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Old The Pillars of the Elements

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Old 01-08-2015, 02:30 AM
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The Pillars of the Elements

(This is a story that I've been working on that I wanted to share w/ you guys. Feel free to post any comments or suggestions!)

Chapter One

Do you believe in fairies? Have you always felt different from everyone else? Do strange, seemingly impossible things happen around you that happens to no one else? If so, you may be one of us. By us, I mean fairmen. We are half fairy, half human.

My story begins with a prophecy. A long time ago, there was a great fairy. She heard a prophecy. It was, “Great chaos will come to the fairy and human worlds. Four heroes of both worlds combined will bring harmony back to the elements.”

She found a way to fulfill the prophecy by making four elemental pillars. One for air, one for water, one for earth, and one for fire. If the elements were taken from these pillars(as in the prophecy), chaos would ensue. If returned, everything would go back to normal. This way, when the prophecy came to pass, the great fairy knew what to do to prevent further catastrophe.

The day I found out I was a fairman was the first of April. When I woke up, I looked out my window and saw a unicorn-drawn carriage. I ignored it, thinking it was part of a dream. I got dressed and went downstairs for breakfast. My parents weren't awake yet so I made some cereal for myself. I heard a knock at the door. When I opened the door, a fairy was outside.

She said, “Hello Phoebe, my name is Violet. I'm here to take you to the A.J. Academy of Magic for Fairies and Fairmen.
“What’s a fairman?” I asked.

Violet replied,”You are a fairman. Half fairy, half human.”

I asked,”Are my parents aware of this?”

She replied, “No, but they knew one of your birth parents was a fairy. They thought you wouldn’t believe them if they told you.”

I gasped. I had always loved fairies; fairy movies, fairy books, fairy dolls, and definitely the fairy magic. I guess now I know why.

I always knew I was adopted, but I never knew I was part fairy! I always knew my friends were adopted too. That’s partly what drew us together, as we all were kind of outcasts because of it.

“Is anyone else coming?” I asked.

“Yes,” Violet replied.”June, Ivy, and your brother.”

“This is amazing! My best friends, my brother, and I are all part fairy!” I exclaimed. “I’ll go get Andy.”

When he got down, he asked,”Am I going to be able to fly?”

Violet replied,“Yes, and you'll learn how to make to make your wings appear.”

Andy replied, “Well, they better not look girly. Otherwise, someone will be punched. By me.”

I got into the unicorn-drawn carriage and enjoyed the ride as we picked up my friends. June and Ivy were so excited because we were going to the fairy school, A.J. Academy of Magic for Fairies and Fairmen together. They had always loved fairies too. Even Andy, although he would hate to admit it.

When we were all in the carriage, I wondered why we were going to the school today of all days.

“On the first day of the month that you turn twelve in, we take you to the academy. The reason we do this is because when you turn twelve, your magical power gets stronger. We think it’s better to teach magic when your power is at its best. The first thing you will do when you get to the academy is talk to the great fairy. And yes, I can read your thoughts, but only if they’re things you wouldn't mind me knowing,” said Violet.

“Who is the great fairy?”I asked.

Violet replied, “The great fairy is the headmistress of the academy. She has lived for many millennia and has amazing powers. She is one of the first fairies, maybe the first fairy, and will live until she wants to die.”

“When will we get to the academy? I can’t wait to learn magic!” I said after a while of talking excitedly to my friends.

“In 30 minutes. The unicorns have special powers that can get us there faster than flying, so we use them to get fairmen to the school. They disappear to their realm of the fairy world every day except for the first of the month.”

“What classes will we have at the school?” Ivy asked.

Violet replied, “I can't tell you all the secrets! There will be no excitement in learning them at the school if I do.”

For the next 30 minutes, we talked about how excited we were. Everyone was excited to learn magic, and we all anticipated our arrival to the academy. I don't knowthe others did, but I wondered how my parents would take this when they found out. I asked Violet this and she told me that she sent a fairy to tell our parents what happened and that we would be back for the winter break. I was no longer worried, and for the rest of the ride I anticipated what the school would be like.

Chapter Two

When we got to the academy I was shocked at how big it was. I also saw plants I had never seen before. There were even colorful clouds in the sky! Violet noticed my puzzled expression and my thoughts and said, “We have traveled to the fairy world. The moment you leave the gates, you will be transported back to the human world. If you want to explore the fairy world, you need to go through a secret gate, and only the great fairy knows where it is. If everyone knew about it we would be attacked by the trolls or the goblins.” I stared up at the castle. It was a beautiful castle, with magical stone for the walls that changed to and from every color that I knew of and maybe even more. It was obviously a fairy castle, with all of the magic you would expect and more than I ever imagined combined.

We went through the massive front doors into a huge, tall hallway. There were fairies flying above us and other fairies walking through the hall, going into rooms and other, smaller hallways that branched off the main one. Violet guided us to the headmistress’s office, which was in a tall tower on the thirteenth floor, which was the highest floor. The doors that led to the office were carved with fairies. Violet tapped the fairy in the center of the doors, and they opened.

The great fairy was inside the doors. She had an aura of magic around her, and she had an ever-changing appearance. She said, “Welcome to A. J. Academy of Magic for Fairies and Fairmen. I know you are probably wondering why you are here. Violet has explained some of it, but I will explain the rest to you. You are only part fairy, but you have most of the abilities a full-blooded fairy has. One of the differences is that you do not always have your wings. You will learn how to summon them in one of your classes.”

“Today you can explore the castle if you wish. Your rooms are on the thirteenth floor. Your room will have your name on it, and three others. Those people will be your roommates. Boys are not in the same rooms as girls, of course. You will find most of your school needs on your bed, the rest will be given to you in class. One more thing before you are free to go. Do not go outside of the castle today, there will be time for that later. Now, go!”

We left the room in silence, not wanting to upset the headmistress with shouts of excitement. I headed to my room, and found that Ivy and June were in the same room as I was. We shared the room with a girl named Fiona. When I entered the room, it looked more like a living room of a house than a bedroom. Then I noticed the doors on the side of the room, which each led to a bedroom. I opened the one that had my name on it and saw a bedroom perfect for me.

It had a wall lined with bookshelves, a bed with the softest blankets and pillows, and a table with all my favorite stuff from home, including my bear, my cloak, my toy wand, and my picture album. I opened the package of school supplies and found a messenger bag, a map of the school, a schedule, a magic reference book, a spellbook, a guide to flying, a book about fairy and fairman history, a book of fairy myths, a book of prophecies, and the uniform; tights, a dress with wing slits, and a shawl. The uniform was patterned with hot pink, purple, and blue hearts on a light pink background.

I decided to read bits of my textbooks to study up so I would be as ready as I could be for the start of school. In the prophecies textbook, I found one that gave me a strange feeling when I read it. It read, “Great chaos will come to the fairy and human worlds. Four heroes of both worlds combined will bring harmony back to the elements.” That sounds like fairmen could be the heroes in this prophecy. I read the note beside it, which said,”Has not come to pass as of 2013.” I decided to ignore it for the time being and explore the castle like the headmistress suggested. I found the library, but couldn’t look at most of the books since the shelves towered over my head. I’ll have to come back later. It was getting late, so I went back to my room and got in bed. Just before I fell asleep, I remembered my secret.

Chapter Three

The first day of school was enlightening to fairy ways. I dressed in my heart-patterned uniform, got my things, and headed for the dining hall for breakfast. I met up with June, Ivy, and Andy at the table for first-year April fairies and fairmen. The plates had voices, and they instructed us how to get food here. You were supposed to tell the plate what you wanted, and it would conjure it up. I had eggs, grits, and bacon, which is delicious when you mix it all together and add a little salt. Try it sometime. I ate my breakfast quickly and checked my schedule.

My first class was History of Fairies. I hurried to the fourth floor and found the room marked April First-Years, History of Fairies. They really make things easy to find around here. I opened the door and entered the classroom. “Have a seat at any table with a book,” said the fairy behind a desk in the front of the room. I sat down at a table near a window. While other kids were still arriving, I looked at the garden from a bird’s eye view.

When everyone was seated, the teacher said, “I am Professor Iotopia. Today we will do introductions, and if we have time we will learn about the first fairies. You will be with this group of people for the whole time you are at this school. There are other groups of April first-years, but they have different classes. You will sometimes have shared classes with them, but only when there are special circumstances.”

“Nomini nomens!” After the professor said the spell, for that was surely what it was, our names appeared over our heads. For the first time, I noticed that my friends were in the same class as me, and Fiona was too. While I looked around the room, I noticed a fairy in the corner, looking lonely. I went over and introduced myself to her, because the spell had worn off and she wouldn’t have been able to see my name. “My name’s Alyse,” she said. “Hello!” I replied. “Having a good first day?” After a few minutes of wandering time Professor Iotopia called the class to order. “Pack up your things, class ends in two minutes!”

I hadn’t taken anything out of my bag, so for the remaining two minutes I talked to June, Ivy, and Fiona.
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Old 01-13-2015, 12:57 AM
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This is a nice story! I'd like to hear more of it.
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