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Old No Pattern in PPO items release and retiring

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Old 01-04-2013, 08:16 PM
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thanks, Stormy and Lilac!
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No Pattern in PPO items release and retiring

Hiya, y'all... I need your opinions on a subject I'm curious about.

I bought annual membership recently, and it won't start till the 16th of January because my monthly membership doesn't end till the 15th/16th, but I'm super excited and very slightly impatient for my 240 PD to show up, on the 16th.

Okay, I'll cut the long story in half.

I want to know how long new outfits in PPO will stay.

I looked at the DOW Wiki, and the dates for different collections, when they were released and retired, seem totally out of pattern, especially recently. Some stay a month, some stay a week, or an odd number of days...

For example:

Sparkly Winged Neckles November 1 - November 29
Sailor Outfit November 15 - December 6
Desert Rose Collection November 29 - December 20
Winter Styles December 6 -December 20
Chilly Scarves December 13 - December 20

I really like the new outfits, but cannot afford them till the 16th. Will they be there then? Any chance, at all?

( I will also contact the NC and see what they say - doubt they will say anything, though. They like to surprise us. )

- Sophie

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Old 01-04-2013, 08:35 PM
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I dont think the winged necklace will be there, but then again what do i know :P
Old 01-04-2013, 08:36 PM
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Honestly I think you are correct that it is mostly random. I think sometimes Disney doesn't even have a plan (one time before when asked in the Never News what's leaving, the response was they weren't sure.)
I think some of it has to do with popularity of a collection; like if something isn't selling very well I think they move it out faster. Some of it could be what kind of events are going on in the Hollow, and if there is a new event coming up they might be more likely to release something new at the PO.

I know that doesn't help you much, but my guess is that since there isn't much going on in January (according to the calendar at the moment) you have a little while before they switch out collections. Also since it's Art Month my guess is that the arty outfits will probably be available all month-- but you never know.
My advice is to keep an eye on the calendar for "fashion" notices.

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