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Old Illustrated Guide to mIRC

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Old 03-20-2015, 03:55 AM
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Illustrated Guide to mIRC

Below is a brief guide on installing and using mIRC for those PC users who wish to spend an extended period of time with us on our IRC channels. You can also join our IRC chat via the chat app located at the top right of the homepage. There is a guide if you are having trouble with the java chat located here!


Installing mIRC:
To begin, you need to follow this link and download the mIRC client. Once you have it downloading simply leave it be, we'll come back to it in a minute.

Although not necessary, you can also acquire a GameSurge account. This allows you to automatically be voiced in our channels. You can register for a GameSurge account here. It is important that you use a real e-mail address in the registration process, as your authorization code will be sent to the e-mail you enter. Find the e-mail and keep that window open.

Setting mIRC up:
Now that mIRC is installed, you should be able to open it via the desktop icon and will be presented with something similar to this:

Of course, yours is blank! You'll need to fill in all four of the text areas before you can log in. Choose carefully on your Full Name and E-mail, as you can only enter those the first time.
Full Name: Even though this text area does say Full Name, under no circumstances should you put your full name here! If you've joined us via the TTC Java chat before, this is what shows up when you hover over someone's username on the memberlist. Feel free to put whatever you want in this area, just make sure it follows site rules.

E-mail: It's your choice to put your real e-mail address in this area or not. I've never seen this show anywhere on any chat client, so it's a safe bet that this will remain anonymous.

Nickname: This is the name you'll log in to chat with. I suggest choosing a name that is similar to your username on the site. Better yet, just use your username. Your username cannot contain spaces, so if your site name has a few in it, consider leaving them out entirely, or replacing them with an underscore (_)

Alternative: The way the GameSurge network works, only one person can have any one nickname. So for example, if you wanted to use "Bob123", and someone else had the name already, you could not use it. This is where the Alternative nick comes in. This can be a subtle a change as seen in the image above, where I simply put a ` before mine, or you can use an entirely different nick. Just keep in mind, the more creative your nick is the less likely someone is to have it.

You'll also want to check the box that says "Invisible Mode" if it isn't already. Do not click OK or Connect yet.

Now, it's time you get you connected to the GameSurge network and actually have you join us in chat. On the categories list to the left of the form you just filled out, open up the Connect tab and select "Servers"

You'll be presented with a long list of servers. These are all the chat servers I previously mentioned, but we only need to worry about one. Scroll down the list until you find GameSurge, double click it, then select either of the two new folders from the list below. I've found Random EU Server to be far more reliable for staying online, but you can choose either. When you've highlighted the one you want to connect with, click the select button.

Now once again go over to the Category list, and this time select "Options" under the Connect list. This is where you'll add all the information that will allow you to join our channels.

First thing you should do before anything else is make sure that all the check boxes on this page are checked and that the default port is 6667. When that's set up click "Perform...", and you will be presented with a new pop-up.

Check the box that says "Enable Perform" and make sure the dropdown list says "All Networks". Now we have to fill in that long, scary looking text area. You'll need to go back to the e-mail you received earlier and look for something similar to this:
/authserv auth username password
The username will be whatever you chose as such when you registered, and the password will be nothing more than a jumble of letters and words*.

REGARDING PERFORM: If you know you are set to connect to the GameSurge servers in the server tab and are having issues, you may want to Add "GameSurge" under the perform and set it to specifically perform a command list when joining Gamesurge instead of All Networks. With the latest version of mIRC, I was having issues getting it to allow me to connect with All Networks selected. Also be aware that when you change servers in the dropdown list of the perform, each one uses it's own perform list. This means what you have in "All Networks" will not automatically transfer over!

Copy it exactly as it is in the email and paste it as the first line of the text box. Now hit enter to move to line 2, as each new command should be on it's own line. On the second line, copy and paste this command exactly as it is:
//mode $me +xi
This command hides your IP address when you join, so people can't track it. You're now ready to add the channels you want to join. We have 6 channels total, but you are not required to join them all. For each channel you want to join you'll use this command, replacing #channel with the name of the channel you want to join.
/join #channel
Below are all channels available to join.

Pixie Hollow Forums Channels

MMOCentral Forums Channels:

All of our channels follow the same G guidelines as the forums, as well as a few specific rules of netiquette unique to our channels due to the nature of live chat. As well, we do not endorse the advertisement of other channels here on or on our channels. If the channel is not listed here, it is not endorsed by us and therefore cannot be discussed on this site.

When you've listed all the channels you want to join, you can click OK on the perform pop-up to save the list. If you are unsure as to whether you have set your perform list up right, it should similar to this. Do not click OK on the mIRC Options pop-up yet.
/authserv auth yourusername yourpassword
//mode $me +xi
/join #channel1
/join #channel2
/join #channel3
/join #channel4
Once you're certain you've gotten everything above completed, click "Connect" again on the Category list and hit the "Connect" button. If you've done it right, you should be in the channels with us in no time!

If you have questions regard mIRC, multiple mods use the program and should be able to assist you, or at least point you in the direction of one of us that can. :smile:

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