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About Me: I am an older pixie. Married to my best friend 10 years next Valentine's Day! Born & raised in rural Minnesota & moving to city life in Arizona in the next few months. We are very excited about this new journey & part of our lives. I am in early retirement, my hubbie still works. I have been a mom, grandma, hair stylist, help desk operator, LPN, tax accountant, retail sales, machinist, floral arranger etc. In another life I would have been an interior decorator or fashion designer!! I am kind of a free spirit/mother earth kind of person, I am into flowers, gardening, nature, crystals, meditation, music, dancing, singing (not well) books, movies, tv, cooking, animals, love my pets: my Chihuahua Cricket & 3 cats Sawyer, Chloe Ann & Huckleberry Finn/Huck, they are my babies!! Cozy is fashioned after me only younger, blonder & much slimmer...picture Cozy's face & hairstyle on Fairy Mary's body & you would know pretty much what I look like!! Maybe some talented pixie could do a picture of that for me some day lol!! Pixie Hollow is my place to relax & enjoy it's beauty & play dress up lol! PHF is where I enjoy connecting with all of my fairy friends who I enjoy young & old & am very grateful for!! It has been said so often here but I truly am...Young@Heart

Bug's Fairies: I started playing PH in 9/2008. Cozy is my Main Fairy. I mostly fly in for events, quests, feed my butterflies & sing to my plants. My favorite things to do are to dye outfits, accessories & home & garden items None of my girls work too hard on badges or leveling up, they just enjoy the Hollow!! Feel free to fly in to chat with my fairies, rest your wings & have a cup of tea & a scone or cupcake while you are there! Click on the smilie at the end of each their stories to visit their Pixie Pages! I have many fairies & each is special to me in their own way...

CozyBug is my oldest remaining fairy. She arrived 2/20/2009. She was made for PHF! Pinks & Purples are her favorite colors to match her wings! Her butterfly is Petal. She is my fairy fashionista & is always the first of my fairies to go shopping for new fashions & accessories!!

Sahara Sundance is a light talent that is inspired by the Sonoran Desert where we will be moving to. Her arrival day is on my birthday 6/3/2013. She has the bluest eyes & her favorite colors are deep golden tans & sky blues!! She is very into the southwest & desert way of life. She has a more Native American heritage & outlook. She is my symbol for my new life & may just become my favorite!! Her butterfly is Glow.

Cricket is my Baby Girl's namesake & is a happy fun loving girl that is the epitome of Spring & sunshine!! She loves pinks & greens but is not a fussy, frilly kind of girl. As a Chihuahua my Baby Girl is of Mexican heritage so my fairy is too. Dog & Butterfly... Her butterfly is Bug

Harmony Flutterfly is a symbol to remind me to be positive in all I do, say & think! Her arrival day is 11/12/2012. Diamond & Waterfall blue are her favorites with rosy pink & pale purple accents. Her butterfly is Wish. Butterflies were part of her inspiration so she is thrilled they are finally here!!!

My lesser played fairies:
SnowBlossom was a Snow Talent before winter talents were cool!!! Being from Minnesota it was only natural for me to have a Snow Talent. Snow was born 11/5/2009. She loves when the Frost Fairies come out to play!! Snowy white with cool blues & frosty pink accents are her signature look!

Chloe Lightcloud arrived 9/13/2011! She likes to accent soft sparkling yellow with daisy or cherryblossom pink or icicle blue! She is named for my cat Chloe Ann, my little Bug!

RainDance loves storms, thunder, lightning & spring rains! She arrived 11/08/2011 Her signature colors are bright sky or candy blue with misty purple & greys...she always looks like she is wearing a thunderstorm

Twinkletoes arrival day is also Elvis Birthday!!! 1/08/2011!! She like me loves to dance!! She is a very Girly girl & loves anything pink & sparkly!! She especially loves to Fix decorating problems!

Chipmunk Of course I had to have an animal talent as I have always had an affinity with animals & children! Chipper arrived 11/28/2010. She is not as girly as my other fairies!

Finn Cloverfield I felt the need to have 1 sparrowman & St Patrick's Day seemed like the perfect time to show my pride in my (little bit) of Irish heritage!! Finn's arrival day is 3/17/2012
Last Updated06-12-2013
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