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Old The Secret of Jewel

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Old 06-01-2015, 02:53 AM
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The Secret of Jewel

This is based on an event in my fairies' diaries. It will explain where Jewel is, and what she's doing/what's happening. If you haven't read my fairy diaries, I think you should read Julie's diary to the 26th/27th post so you can get an idea on what's happening. I'll try to make this as clear as possible. I'll write it in the same font as I have done in Julie's diary recently, and Jewel tells the story.

I fly into the cavern I have found recently, for this sensation seems to be falling over me, making me turn quiet and calm, but it seems far much more. Indescribable, really. It seems to draw you to the Reflection Lagoon. . .the place I fear is the source of magic. I told some of my friends over in Pixie Grotto, the ones in my "band", called the SFSS, as we call ourselves, about my cavern. I told them to meet me here, and they still haven't done so. I want to get my friends, including the ones that aren't in SFSS, here, in safety, but I feel that if I try, I will get trapped. Then, a thought crept into my mind. I suppose it can't hurt if I just look for berries. So, the next thing you know it, I was off to pick berries! I fly around and then find a raspberry bush. I find a group of berries that look juicy, and then try to call a bird, and then when I get no luck, I remember that there was always an animal talent to help us with these things, and I was not her. I sigh, shaking my head. Guess I'll use pixie dust. Then, I take out a bag of pixie dust. Just then, I heard somebody say "Were you trying to call a bird? I can do it for you if you want." I didn't recognize this voice, yet it sounded somewhat familiar. I try to recall who this was, and then the same voice speaks again. "Hello? Did you hear me?" Right at that second, I knew I wasn't hearing things, and I knew who's voice sounded similar to this. Mine. So, do I have a sister, too? I turn around and see a fairy with long, wavy light brown hair that was matted in some parts and had a few tangles. She wore a purple outfit: A light purple sleeveless shirt, and a medium purple skirt with a little curve at the side. the boots were light purple leaf toppers, and they went with the shirt. Now inspecting further, I notice a feather in her matted hair, which looked like a raven's, but a tad lighter. I then realized that I was too focused on her appearance to even think about the question she had asked me. I knew I had to reply quick, or she would fly away. "Sure. I could use a hand. Sorry I didn't hear you the first time." As soon as I said those words, the fairy let out a whistle. Yes, it was like mine, but louder and had this ting to it that I couldn't describe, no matter how hard I tried. Then, a robin came flying in with a basket.
"Max, we need your help carrying certain materials." The mysterious fairy (As I like to call her) pointed to the raspberries. We picked the berries, and loaded them into Max the robin's basket. Then, the mysterious fairy flew onto Max's back.
"Come on. It's fun!"
"I never rode on an animal before, I'd like to, but not right now."
"Don't you want to give your wings a break?"
At this, I shrugged. My wings didn't feel tired. In fact, I didn't feel tired at all. I wondered what time it was. Ever since I had left Pixie Grotto to go to the cave, I could never tell the time, but I knew it was night right now. I looked up and saw the mysterious fairy's eyes sparkle, and now I felt I couldn't resist. "Ok, I will ride Max."
So that was that. I flew onto Max's back, and he started flying. I admit, it's fun. The mysterious fairy was right. Just then, a question popped into my head.
"By the way, what's your name?"
"Oh my! I forgot to mention my name? Silly me!" She giggled. "I am Nightfall Stardust, and who are you?"
"Do you even have a last name?"
"Not that I recall of."
Just then, Max landed on a tree branch. Why did I forget to mention the cave? I think, but then follow Nightfall into the tree.
"This is my house." Nightfall announces, showing me a hollow of the tree. It had a window, a sunflower couch, red leaf carpeting, a purple bed, and a mushroom table with 2 mushroom chairs.
"What a nice place you have."
"Thank you."
"Food storage is down below, if you were wondering. Max tends to hang around the treetop, if you ever want to play with him."
"Also, you can stay here for the night."
Just then, I noticed my wings sparkling. So, she really is my sister. I think. No! There must be someone else close by! I think. Then I notice Nightfall's wigs sparkling, too. Then, I knew the truth. it was we were sisters. I had to tell Nightfall.
"Nightfall, did you notice that our wings are sparkling?"
"No, I haven't paid close attention."
"Ok. All I have to say is, that means we're sisters."
"Yes, it's true."
"Ok. I guess that means you're Jewel Stardust."
I smiled. "I guess you're right."
This didn't solve the main problem, though. My friends were still in this sensation, most likely. I sighed. I guess that I will have to wait until morning.
I woke up to the dawn of a new day. At first, I was confused when I didn't awaken in my cavern, but then remembered I was in Nightfall's tree. I remembered my goal for today, and went down this crystalline blue staircase, to an area packed with food. I could smell the deliciousness from halfway down the stairs! I decided to eat a couple of those raspberries we picked last night. After settling down at the table with my bowl of crushed raspberries and cinnamon, I began to look around to see where Nightfall was. Noticing she wasn't in the house, I guessed she was up with Max. I flew up there after finishing my dish, and leaving the cleaned acorn bowl in the food area, just as she had said last night. I flew up to the tree top and found Nightfall flying on Max.
"Good morning, Jewel!" she called.
"Good morning!" I said.
"What are you doing here?"
Since I had wanted to find my friends and see if they were all right, I blurted, " Going on a stroll. " Now I knew it was too late to turn back, so I flew forward.
"See you later!" called Nightfall.

End of Part 1.
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