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Old The Lost Friends

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Old 09-17-2015, 09:16 PM
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Post The Lost Friends

I was recently thinking of the fairies I created way back in 2009, then I decided to write a story remembering them. Not all of these fairies are real because I can't remember everyone's names.

I hope you enjoy the story!

Chapter One
A Strange Hallucination

It was a seemingly normal day in Pixie Hollow; fairies were doing their work to change the seasons, no surprise here. But let’s visit Sunflower Gully where the light fairies were doing their work.

Snowflake Neverlily was doing what she does everyday to help, but then she noticed an animal fairy she doesn’t recall seeing in the Hollow standing right in front of her, she had short brown hair and a brown leafy outfit. “Come visit” the animal fairy said in a mysterious sounding voice. “Now”

Snowflake got so distracted that the cautious fairy tripped on a rock and fell into the stream. Lucky for her, Snow is a merfairy meaning she can swim, but her ankle was still sprained.

A few minutes later, Snowflake was in the hospital where a nursing fairy was tending her sprain. “The sprain isn’t that bad” the nursing fairy said. “It seems easy to remove”

Iridessa was in the room too, she was the one who took Snowflake to the hospital. “What caused this sprain?” the nursing fairy asked.

“I got distracted by a weird hallucination” Snowflake answered. “But don’t think I’ve seen that fairy in Pixie Hollow before, and she was telling me to visit her”

“It’s just a hallucination” the nursing fairy said. “You must’ve been working too hard; you’re a light fairy, right?”

Even after Snowflake’s sprain was cured, she was still concerned about the vision. The more she thought about it, the more familiar that fairy seemed. Although, there’s a high chance that it is just a hallucination and that she was working too hard.

Snowflake went to her friend Jenny’s house to talk to her.
“When I was working I had a vision of a fairy that seems familiar” she explained. “She told me to visit in an urgent sounding tone”

“What does the fairy look like?” Jenny asked.
“An animal fairy with orange and brown leafy clothes and short brown hair” Snowflake answered.

“It might just be a vision” Jenny said. “That can be the appearance of any animal fairy in Pixie Hollow!”

“You’re right” Snowflake agreed. “I was working way too hard recently, I need a break”

Snowflake relaxed for the rest of the day while Jenny and Iridessa took care of her work. She even forgot about the mysterious animal fairy, until she fell asleep.

That night, Snowflake dreamed about her arrival to Pixie Hollow in a first person view. Then, the dream showed her and the animal fairy she hallucinated. In the dream, the two fairies were good friends. Snowflake even saw twelve other fairies.

When she woke up, it came to her mind, the dream might’ve really happened to her.

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