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Old Another Camp Pixie Dust Story

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Old 07-10-2016, 02:19 AM
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Post Another Camp Pixie Dust Story

Each year, I like to make a camp story. I wasn't planning on doing one this year because I lost my motivation to write. I only decided to write this because I was bored and this summer was pretty boring to me so far probably because in the past summers, I either played Pixie Hollow or wrote a fairy story, so I decided to write one this year. I do have some stuff going on this summer and I'm still not 100% motivated for writing, so I hope I can finish this! -crosses wings-

I've created lots of new characters to add to this story because I love creating characters. Hope you like my third camp story!

Here's how this story works; the text will be in a different color depending on who's perspective the current part of the story is in, but unlike my Animal Masquerade story I wrote this past fall, all the parts are part of one chapter, it's just that there are three different perspectives that will merge.

Orange=Snowflake, Mudpie and Magnolia

Blue=Sapphire and Sierra

Purple=Antagonists (Charlotte, Liane & Elva)

Let's get started!

Chapter One

The sun awoken from its nighttime sleep. At the same time, the fairies of Pixie Hollow woke up.

“IT’S CAMP PIXIE DUST!” Snowflake shouted waking up. She quickly woke up her firefly friend Bella, and she grabbed the Troop Glowworm uniform from 2013. Almost as quick as a fast flying fairy (okay, maybe a slow fast flying fairy), she headed to Havendish Square to sign up and in the Tearoom to eat breakfast. Snowflake’s friends Mudpie and Magnolia Tulipdance were already there wearing their troop uniforms.

“You signed up for camp too?” Snowflake questioned.
“Yeah,” replied Mudpie. “We’ve actually signed up every year since the first Camp Pixie Dust”
“Where are the other Tulipdance’s?” Snowflake asked.
“They’re at the mainland now,” answered Magnolia, “we’ll be going there this summer as well”

“Well, I’ve been a camper here for a while too” Snowflake explained.
“Camp is fun isn’t it?” Mudpie said.
Snowflake nodded, “It’s my favorite event in Pixie Hollow”
“I know!” Magnolia agreed.
“I have a feeling that this will be the best summer ever” Mudpie said.
“Me too!” Snowflake agreed.

Sierra Silksong and her sister Sapphire Stargem woke up. “Are you ready for camp?” Sapphire asked her sister.
“Camp?” Sierra questioned.
“I’ve heard in the Never News that there’s a camp thingy in Pixie Hollow this summer”

Sapphire and Sierra were new arrivals so they don’t know much about the Hollow and its events yet.

“What’s it like?” Sierra asked.
“It’s supposed to be some intense talent competition thing,” Sapphire answered, “all that was in the Never News was the date and important info about joining your team and such, but I overheard people talking about camp last year”
“That sounds intense, but fun” Sierra said.
“But we need to do some training, I hope we can find some equipment at Trinket’s” Sapphire pointed out.

”Wake up!” shouted Liane Bananawhirl as she busted into her friend Charlotte’s room. Her friend Elva Tumbleflash slowly flew in.

Charlotte sighed, “You know I’m sleeping!” she complained.
“It’s Camp Pixie Dust!” Liane exclaimed.
“Liane, you aren’t a new arrival;” Charlotte said firmly, “you should’ve experienced so many Camp Pixie Dust’s that you’re probably bored of it, I am”

“I do agree the camps are too boring,” Elva stated, “I wasn’t involved in the camp in any way last year, I was dancing in that Fairy Performers Club thingy, but the head of the group got mad at me and I left”

“Don’t worry about leaving your group Elva,” Charlotte said, “we’ll make camp fun this year”
“It’s okay,” Elva replied, “I didn’t like this group anyway, does Olivia seriously have to get all the attention? I wanna sing!”

“We don’t care.” Liane told Elva, “What will we do this summer?”

“We’ll sign up for camp,” Charlotte explained, “and then you’ll follow my directions”
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