercup petals. As soon as she laid her hands on the light ball, it glowed extremely brightly. Eve is a rare talent, and loves working playing for her talent each and every day. She also has a love for shopping! She enjoys flitting around, and choosing the latest styles to mix and match, whether its clothes or furniture!

Trinity Copperglow
Trinity Copperglow arrived September 5th, 2009. She was always a shy tinker fairy, with big dreams. For instance, she once dreamed of travelling to the mainland when she was a new arrival. However, because of her lack of experience, she was not allowed to travel to the Mainland that autumn equinox. Trinity was beyond disappointed, and did whatever she could to prove herself. Sympathizing with her situation, Tinker Bell let Trinity join the "fix-up the season crew"--a special team of fairies that would fly to the Mainland from time to time to ensure that the seasons' changes were still going on without any problems.
Trinity also had some identity issues. She was never a very strong tinker talent, and couldn't work for long periods of time. This made her feel separate from her talent guild, so she decided to break tradition and become a garden fairy. (It only took her about a day to realize how much she missed tinkering, though.) Trinity is still finding her way, but she's making progress with each effort.

Ginger Hollyglow
Ginger Hollyglow arrived on October 23, 2011, on some milkweed puffs. She actually arrived as a lesser-known talent: a scribe talent. Scribe talents often spend their days writing books for the library, and taking care of the library. Ginger loves her talent, and often completes odd jobs around the Hollow to get inspiration for her stories. She once spent three whole days and nights in the Wilderness. When her friends found her again, she was looking extremely dirty and unkempt, but her smile was huge as she told them all, "that was incredible!"
I once wrote a story about Ginger's arrival day! You can read it here!

Rosa arrived on October 10, 2008, making her a Founding Fairy. She's a rough-and-tumble animal fairy with a soft spot for sweets (especially cake), a lot like her talent mentor, Fawn. Rosa's home is often a hotspot for animals needing a nice place to stay for the night, although Rosa would have to say her favorite animal visitor is a seagull named Chip. Chip and Rosa have been best friends since Rosa arrived, and the two are practically inseparable.

Lily arrived December 24, 2010--a surprise to most, since fairies who arrive on this day tend to be winter talents. Lily, however, is a bit different than most water fairies--she doesn't want to be a water fairy at all! She would much rather be sitting around, designing fashions, or dreaming about having a membership, or unlimited diamonds. However, her outlook slowly begins to change when she is charged with the training of the newest arrival, Wispa Waterswirls...

Wispa Waterswirls
Wispa arrived July 12, 2012. Everyone could tell that, as soon as she touched the glowing water droplet, that she was a rare talent. Seeing an opportunity to show Lily the benefits of being a water fairy, Silvermist assigned Lily to be Wispa's temporary talent mentor. On Wispa's Yearling Arrival Day, she would be tested to see how much she had learned.
Wispa is a very positive fairy, and has been compared to light fairies for her brightness about life. She's always convincing Lily that there's more to water than just what she thinks there is, and she's always trying to figure out new water-talent techniques.

Liri Garlicbug
Liri arrived on February 23, 2013, right in the middle of the Fairy Friendship Festival. She arrived as a unique fairy, however--Liri has two different wing designs. Because of the differing designs, her wings flap at two different speeds, causing Liri to be grounded due to her wobbly flight. But that's alright--what better fate awaits a garden fairy who has to stay on the ground by her beloved plants?
Liri, like Wispa, is very positive. She's also very handy--she loves to help the Minister of Spring sort seed packets for the upcoming season. Because she arrived during the Fairy Friendship Festival, Liri tries to spread love and good cheer to everyone she meets.

Lyric Flickerglow
Lyric Flickerglow arrived June 16, 2011. He likes doing light-talent themed things, even if he makes mistakes now and then. His favorite season is summer, when he's able to train with Talent Trainer Eve Stardust! Go glowworms!

Peanut Cocoabutter
Peanut Cocoabutter was an unexpected arrival on June 9th, 2013. She came into Pixie Hollow on a big dandelion puff, that only seemed to get bigger the longer the laugh floated around. Some fairies began to wonder if she was really a Never Fairy at all--perhaps she belonged to the Greater or Lesser Wanded fairies, because of her size. But, after her first sprinkle of pixie dust, a small fairy emerged.
Peanut may be small, but in no way is she timid! She'll often fly up to fairies she doesn't even know and begin chatting. Although nave, she loves to see the magic in everything--even when it doesn't seem to be there.


Frostwish arrived on September 14th, 2013. She is, like her name implies, a winter fairy--specifically, a frost talent. Frostwish has big dreams--including wanting to learn how to ice slide, bake gingerbread, and ride on the back of a snowy owl! Although she loves her wintry home with all of her heart, she does occasionally use her supply of Snowing Cloud Silly Sweets to travel into a warmer meadow--especially the summer season. <-- Pixie Page

Thank you for visiting, and fly with you later!

Credit to snowydisney for the gif!
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