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Old Differences: Movie & Books

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Old 01-24-2015, 03:41 PM
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Since Legend of the Neverbeast ends with Rebuilding Pixie Hollow, do you think Mother Dove will come into play, or not? Because when I was reading some of the posts on this thread, it got me thinking that it would happen. It might not, since Mother Dove came before Tinker Bell arrived (at least in the books), but it is something to think about IMHO.
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Old 01-24-2015, 08:33 PM
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There is a slim possibility that it could happen... I'll put why in a spoiler tag below. (It contains minor spoilers for the Never Beast movie (mainly about the six-minute preview) and books)
Spoiler for How Never Beast could connect to the books:
I'm going to set this here to start things off:

So, the big reason why I posted this is because it talks about the lore of the Never Beast--mainly, for the lightning storm the Never Beast could conjure that could destroy Pixie Hollow. With the way that those pictures looked, the ones that Nyx showed the Queen... I wouldn't put it past Gruff. His anger and need to create the four towers could overpower his friendship with Fawn...

Now, in terms of the books, and the lore behind that that...
Pixie Hollow first started in the Golden Age, which is when the movies are set--Pixie Hollow is huge, has all four seasons, the Pixie Dust Tree is still making lots of Pixie Dust for all the fairies...
In Tink, North of Never Land, a storytelling-talent named Tor is telling the story of the fall of the Golden Age of Pixie Hollow. Apparently, some unnamed "dark force" comes to Pixie Hollow and destroys the Pixie Dust Tree. Without the Tree's magic, Pixie Hollow begins to shrink, fairies can't fly, and they begin to fear for their existence: without their magic, how can they survive?
And then they find Mother Dove, a simple dove sitting on her egg in a hawthorn tree not too far from where the Pixie Dust Tree once stood. At first, she's just an ordinary dove. Then, a great fire starts in Never Land, and burns everything in Pixie Hollow, including the dove. But instead of burning into ash like everything else, the flames give her knowledge, and magic. Mother Dove is then able to teach the fairies how to grind her molted feathers into Fairy Dust--not quite as powerful as Pixie Dust, but can still give the fairies enough magic to fly and perform their talents. The Home Tree then grows back where the Pixie Dust Tree once stood, and fairies begin to thrive once again.

Since the topic of how the Pixie Dust Tree is destroyed is so vague (probably because the Disney authors wanted to give the movie directors enough room to "destroy" Pixie Hollow how they wanted without completely going against what had been written down), there is a chance that Legend could be the connection to the books, especially with the rumors going around that this could be the last one.

However, the odds of connecting the books with the movies feel slim. For one thing, the movies have built on the fairies travelling to the Mainland a lot over the past six years, as well as the lore behind Pixie Hollow during the Golden Age. This is a world they've created, full of stories and magic and adventure... I don't think they'd abandon that in order to connect it to the books.

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Old 01-26-2015, 05:52 AM
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I actually prefer the movie fairies to the book fairies, mainly because my first exposure to the franchise was the films. Sil, Ro, Clank, Bobble, Fawn, Dess... Great characters! Each one sticks out characteristically and visually. While I love the book fairies like Rani and Prilla, I just don't find them as engaging.

And I'm so anticipating Neverbeast... Gonna be sad seeing Pixie Hollow destroyed... Apparently a lot of people cried at the last 10 or so minutes. The novel comes out Feb 3rd and I'm tempted to read it, but might hold off till after the Blu-ray comes out.
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