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Old 03-25-2016, 06:35 PM
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Chapter Twelve

“What are we doing to do exactly?” Arianna asked.
“We’re going to take the bunnies on their morning walk,” Fawn answered, “or should I say, HOP?”
“That sounds fun!” Arianna exclaimed.

After taking the bunnies for their morning hop, a little fairy with short, light brown, kind of messy hair and a bight orange leaf outfit rushed in.

“Hey!” the fairy shouted, “Who wants to go frog riding with me?????”

“Who’s that?” Arianna whispered to Fawn.
“Marigold Prettyblossom” Fawn answered. Arianna realized that it’s Silver and Snowflake’s sister, and she could see how she’s the opposite of Silver.

“I’d love to go frog riding with you!” Arianna answered.

Arianna found herself in Havendish Stream sitting on a frog, “Okay,” she thought, “I have to sit on a frog, I knew this was gonna happen”

“Hold on!” Marigold said. The frogs instantly hopped.
“HEY!” Arianna shouted; the frog was going too fast, but she was having so much fun, even though she almost fell off.

At sunset, Arianna thought that animal talent was the most fun of them all; she loved the animals, and she got to hang out with them all day. Plus, Arianna can clearly understand animals.

Arianna, Fawn and Marigold sat on a tall hill watching the sun set.

“I’m bored!” Marigold whined, “Can we actually go somewhere?”
“Let’s check on Rosetta’s insects at the Spring Valley!” Fawn suggested.
“Who’s Rosetta?” Arianna asked.
“She’s a garden fairy” Fawn answered.
“Garden fairies have animals?” Arianna questioned.
“Some talents can communicate with some animals,” Fawn explained, “but animal talents can communicate with all of them, well, except for our enemies!”

When the fairies reached the Spring Valley, Arianna had the sense that the three baby bunnies she took a walk with were there. She looked in the location she predicted, and sure enough, they were. They quickly ran towards April’s garden.

“No!” Arianna shouted, “I think April might be here!”

The bunnies rushed past April who was working in her garden, and they seemed to cuddle the large, sparkling flowers.

“NO!” April shouted, “Milkweed, get those bunnies out of here!”

“But they’re not hurting the flowers!” Milkweed argued.

Then, the bunnies began to glow; they seemed to light up with energy. They ran around the valley, trailing colorful, smaller flowers everywhere they went. When they cuddled the large flowers again, the animals stopped glowing, but they felt happier then they were before.

Arianna was shocked, but April was angry.

“LOOK AT MY GARDEN!” April shouted at Arianna, in addition to the large flowers, April’s garden was covered with the smaller flowers the bunnies planted.

“The garden looks beautiful!” Arianna stated.
“But I didn’t want this!” April claimed, “Milkweed, why didn’t you remove these flowers?”
“Because I like them” Milkweed answered.

“April,” Arianna started, “remember when you and Milkweed were friendly?”
“How did you know?” April asked angry.
“My friend Hope showed me” Arianna answered.
“Who’s Hope?” Milkweed asked.
“I don’t want to tell you,” Arianna answered, “but I think April’s using her large garden to be more powerful”

“I remember that!” Milkweed exclaimed, “In fact, the only reason why I’m like that is because I wanted to remain friends with you!”
“Are you saying that you don’t want to be friends with me anymore?” April whined.
“I do want to remain friends with you,” Milkweed answered, “but only if you become your old friendly self again, making other fairies feel bad was horrible”

Then, April began to cry. “I need alone time!” April shouted.

Everyone in the garden, except Milkweed, left.
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