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Old 06-10-2008, 07:08 PM
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How to make a poll

All postings in the Polls Forum are subject to review before they are seen by the public. If a poll or post does not appear after 24 hours, it's likely it was removed. See the Forum Guidelines for further info. There's no need to create multiple responses or multiple polls that say the same thing. Try to keep these polls Pixie-related, and/or something that deserves to be on the front page. These things show up on our home page. Just because it is Pixie-related does not mean it will automatically be approved. Also, if your thread does not have a poll attached to it, it will be moved out of the Poll forum into the appropriate forum.

Now that you know what can be posted in this forum, let's discuss how to go about creating the poll.

First, click on the in the upper lefthand corner of the forum. It will take you to a page to create this new thread. Give your poll a title and something must be included in the body of the thread. It's best to describe your poll a little. For example, if your poll is about your favorite fairie color, you might include in the body of the post, "Pick which color your Pixie wears the most. If your choice is not listed, reply with your favorite."

Now you will submit your thread, but before you do you need to place a checkmark in the "Post a Poll" section, shown below. If you don't know how many poll options you need yet, it's ok. You can change it on the next screen if you choose the wrong amount.

This will take you to the next page, where you set your poll options.

Poll question: Restate your poll question.
Number of poll options: You can change how many options here if you need to.
Poll options: List all Poll Options here.
Poll timeout: If you want your poll to expire, choose how many days until your poll is closed to voting.
Allow multiple choice: If you check this box, people will be able to choose as many of the options as they want.
Make votes public: Be careful. Not all members want everyone to know how they voted.
Automatically parse links in text: This only applies if you have links posted in your thread. It will make your links un-clickable.
Disable smilies in text: If you have things listed in your thread window that are being changed to smilies and you don't want the smilies to show, check this box.

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