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Old How do you become a moderator?

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Old 08-31-2012, 11:19 AM
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Question How do you become a moderator?

When we feel we need more mods, we review who's active on the site at that time. Yes, we do look for a number of good qualities such as helpful to other users, knowledgeable about game content, and many other innate skills that a mod should have. We look at how long they've been on the site, prior policy violations, post count, etc, etc. We do hire non-adult mods from time to time. We do prefer adult mods but we have several teens that has really turned out to be outstanding mods on some of our sites. We've never hired anyone that was younger than 13 before. We feel they just don't have the worldly experience and customer service skill yet to be a mod.

Once we've come up with a short list of possible users to make mods, an Admin will send a PM to our first choice and wait to hear back from that user. If they turn us down, we move on down our list till we've filled all open positions for mod that we need at that time.

If you aren't picked to be a mod, you shouldn't feel bad. We've got 100's of users on the forums that are active and many of them wish to become a mod. Problem is, we've only got a handful of new openings each year as the site continues to grow or some mods step down. Combine that with our strict qualifications we have for someone to become a mod, anyone's chances to make it is pretty slim.

Yes, we do provide new minimods with training.
Yes, they do get some perks for helping out the community as it's a non-paying position. For example, they get extra PM space so they don't have to worry about having a full inbox while trying to help users PMing them.
No, there is no set limit to how much time you have to mod. It's a team effort and as long as they continue to help, they qualify.

I think that should answer most basic questions. If anyone has anymore, feel free to post or PM me and I'll try to do my best to answer.
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