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Old Guide to Reputation

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Old 12-20-2009, 12:29 AM
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Exclamation Guide to Reputation

What is Reputation?

Reputation is how informative a member is. Say you see a post you agree with strongly, you would give reputation to that post, and it would be added to the user's stats. It is represented by leaves, flowers, twigs, and acorns. I'll show some images of them later on.

Rules for Reputation
Official Site Guideline can be found here: Reputation System Misuse

"Reputation System Misuse" - The Reputation system allows our members to leave comments about one anothers posts, and thereby contribute to their overall 'reputation'. The following uses of the Reputation System on this site are not allowed:

Reputation Fraud: Creating multiple accounts to give positive reputation to other members or your own account. Soliciting other members/friends to give mass positive reputation to your account or another user's account is also fraud.

Reputation Comments: Giving personal information through reputation comments or trolling/flaming. Our policies still apply for reputation comments and will be dealt with the same as if their comments were PMed to a user. If you obtain any reputation comments that violate any of our policies, then you should contact a mod about this immediately.

Reputation Begging: The act of requesting reputation from other users is called reputation begging. This also includes Signatures, Titles, PM's, posts containing requests or encouragement to give you or another user positive or negative reputation points.

Reputation Bribery: The act of requesting reputation in trade for something is called reputation bribery.

Reputation Pity: The act of posting sad comments about their reputation so other users feel sorry for them so that they will give them reputations is called pity reputation.

How do I give Reputation?
On every post you should see this icon- That is what you click to give reputation to a user. When you click it you should get this message
The only option is to approve, not to disapprove. That was disabled due to some user's abusing it. But, if you like the post, you can leave a message by typing it in there. You don't have to, but most people do. Also, they sometimes sign their username afterwords to signify who gave you reputation.

How do I know I've received/given reputation and how do I view it?

This is the easiest part. Just simply use this link and you will see your reputation stats.(If not disabled.) Here(User CP) You should see all received reputation, even from last time it was active.

While there, if you click the link (The thread's name) It will show you the post that the person(s) gave reputation to.

Under it will show who you have given reputation to, when, and the comment you gave.It also shows your reputation power (How many points of reputation you give when you add reputation to a user. The higher amount of reputation you have, the higher your reputation power is.)

Also, if you look at the home page, you should see you current reputation level.

If you click on your own post and try to give yourself reputation, it will only show your current reputation points.
Also, if you have a post that has received reputation, it will show all the comments towards the post itself.

I don't like reputation, how do I disable it?

Well, some user's don't like reputation, so to disable it go to Edit Options and look for a section entitled "Show My Reputation Level".

Just unclick the box with the check in it and it should be disabled.

What does the Reputation look like?

Here's the current images and meanings of the reputation symbols:

- Positive Reputation (Green)
- Highly Positive Reputation (Yellow)
-Negative Reputation (Light Orange)
-Highly Negative Reputation (Dark Orange)
- Disabled reputation (Blue)
-Balanced reputation (Purple)

0-99 points
100-199 points
200-299 points

...and so forth. However, once you reach 500 points, your 6th leaf and each additional leaf becomes high positive:

500-599 points
600-699 points
700-799 points(Higher levels of reputation have been reached, information on such haven't been found)

Reputation Display Ranks:
User serves with Captain Hook willingly
User is one of the Lost Boys
User has lost their inner glow
User has finally found Pixie Hollow
User has chosen their fairy magic
User is a talented Fairy
User is a wiz at Fairy Tag
User is a Fast Flyer
User has made Fairy Mary's A list
User met the Queen
User glows with pixie dust
User is on Tink's Buddy List
User has mastered their fairy magic
User is Tinkerbell's best friend
User is a fairy beyond repute
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