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Old Group Memberships 101

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Old 12-11-2009, 01:33 PM
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Post Group Memberships 101

Since I've seen many users asking about how to get a Group Membership rank, rank photo, access to that forum, I thought I might explain it here.

Group Memberships 101

First of all, to access Group Memberships, you need to go to your User Control Panel. Once there, look for the tab, Group Memberships.

Once there, you have three parts, divided into:

Groups You Can Join
Groups You Are In
Groups You Are Identified Of

Groups You Can Join - These groups are open for you to join. Some for the rank images, (Like Rants) and some for access to the forums it provides. (Like Spoilers) To join one, just select the group on the right.

Groups You Are In - This describes what groups you are in, and if you want to leave one, how. To leave one, click "Leave Group" on the right.

Groups You Are Identified On - This is one of the more important modules. To get a Rank Image for that group, just click which group you would like. You can only be identified as two. Normally Toon, and the other. Unless you have won a event, or your a winner of something, you can only have two images under your name. One of these two rank images will be the default rank image of "Toon" and the other rank image will be chosen by what you set as your Primary Display Group. The second rank image, along with Toon, could be one of these, as follows:

- This is a rank image, and also gives you access to the Rants forum.
- This is a rank image, and also gives you access to the Spoilers forum.

All of those groups can be joined in the Group Memberships panel, under the "Groups You Can Join" module.

The groups that are assigned to you, that count as a third image, are:

- These users have gotten in the Top 3 scoring for the Arcade in the past few months.

Then there are the images for the moderators, to help distinguish them from normal members:

- Administrators are in charge of every forum, and are there for anything to do with the site.
- Super Mod's are in charge of many forums, and are there for just about everything.
- Moderators are generally in charge of 3-4 forums, and are there for just about any posting or member problems.
- Mini-Mod's are generally in charge of one forum, and are there for your post problems.
- DOW's Mods are in charge of Nick's Wiki. Disney Online World's.
- In charge of any Userpage violations with PHF.
- Story/RPG Mod's are generally in charge of the "Stories" and "RPG" forums on PHF only.
- Evil Rabbit's are reserved for Evil Kid Bug's only.
- When a moderator has left, or quit his/her moderating job, Nick keeps their account active and gives them this rank, to show that they were a moderator.

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