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Pixie Hollow Ideas, Suggestions, and Rumors Discussions about your ideas or possible changes for Pixie Hollow go here!

Old What do YOU want in the hollow?

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Old 08-07-2013, 02:13 AM
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Originally Posted by elfarie View Post
I would like to have a button so I can fly directly to a friends garden rather than having to go through their house.
One of the best ideas!!!!!!!
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Old 08-14-2013, 07:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Olivia Diamondsky View Post
1. We need more talent levels.
2. To be able to dye our pet outfit's.
3. To have unlimited storage space.
4. To bring back the sparrows shop!
5. Last, when things are put in the Post Office
be sure the sparrows get something Too! I find it unfair for them not to
have at least something in there. They pay just as much as anyone else!
Thank you. You recognize Sparrow pain everywhere. My two sparrows send you love and flowers. (I am a girl, though. LOL)


In response to the first two posts on this thread, I do not think any more benefits should be taken from nonmembers. They actually need fun given back to them. Does nobody reminisce about the good old days when nonmembers started out with a closet full of stuff that matched their talent? That was great. New features for members will always occur; such is the way of the Hollow.

My unreal suggestions which I wish would happen anyway:

1. A pegasus pet. I mean, it has wings, why the heck not? =u=
2. I always wanted a different kind of Wilderness where one can wander and find Lost Things. Not a meadow sort of thing. A long, neverending place of exploration. Maybe that's possible to create on the Internet.
3. I agree with switching talents, and more levels.
4. YES PLEASE A GIANT DONATION TREE OR SOMETHING WOULD BE AWESOME. Would make me feel happy to give away these things that I don't use.
5. Have one Pouch for all of your fairies. Meaning, if you gather on one fairy, you can use those ingredients on all the fairies you have.

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Old 08-14-2013, 07:38 PM
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There are just so many things that I would like to see come to the Hollow. It has just been too long without some changes, and I have to admit I'm getting fairly bored as I finish up the last of my long-time badges.

1. Can't stress it enough - new talent levels!! Like everyone else, I am most anxious for this.
2. More depth to the gameplay - maybe like adding a way for our fairies to branch out into more specific talents, like frost talents for water fairies and hibernation specialists for animal fairies, etc.
3. More badges to work on. I have many badges from back in the day where we used to get badges for each season by completing a certain amount of quests for the famous fairies - I loved that!
4. Definitely new talents!!
5. More clothing options for the non-member fairies
6. Trading shop to trade decorations/clothes for ingredients or diamonds
7. Donations that would go to non-members
8. More things to do during the really long events (I get very bored after I finish a new quest during one event and then have nothing happen)

There are a lot more things you fairies have already mentioned, but I want almost everything you all mentioned! I mostly would just like to see more depth to the game so that we don't get so bored. I do understand that there are many young children playing that may not be able to do as much, but to keep many of us "older" fairies that can actually afford to pay for memberships/diamonds, they really need to add more things so we don't stop playing altogether.
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