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Welcome to the home of Iron Nether Express System, running exclusively on the Vanilla Minecraft Server. Here you can learn about the history and goals of the INES, find out the status of our current running lines, and check out future projects. Of course, if you are a fellow pixie unsure of what this is all about, you can find out more information over at in the Minecraft forum, or by following this link!

About Us

The INES found humble begins on the MCF Vanilla server just a couple months ago, when a quick, safe, efficient method of travel was needed to reach the nearest jungle, almost 7,000 blocks away from the spawn village of the server. Having knowledge of minecarts, IronZenith (Jack I) took it upon himself to work on building a railway to link the two areas via an enclosed tunnel in the nether. After the line was completed, Jack and Lisosaurus chose to continue expanding the system with more lines to unique destinations away from the spawn town in an effort to maintain the longevity of the current server map. The system is currently looking to expand into 3 lines, leading to destinations including a private village and a large horse ranch! As well, breakthroughs have been made to equip all stations with a unique ticket system of Jack's own design, that allows for the INES to recoup the materials needed to build such large scale projects as it works in.

Lines In-Service

INES-001 Green

Known as The Pride of the INES, this system transports commuters from the spawn town all the way to the jungle 7,000 overworld blocks out. Enjoy the sights through our grand glass bridges as you are taken on a near 1,200 block ride through our secure tunnel system, guaranteed to be 99% pigman safe!

Fun fact: The Pride of the INES is the first line built by the INES, and its spawn station is the main hub of the entire INES Spawn Complex.


Planned Projects

Line Contracting


Last Updated06-24-2014
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