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Old Meet the Tulipdance Fairies

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Old 12-28-2015, 03:21 PM
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Post Meet the Tulipdance Fairies

I wrote a story about the thirteen Tulipdance fairies. Here is some information about them. Some of these fairies were inspired by fairies I created back in 2009 (I actually created Mudpie Tulipdance back then)

Talent: Animal
Hobby: Playing with animals
Dislikes: Waking up early
Best Friends: Magnolia, Libby
Fun Fact: Because she’s the oldest, she’s the leader. She plans the house sleepovers and stuff

Mudpie is the oldest with the other sisters arriving shortly after her. She is close friends with animals, but she has a strong relationship with all her sisters, mainly the sisters that didn’t disappear. She was great friends with Snowflake. She is the most active out of all the sisters, and she doesn’t mind getting dirty. She likes exploring new things.


Talent: Light
Hobby: Performing light shows
Dislikes: Darkness
Best Friends: Snowflake, Amber,
Fun Fact: Magpie loves attention more than any of the other sisters

Magpie was really good friends with Snowflake Neverlily when she first arrived. After the two light fairies drifted apart, Magpie has been hanging out in the Hollow with her friends Snowflake (Tulipdance) and Amber. Magpie loves performing light shows (usually by herself but occasionally with other light fairies). She never wears just neutral colors; she always has at least one bright color in her outfit.


Talent: Tinker
Hobby: Fixing things
Dislikes: Disorder
Best Friends: Magpie, Amber
Fun Fact: Snowflake’s nickname is Snowy

Snowflake is great friends with Magpie. She respects everyone’s differences, and she sometimes tries to gain an interest in her friends’ interests. Snowflake Tulipdance is the most down to earth out of all the sisters, and she’s very organized. She even gained Magpie’s love for performing.


Talent: Animal
Hobby: Reading
Dislikes: Being tied down
Best Friends: Mudpie, Magpie, Snowflake,
Fun Fact: Amber sometimes likes to go to Schelly’s to change her hairstyle, but the hairstyle is almost always simple

Amber is close friends with her sisters Magpie and Snowy, and she gained a relationship with Silver and Snowflake Neverlily in their early days. Amber is curious, and she likes new things, but she always stays near her best friends. Ask her a question about Pixie Hollow; she probably knows the answer because she’s been reading about the subject for a while! Because she’s an animal fairy, she loves animals and has a strong connection to them.


Talent: Animal
Hobby: Flying
Dislikes: Criticism
Best Friends: Lavender, Clover, Mudpie,
Fun Fact: Libby is a more fun-loving, adventurous and free spirited version of Mudpie

Libby is kind of like a younger version of Mudpie; they’re both animal fairies who are good leaders, only Libby would rather lead small groups then the whole Tulipdance clan. Her best friends are Lavender and Clover. This adventurous fairy loves flying around, sometimes venturing out to the unknown.


Talent: Water
Hobby: Socializing
Dislikes: Being alone
Best Friends: Libby, Clover,
Fun Fact: Lavender looks kind of like Libby because she arrived two days after

Lavender is Libby’s best friend and sidekick. She can sometimes be called “the mini water talent version of Libby”. She’s very loyal and sensitive, and she loves the color purple. She isn’t the biggest fashion queen because she only wears her hair down, and she only wears a simple purple petal dress, but she’s still beautiful. Her biggest fear is being alone, unimportant and rejected.


Talent: Tinker
Hobby: Dressing up
Dislikes: Breaking promises
Best Friends: Libby, Lavender,
Fun Fact: Clover is very beautiful, and she has a great fashion sense, but she doesn’t mind simplicity and getting a little dirty

Clover is good friends with Libby and Lavender. She followed them on their “adventure” because she’s curious. She sometimes likes to write about her discoveries in her journal. Although she can be snooty sometimes, she’s still very clever.


Talent: Water
Hobby: Riding leaf boats
Dislikes: Being overwhelmed
Best Friends: Coriander
Fun Fact: She’s the most graceful out of all the sisters

Breezy is calm, graceful, and she goes with the flow. She likes simple things rather then elaborate things. That doesn’t mean she’s lazy though, this water fairy is actually a good worker. Her favorite place is Havendish Stream, and her favorite meadow is Dewdrop Vale.


Talent: Garden
Hobby: Baking cookies
Dislikes: Discomfort
Best Friends: Magnolia, Amber,
Fun Fact: She is close friends with the baking fairies despite being a garden fairy

Paprika’s favorite meadow is Neverberry Thicket, mostly because of the sweet neverberries that grow there, Dulcie’s Kitchen, and Harmony’s Sweet Shop. That’s right! Paprika loves sweets; more sugar is better for her! She helps the kitchen fairies by growing sweet tasting fruit such as apples and berries. Her favorite colors are pink and light blue.


Talent: Garden
Hobby: Talking
Dislikes: Feeling left out
Best Friends: Magnolia, Paprika,
Fun Fact: Elma has a close relationship with the garden fairies who isn’t a Tulipdance

Elma has a lot of friends that she loves to socialize with in the Tearoom. She also loves buying the latest fashions in the shops when they come out with her favorite shop being Summit Style, her favorite colors are pink, red, purple and orange. Sometimes, she likes to go to Schelly’s. This fairy is a really good trendsetter, and her best friend is the sparrow man who lives near her garden.


Talent: Garden
Hobby: Planting Flowers
Dislikes: Meanies
Best Friends: Mudpie, Elma,
Fun Fact: Magnolia owns her own flower cottage near her garden, but she loves living with Mudpie too

Magnolia was good friends with Marigold, but she did hang out with Silver and Snowflake sometimes. Although she loves beautiful things, she can be tomboyish sometimes too. Magnolia has a closer relationship with Mudpie then the other sisters. This garden fairy is one of the more cautious sisters.


Talent: Light
Hobby: Shopping
Dislikes: Slobs
Best Friends: Breezy
Fun Fact: She can be seen talking to the shopkeepers about which item is the best quality

Coriander is Breezy’s best friend even though these two fairies are opposites. While Breezy is calm, graceful, and goes with the flow, Coriander is practical, and she’s into complicated things. She also enjoys rare and expensive lost things. While this fairy may be a perfectionist, she’s still always pleased with her results!


Talent: Water
Hobby: Relaxing
Dislikes: Meanies
Best Friends: Breezy, Lavender
Fun Fact: Daphne has a close relationship with Silvermist and represents her talent proudly

Daphne is the youngest out of all the sisters, and she remembers her arrival to Pixie Hollow like it just happened. She arrived shortly before Silver, and she recalls all memories in a passionate way. Daphne is kind, likes to keep her old things, and she’s very helpful too like when she helped Silvermist welcome Silver to Pixie Hollow.

Here's a fairy that has a strong connection to the Tulipdance clan, but isn't a Tulipdance:

Hope Lightningdance

Talent: Tinker
Hobby: Discovering mysterious things
Dislikes: People telling her what to do
Best Friends: The other Lightningdance’s (no one knows who they are)
Fun Fact: Hope may seem like a normal fairy, but she knows a lot!

Hope isn’t a Tulipdance, she’s a Lightningdance. She was friends with the Tulipdance’s, but she disappeared. She has a slight interest in baking, but she’s really secretive.
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Old 01-04-2016, 04:59 AM
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My oh my, you've put so much thought into describing your Tulipdance family, and you did a flaptastic job creating their looks with the Pixie Scene Maker. Each fairy is truly unique. Your descriptions also reminded me of the "Meet the Fairies" section of the retired Disney Fairies page (the one that linked to the game).

My sparrow man, Leaf Nimblerow, would have loved to go leaf boat rowing with Breezy. His favorite stream is the one that flows from Dewdrop Vale and flows out to the sea over at Palm Tree Cove.

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