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Old August Contest 2015 - Party in the Story Forum

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Old 08-06-2015, 12:40 AM
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August Contest 2015 - Party in the Story Forum

Ok, it's now your turn. Continue the story by posting the next chapter below. If you need to refer back to the original post click here. If you are having fun completing this story take a moment and look around this sub-fourm you will find lots of fun stories written by our talented members to read!

In case you forgot here is how the story starts...

Spoiler for The start of it all!!:
The story mods of PixieHollowForums dashed around their central headquarters, The Tales and Tribulations Library, rearranging and organizing stories for the users to enjoy. The senior of this faction, Maps, looked up from the tale she was reading and exclaimed “Ruby, clear our schedule, We’re throwing a party!” “Right, clearing schedule,” Book Thing (aka Ruby) said, more to herself than to anyone else. She made a quick mental note, before returning to the long bookshelves. “A party?” Tiramisu echoed. “Isn’t that a bad idea? Don’t you remember what happened last time? Fairy Hoppins showed up with his evil bunnies and destroyed the place! And there was that other time we tried and Lily started fighting with Joan in the middle of the room.” “I don’t think Sapphire Sweetfeather would really want to come,” Tiramisu added. “Or Onionleaf for that matter.” “Or anyone really,” said Night Wish. “They all avoid stories like crazy.” “Hey,” Book Thing shrugged. “I just do as I'm told and I don’t ask questions. Can’t be the strangest thing I’ve ever done.” “So we are throwing a party then?” Tiramisu confirmed. “Yup, let’s do this,” said Maps. With little time to prepare, the four mods busied themselves by cleaning up the Library setting up for their impromptu gathering. Tiramisu worked tirelessly to make beautiful invitations with her art skills, while _Stormy_ pushed tables together and moved chairs. Julie Sunripple quietly sneaked into the cookie thread and grabbed some of the donuts posted by the members, eighteen this time, for the invited guests to snack on at the party. Little did the story mods know, that just getting to the party would be an adventure of its own for the rest of them mods and admins.

A gift from the talented _Stormy_

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I can't wait to read everyone's stories. I know we have a lot of writers here so I hope that you all enjoy this contest.

I couldn't help but write a story of my own. I'm no writing talent either, so I was surprised that in the end I wrote over 2,000 words.

Spoiler for Story:
It was a bright and sunny afternoon in Pixie Hollow Forums - a perfect, mellow kind of day that couldn't get any better. Unfortunately in this story, the weather is not a very good foreshadower of future events…

Onionleaf was sitting in her favourite spot on the highest maple tree, where she could see pixies passing by and posting on all topics. It was also quiet enough here for her to concentrate on her tinkering work, but more importantly, she didn't have to worry about other pixies being hit by one of her malfunctioning springs or a flying acorn shell. On this particular day in fact, Onionleaf was wrestling with both of these items, tightening a vine knot with her teeth as her arms and legs were busy holding everything in place.

It was at this point that the first surprise of the day occurred - an arrow whizzed past Onionleaf's ear and stuck itself to the tree trunk. With a yelp, a BOING and a THUNK, Onionleaf's work-in-progress unravelled, along with Onionleaf herself, all landing pell-mell on a branch below. She only managed to take in a small breath before a bright bushel of curls sprung out of the foliage: "You got one too, Onion?" said a resounding, cheerful voice which caused Onion to issue yet another yelp and hug the tree trunk. Onion’s dewdrop glasses made her widened eyes look comically frightened as she looked around to find Sapphire Sweetfeather hanging upside down in front of her, with a friendly grin and a toy arrow stuck to her forehead. Neither of them looked particularly sensible at this point.

"You... I, uh..." Onion tried to let Sapphire know about the arrow on her forehead with a failed attempt at gesticulating the point across. It didn't seem like Sapphire was perplexed by this odd situation - Onion assumed that an Admin would have seen even stranger things in her years of Admin experience.

“Well don’t just stand there,” said Sapphire as she nimbly climbed up to the branch above, “I bet it’s an invitation too! Go on, have a look at what it says!” said Sapphire, unsticking the arrow from the trunk that caused so much havoc and handed it to Onion. In the middle of the shaft was a piece of pink paper tied with a red ribbon. As Onion unravelled it, a pleasant scent of cake and cookies wafted from it and Onion’s eyes glazed over.

A hand appeared out of nowhere and snapped its fingers in front of Onion, while a levelled voice spoke, “Well well ladies, looks like we’re all in the same boat.” Onion landed back on Earth from the sharp snapping noise (noticing that Sapphire was wiping off drool too) and saw that Mommy 2 Jules was smiling understandably at them both, one hand on her hip and another holding up a pink paper airplane. “I found THIS-” Emerald pointed at the paper plane, “stuck in my hair this morning. I thought someone was trying to get on my bad side, but it was only a harmless invitation letter.” she said, shrugging her shoulders. Curious, Onion looked down at her own piece of paper and found that it was, just as expected, an invitation to a Mod party written in a beautiful cursive font.

“Ooh, sounds like fun!” Onion grinned and saw that both Sapphire and Emerald were just as excited. Looking back down to read the invitation further, Onion’s smile vanished and her eyebrows furrowed. “Wait a moment; it says the party is in the Pixie Tales Lounge. Doesn’t that mean we have to go through... the Stories forums?" All three fairies gasped and turned their heads to the south, where a white mist encircled a creepy-looking forest and all sorts of noises issued from it - dragon roars, giggles, sword fights and fireworks were to name a few. A chilling wind swept through the group, causing their wings to shudder and their faces to pale.

“So… has anyone ever been inside before?” Emerald enquired. All three looked at each other with the same blank look on their faces. “Okay, all right, don’t panic… we can figure this out! Maybe there’s a clue on the invitation, they know how forgetful us pixies can be… Aha!” Em cried out as she turned the letter over and found something drawn in the corner. Saph, Onion and Em jumped towards the letter like mice to cheese (or Mods to cookies for that matter). With their heads locked together in a circle, all three scanned the map with determined expressions. There was a long pause until Em managed to break the silence. "Wuh... what is this??" she spluttered as all three looked at the scrap of paper that was supposed to be their map. A house, a tree and an arrow pointing to an X was all that was scribbled on it. “Well… for someone with the name Maps, she sure does a poor job of drawing them.” said Sapphire with a long sigh, taking the map and scrunching it up into a ball. (Somewhere not too far away, Maps’ ear started itching.)

Emerald took a brave stance, put her hands on her companions’ shoulders and said, “No worries! We can do this! All we need is Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust, am I right?” Onion shyly intruded, “I thought our motto was “For the Cookies!”” Emerald clapped her hands together. “Right, of course!” she said, “For the Cookies!” all three shouted at once and firmly pushed off from the ground, heading to the Stories forums they knew nothing about.

Their spirited start to the journey did not last long at all. A few steps into the woods and the group were already facing a three-way fork on the road, with no signs or any ideas of where to go next. Pacing back and forth, they spent a moment to determine which path to choose.

“If we think this through logically…” said Onion.
“If my hunch is correct…” said Em.
“If we follow the cookie crumb trail…” said Saph.
“Then we should go… that way!” all three shouted at the same time, each pointing in a different direction. After staring at each other, hoping that the other two will be mature enough to agree with their own decision, the conflict was resolved in the most professional way - with a Rock-Paper-Scissors contest. Naturally, Em won as her hunches were always correct.

After a few hundred steps with nothing stopping them on their way, the three fairies were beginning to think that they had worried about nothing and even began conversing amongst each other. Suddenly, Sapphire felt the ground vanish underneath her feet. “Eek!” she cried, as she grabbed onto Emerald, who in turn grabbed onto the closest thing to her hoping to stop their fall, but unfortunately took hold of Onion instead. All three fairies toppled into the hole, each one dragging the other down. Onion earned herself a second bruise for the day, because apparently just one wasn't enough.

Before either of them could figure out where they were, an evil laugh echoed all around and they jerked their heads up to find none other than Fairy Hoppins’ ears protruding over the opening above them. “Muahaha!” laughed Fairy Hoppins, “I congratulate you for falling into my trap! The Story Mods were fools for inviting me to the party too – this is my chance to rid the Pixie Hollow Forums of the meddlesome Admins! Soon PHF will be rebuilt as a farm for cultivating my evil carrots, and there is nothing you can do st-“At this point, all three fairies had already flown out of the hole and Sapphire threw a plate of escargots ([email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]) onto Fairy Hoppins to stop his monologue. “Looks like you haven’t been here in a while, I think you've forgotten that pixies can fly!” Saph explained and stuck her tongue out.

“Carrots! Foiled again!” exclaimed Fairy Hoppins. He unravelled a black umbrella, caught the wind with it and flew off into the thunderous sky. At his disappearance, the sky cleared and normal weather patterns resumed. The three fairies, unable to comment, simply shook their heads and continued to trudge along their designated path.

After passing the next elm tree, the road was becoming more and more narrow, looking more like a gap between bushes than a proper track. Leaves, roots and branches began stopping them on their way and everyone was beginning to tire of getting the hems of their skirts stuck on the branches. Suddenly, Sapphire clasped her hands over her nose and said in a muffled voice “Eww! It smells like someone mixed Pewter Grey and Harvest Yellow dyes together!” It was true, the smell was quite horrendous. With their noses closed, the three fairies continued creeping forward, desperately hoping to get out of this thicket and further away from the horrible smell.

Finally, they reached a clearing but stopped dead in their tracks, lowering their wings and looking up with their eyes wide open. A troll loomed over them, spitting out snide comments and sarcastic remarks. Emerald reacted at lightning speed - using her years of ninja Admin training to full use, she took out a fountain pen, a glossy piece of paper and scribbled a Warning letter on it, all within 2 seconds. “Hiiyaa!” she cried and put all her force into the throw with a spin kick, aiming the paper straight for the troll’s head. The sheet of paper stuck over the big brute’s eyes and, being the disproportionate, dim-witted troll that he was, couldn’t keep his balance and toppled over to one side, while most conveniently hitting himself on the head with his club. Onion looked at the whole manoeuvre in shock – she had a feeling that this wasn’t the exact way the technique was supposed to work, but seeing the satisfied expressions of the two Admins, assumed that this was how things were done by the experts.

After sharing a round of high-fives (^5s), Onion, Sapphire and Emerald continued on their journey. Fortunately for them, the stinky smell dispersed and a new scent wafted through the air – the very same scent as the one that wafted from the invitation letters! The three fairies used up their last amount of Pixie Dust to fly at breakneck speed to the gingerbread house that could now be seen in the distance. With relieved expressions, they took in a breath and walked into the entrance together (which was quite a tight fit).

The three dishevelled fairies scanned the room that they have just entered, still breathing loudly from their sprint, and found that their torn dresses and sticks in their hair did not suit the beautifully decorated party theme at all.

At this moment, Tiramisu flitted up to the three newly arrived guests and welcomed them by giving each fairy one of her famous pumpkin tarts. She then handed them a quill and parchment with a smile and said, “I hope you had a fun time reaching us! This is a Story Mod party, so please write a story about your adventures! Keep it G-rated and no less than 500 words!”

As Tiramisu flew off to restock her tray of sweets, Onion, Em and Saph looked around and noticed that they weren’t the only Mods who managed to arrive. Joan and Lily were silently frowning at each other with their arms crossed, each holding a torn piece of the map. Maps grinned and said, “We gave them one map to share, to make the journey more exciting for them. I can’t believe it worked!” Zilly was apparently the only sensible person to have a wallet and rented a taxi straight from her house. Jack I, on the other hand, realised that the Stories forums would be in some place that no-one would be willing to look, so he used his handy shovel to dig his way to it.

While the others continued to chat about their experiences, Onion took a seat on the cottonpuff sofa and took a bite out of the pumpkin tart. She was pleasantly surprised to find that it was made with Pixie Dust – her wings perked up and her dimmed glow brightened again. In no time at all, the rest of the pumpkin tart was swallowed and feeling like their journey had paid off, crossed her legs and straightened her piece of parchment. After a few moments of scratching her head and chewing on the tip of her quill pen, she leaned forward and began writing her silly story…

The End

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I had a little too much fun with this.
And don't worry, Mods, I spared you most of the horror of reading by making the story a short 907 words! You'll be done with it in no time!

Spoiler for My story:
“A party?” Jack_I asked aloud, carefully reading over the invitation that had just arrived at the Admins’ headquarters.
Sapphire Sweetfeather turned the page of her bad pun and joke book. “What kind of party?”
Jack_I squinted for a moment at the eloquent writing of the invitation before realizing he didn’t even need to read the fine print: “A party held by the… story mods.
Sapphire groaned loudly through a mouthful of cookies (courtesy of the cookie thread). “Not a story party!”
Batleth grumbled “lut ghom muS jIH,” into his phone. A tiny voice peeped back, “I hate story parties.”
“Do we have to go?” whimpered Sapphire, wiping loose crumbs from her cheek. “We could just say we came down with something and can’t attend!”
“Three admins can’t attend a party?” Jack_I reiterated, shaking his head. “We have to go.”

Sapphire flopped down on one of the many super-fluffy couches around, pouting for only a moment, before sighing. “Fine,” she mumbled, “but only if I can ride up front.”
Jack_I grabbed the invitation and his car keys before turning to look at Batleth. “Coming?”
“neH vaj ghob'e' jIH,” came the response, which was quickly translated back to “only if I must.”

The three admins packed into Jack_I’s car—an older car that wasn’t in that bad condition, in car standards—with Batleth sliding into the passenger seat mere seconds before Sapphire could react. Grumbling something about this being “not worth it at all”, she sat down in the back seats, only to hear the crunch of plastic cases beneath her.
“Careful!” Jack cried, “you’ll break their cases!”
Sapphire pulled out a few tapes, looking carefully at their neatly printed names. “Wow,” she commented. “You have everything from classic rock to New Age on these things…” she grinned slyly. “Everything but disc-o!”
Silence enclosed the car.
After a solid thirty seconds, Batleth broke the silence with “ghaH QI'yaH.” He reached for his phone when Jack stopped him.
“We all know that was terrible, Batleth,” he spoke, turning the key in the ignition. “No need to translate.”

As they began on their way to the Tales and Tribulations Library (a whole five minutes’ drive away), Jack popped in a tape and pressed play. When the first few notes of an elegant symphony came to life over the speakers, both passengers immediately screamed “NO!” (although Batleth’s sounded a bit more like “Qo'!”).
Jack rolled his eyes. “Bach is not bad,” he reasoned with them.
“I’d much rather go Bach then stay five more minutes in here,” Sapphire retorted, the edges of her mouth curling into a mischievous smile.
Batleth sighed. “SoHbe' tlhaQ,” he grumbled.
Sapphire grinned. “Why, thank you,” she enthused. “I thought that was a good pun!”
Batleth soon facepalmed.

After a moment, a phone buzzed out a few notes, and Sapphire began to dig in her purse to read the incoming text. “Jack,” she asked, after reading a funny text from Jezzi (who is still in hiding from stealing too many cookies). “Do you have an iPhone?”
Jack scoffed. “Who needs an iPhone?”
“Most people on this planet,” responded Batleth’s phone.
“Besides,” Sap reasoned, “without iPhones, how would we ever get world domination through Taptalk?”
Jack blinked. “We haven’t accomplished world domination yet?”

Batleth sighed. “HochHom nuvpu' wIghaj Dotlhmey Hut wa'vatlh 'ej Soch, 'ej DaSovrup jav ben,” he lamented, his phone repeating back “Most people go How Nine hundred and Seven, and will you know six years ago.”
Jack blinked. “What?”
Batleth tried again, saying “jav ben Dotlhmey, mI' tlhoS wa'SanID SIch nuvpu' HochHom maghoj. qo' not chargh maH.” The phone repeated “six years ago, a thousand people Reach the closest run, all but one, magoj. We are never the world engage the opponent.”
Sapphire groaned. “Stop reminding me we’re going to a story party, Batleth,” she whimpered, nibbling on a swiped feather cookie from RiverLunaMorningValley.
Batleth, growing angry, pressed the microphone button one last time. “nuq ghIq wa' wej nIv jatlhqa' bI'Ij,: qo' je fairies rur app je' Qujmey Da'ovQo' Popcorn pagh chargh maH!” He shouted, shaking the phone back and forth.
After an eternity of loading, the phone paused. “I’m sorry,” it spoke, “I didn’t quite catch that. Try again?”
While the phone gods prayed he’d throw his phone out the window in anger (so they could claim it’s programming glory as their own), somewhere far, far away, Popcorn1234 got the sneaking suspicion that she had been insulted by “the gallows-maker app” for “Refusing the Victor”.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity later (but was really only two more minutes of Batleth speaking indeterminable Klingon into his phone, music from the Baroque period lilting through the car, while Sap made an innumerable amount of terrible jokes revolving around “if it’s not Baroque, don’t fix it”), the three admins arrived at the Tales and Tribulations Library, where the four main story mods stood out front with balloons.
Batleth was the first out. “latlh QaH puS 'oH laH possibly nob jIH nIS mughwI',” he growled into his phone, slamming the door. After a moment, the phone responded, “stop insulting me; I have feelings!”
Jack_I was next, twirling his car keys around his finger. “Even if you don’t like Bach,” he called back into the car, “the driver still gets to pick the music!
And finally, Sapphire tumbled out of the car. “Music,” she gasped at Tiramisu. “I need… *cough* actual music!”
Tiramisu slowly rubbed the back of her neck. “Sorry, Sap,” she admitted slowly. “We didn’t have a lot of time to prepare…”
“The best music we have is the sweet music of audiobooks!” cut in Maps. “Isn’t that great?”
Sapphire Sweetfeather, horrified, cried out in agony. “Nooooo!

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I am by no means a story telling talent, but I did the best I can. I have never missed an award here and I am not going to start now.

Spoiler for story:
News of the party travels fast around pixie Hollow Forums. Some mods were excited others were oh my not like again. Stormy wanted to go but not by herself in case no one else showed up. She flew over to Sapphire and Alexia and asked if they would go with her, they really did not want anything to do with a mod party, they never turn out good. But Stormy was persuasive and they finally gave in. The evening of the party the Frost and Snow Fairies were decorating Pixie Hollow for the upcoming winter season, and you do not want to leave your home when they are doing there work. But the three fairies set out to the party, little did they know the adventures they would have ahead of them. They all put on their winter clothes, Sap had to have her boots and feathers on, Alexia had her best leaf jacket and hat on and Stormy was in the softest cotton coat she had. They were ready for the trip. The clouds looked angry and the ground looked slippery, they did not know the best way to travel, high or low. They decided to fly low so they can escape the clouds and snow. But flying low would not be easy like they hoped it would be. The ground was starting to get covered in snow and the fairies were getting cold. they have never flown when the Snow and Frost fairies were making it winter here, just after. They started to get closer to the forest and they started to hear noises. The snow animals were out and playing, they saw the trio of fairies and wanted to play. Stormy being an Animal Talent took the lead, she calmed down the little snow fox with a sweet lullaby. Sap was starting to rethink the whole party, but Stormy really wanted to go so on they went. One of the Frost fairies fly down when she saw them. She asked what are you three doing out on THIS night. Sap said "The Story Mods over at Pixie Hollow Forum are having a party." "They choose this night out of all the nights for a party." the frost fairy said, "Well Good Luck and have fun, I got work to do." So on they went. The storm started to get worse as they made it closer to the library. They came upon The Pixie Pond. Sap being a Water Talent wanted to go over the pond, but Stormy and Alexia were not so sure, what if their wings got wet or a wind came. But over the pond was the fastest way to get to the library, they could see it from where they were. Alexia thought I could make something for us to get across on. She told the others to gather leaves, twigs and grass. She tok out her hammer, which she always carried, and started to make a raft and oar. Stormy and Alexia rode on the raft while Sap flew so she could keep the water steady. they finally made it to the Story Tellers party, with a story of their own.


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Finally finished it!

Spoiler for :
''Come on Coconut!'' Mommy 2 Jules shouted over the noise of the ice cream machines in the lounge.
''Just a minute!'' Coconut Tulippetal looked down at the pinata full of wrapped cookies that had she ordered. It was the exact replica of her face. Except... ''That's not my eye color!'' she gasped. “How dare they!”
“Coconut!” M2J moaned. “The accordionist needs you out there on the veranda! The sonnet still needs the trombone! Where is Maps? Wasn't she supposed to pick up some ice cream?”
“Last I heard, Maps is trying to get me to move the party completely into the Tales and Tribulation area,” Coconut Tulippetal shivered. “But I am hiding from her because of the bouncy castle. Not that, that will work anymore if she is coming here.”
M2J in a flash was beside Coconut, and looked very seriously into her eyes. “Don't you dare let Maps take the park from us. I think I would cry.”
“Wouldn't we all?” Coconut gave one last shiver and went over to the accordionist and the two “musicians” practiced on their sonnet of chaos.
Fortunately for all of the mods, Coconut Tulippetal had paid for a nice blowup bouncy castle, and had sent it to the pavilion at the park. Maps had not been the happiest, which is why Coconut was hiding.
No one really understood why it was necessary for the party to always be held in that terrible room. Maps seemed to take an inane amount of pleasure hosting it there, though. Coconut had rented out the bouncy castle just in case the whole “getting mods into the T'n'T (pun intended) room” fell through.
Whilst the twosome were preforming a sparrowman landed down on the pink veranda. He covered his ears with his hands. “IS COCONUT TULIPPETAL HERE?” he yelled over the noise.
Both Coconut and the accordionist yelled at the same time; the instruments going silent just as they did so.“WHAT?”
“Ow. I'm Coconut.”
“Letter for you,” he handed it over to her.
“Thanks,” she looked at it closely. The letter was sealed with wax and smelled like cinnamon. Coconut opened it and looked over its contents. “It's an invitation to the mod party. Wait... 'P.S I moved the bouncy castle.' WHAT! She cannot do this to us. Mommy 2 Jules!”
She looked frantically around, but M2J had disappeared. “I have to leave, very sorry,” Coconut said to the accordionist before high-tailing it out of there.
The park in which the bouncy castle was supposed to be, was nothing much in any account. But it was quiet and peaceful, which was more than the Tales and Tribulation area could take credit for.
Still flying above it Coconut scanned the area and tried to see if her spot was still taken with the castle. But no. The bouncy castle of fun was nowhere to be seen. She flew down. She looked around the empty area. Just then M2J landed beside her and cried, “No! Why!”
“I guess Maps is pretty serious about the party only being in the T'n'T room,” she answered glumly, kicking the toe of her boot into the dirt. “So much for that idea.”
M2J strode over to Coconut and gave her a hard shake. “We can't give up now. Us other mods have rights too! Wait... we do right?”
“I think we do,” Coconut said shaking off Mommy 2 Jules hands. “The pavilion is still here. Maybe I can find some cookies and stash them away just in case. Maps can't take cookies away from us.”
“Hopefully not. Lets go over to the CT, there should be some still there.”
Upon arriving they came just as one of the other mods swiped away the last few cookies.
“No!” Both of the fairies were horrified. Their own just-in-case party was again foiled.
“Sorry guys,” the mod said as she flew off with a bucket full of cookies.
“M2J...” Coconut said, looking depressed. “We might just have to go to Maps' party.”
There was a moment of silence. “Maybe your bouncy castle is there?”
“Most likely. Wait a minute!” Coconut Tulippetal suddenly got excited. “My pinata! It is still by the pink veranda! Come on!”
Flying up once again, Coconut, much to her relief, found the pinata exactly where she had left it. By then it was already almost time for the party in the Tales and Tribulation area. Coconut pulled out the invitation from her pocket. “M2J? Did we invite anyone over to the park?” her voice squeaked.
“Uh... I don't think we planned that far!”
“Okay Maps! You win!” Coconut shouted up at the sky, though, obviously, Maps was not within hearing distance. “I'm taking my pinata and going... and going... *cough* going to that party!”
Coconut for the last time, flew up to finally go to the Mod party. M2J sighed and followed her friend.
Most every mod was already there, and so was the bouncy castle, and the cookies from the Cookie Thread. And to everyone's surprise, the party actually turned out pretty well despite there being no ice cream.
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Oh your stories are all so wonderful. Writing is not my specialty, in fact I am terrible at it.
Jewelry designing is more my style. So because of that I am not going to participate in this quest.

My Fairies: Quicksilver Cloudshimmer Twilight Diamondshimmer Topaz Nightwhisper
Arrival Date - January 24, 2007

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Okay, I am not a story talent, but I am like Twilight... I want my shiny!

Spoiler for The story continues...:
A gust of wind blew causing a branch to hit the window. I jumped with a start. I looked around the staff break room to make sure no one noticed. “There must have been a fast flying talent that flew by.” I said with an awkward giggle. It was at that moment I noticed a lovely envelope sitting in my cubby. “Why hadn’t I noticed that before?” I thought to myself. I jumped up out of the spot I was sitting at on the confused couch and flittered over to my cubby. As I pulled my envelope out of my cubby I noticed that there was a similar envelope in Coconut Tulippetal’s mail box, but it was embossed with pink instead of blue. “Hey, Coconut,” I said with a questioning tone to my voice, “Were you expecting any mail today?” “No, why?” Coconut replied as she turned from the thread she was currently cleaning. “Well, we both seem to have one in our boxes. In fact, it looks like most of the staff has one.”

Coconut got up and joined me by the cubbies. She took her envelope and together we both opened them. “You’re invited…” Coconut started as pixie dust fell from the envelopes. Just then, the dust began to take shape and we saw balloons and cookies, and other lovely things to entice a pixie. Coconut continued, “To join us for a flitteriffic party hosted in Barrie's House by the story mods.”

Coconut beamed with excitement. As she turned to look at me, I groaned. Her smile faded and my heart sank. I had forgotten that Coconut had not been around long enough to remember the last party.

“I’m sorry.” I said, “I just remember the last time I was in Barrie’s House. I got lost and ended up stuck in Neverland Narrative because every story kept telling me to go different directions.” Coconut giggled at the idea of seeing me lost in the story section, which of course caused me to giggle as well.

“We don’t have to go I guess.” She said politely. “No, it’s okay. I know that you want to go and it looks like Tiramisu worked hard on the invitations.”

“I promise that I won’t let you get lost again.” Coconut said with a smile.

We both took out our feather pens and marked “Will attend” on our invites. The pixie dust quickly swished around and turned into an arrow, pointing straight to the door.

“Guess the dust will show us the way.” Coconut said as she flitted to the door. I sighed a big sigh and followed after her.

As we flew through Beyond the Hollow, we noticed Raven Sparkleswirl merging double posts.

“Hey Sap! Hi there Coconut! Where are we off to in such a hurry?” Raven asked, as she looked up from her task at hand.

“We are going to the party at Barrie’s House that the story mods are throwing.” Coconut said with excitement.

I flew over to Raven and quickly grabbed her hand. “That’s right, WE are!” I said. If I was going to the story mod party, so was Raven!

Raven, seeing that she wasn’t getting out of going, quickly picked up her tinker hammer and we continued on.

As the three pixies neared the entrance to Barrie’s House, where all the stories and adventures of the pixies are kept, they noticed other groups of staff members mulling about, clearly dreading going in. Zilly, Sven Niscade, Batleth and Lady Freckles stood to one side of the entrance watching to see who would be the first brave staff to enter. Mommy 2 Jules, Joan and Lily were at the other, clearly doing the same thing. Jack I and Matrim were standing back to back… ”Looks like Jack and Mat got stuck keeping an eye out to make sure Fairy Hoppkins (aka EKB) doesn’t wreck the party.” I quietly whispered to Raven. Raven giggled.

Coconut, intent on going in, flew straight up to the door. She turned to me and Raven and with a grin said “Ready pixies?!”

Raven and I smiled, and gave Coconut a ‘thumbs up’.

Coconut opened the doors to Barrie’s House.

We could see flashing lights and streamers and hear awesome music pouring out. Inside, Maps, Book_Thing, Julie Sunripple, Tiramisu, and _Stormy_ were fluttering about waiting for their guests.

It looked so amazing, that all of the staff flew in and had a wonderful time. All thanks to a little encouragement from Coconut!


Profile Pic from Coconut. Thank You! Just Remember... I think I'm funny!
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This was such a fun contest! I really enjoyed participating and reading everyone's hilarious and imaginative stories! Good luck to all!
Spoiler for Party in the Story Forum!:
"Little did the story mods know, that just getting to the party would be an adventure of its own for the rest of them mods and admins..." Joan's voice echoed ominously.
"Joan! Enough with the narration already! You're not the only omnipotent, all-seeing admin around here." Maps glared at the ceiling before throwing on a perky expression and turning back to the story mods. "All right, first things first! Tiramisu, make sure these invitations are your very best work. They are the most crucial and delicate part of hosting a party!"
"The invitations?" Misty repeated.
"Of course! A party can't go on without its guests, so we'll need to convince the other mods and admins to actually show up," Maps said, and a chorus of bitter grumblings resounded around the room.
"What do you mean? Why would the others not want to attend a nice story mod party?" I smiled, trying to lighten the mood.
"That's not a rhetorical question, is it? Because I actually have a long list of reasons," Julie muttered.
"Ruby dear," Stormy sighed, "how else do you think this place got the name The Tales and Tribulations Library?"
"I'm guessing I don't want to find out the story behind that one," I said with a grimace, and everyone shook their heads solemnly in agreement.
"So," Maps continued, "Tiramisu is already working on making the art component of the invitation absolutely spectacular, but we still need someone to compose our actual message. It must be concise, yet compelling, and perfectly riveting. But that should be an effortless task for you story mods! Why don't you take this job, Misty?"
Misty's loose curls bounced up and down excitedly in her grand gesture of approval. "I'll get right on it, Maps!" And Misty flitted off to find a leaf scroll and her favourite quill.
In the meantime, the rest of us cleaned the library and hung up bunting and streamers. Just as we were sweeping the already spotless bookshelves—we story mods proudly boast the fact that our dear books never collect dust—Misty rose from her writing desk and waved the scroll triumphantly in the air. "I'm done!" she glimmered. "The mods and admins simply won't be able to refuse our invitation!"
"Great! Ruby, why don't you proofread and edit it?" Maps said.
I eagerly grabbed the scroll and began to read Misty's invitation aloud, "Dear Mods and Admins,
"Once upon a time, in the faraway forum of Barrie's House, an idea was born. This idea stemmed from the creative and inspired minds of the story mods, and this extraordinary idea was to host a party for all the mods and admins of the Pixie Hollow Forums. Now, the story mods are the truest believers in magic and goodness, so they had high hopes for their party. But alas, each of their essays at a party was written with the inescapable motif of disaster. Yet, despite all the tragedies and drama, they have remained resolved in their belief that goodness can coexist with story parties, for story mods are strong-willed role-players and perseverant writers. They refuse to conclude their tale with a catastrophic dénouement, and they are determined to host a party without a single conflict. So against all odds, they have become the defiers of convention. Therefore, we, the story mods, cordially invite you to a party at The Tales and Tribulations Library; a party that is more than a mere social gathering, but a metaphor for a dream that—"
"Whoa, wait, what?" Maps interrupted, shaking her head as if trying to escape a reverie. "Misty, how long is this invitation? Or should I say tome?"
"Well, you know how I am," Misty began defeatedly. "I tend to write really long posts, and messages, and—well, once I begin writing, I just can't stop!"
Ironically, Maps seemed at a loss for words, so I quickly intervened, "I'll just hand over the manuscript to Tiramisu... And hey, Maps, what about Joan's ill foreshadowings?"
"Yeah. If the mods are going to have trouble just getting to the party, shouldn't we try to help them out?" Misty added earnestly.
"You're right. The other mods and admins won't even want to show up if they can barely make the journey here," Maps muttered. "Why don't you two head out to the edge of the Story Forum and help the mods and admins on their way here?"
"Well, I guess I could, but," I said, "I'm absolutely terrible with directions."
"Oh, Ruby. I'm sure you've navigated your way around the Story Forum enough!" Stormy gave me a warm smile, but I returned it with an unconvinced grimace.
"There's no need to worry! I'll be going with you," Misty said.
"And if you're still feeling uncertain, take these books. You can always count on some good old, trusty book things!" Julie beamed, heaving a lofty pile of books into my arms.
"The invitations have just been sent out!" Tiramisu called.
"All right! Ruby, Misty, that's your cue!" Maps grinned.
"Here we go!" With that, Misty and I headed into the fantastical forum of Barrie's House.
We'd passed approximately ten threads, and we'd already found ourselves completely lost. I spun around, hoping to recognize some sort of telling quality about the countless pages and words around me. But I was hopelessly lost. "All right, let's see what we've got," I said, fumbling with the stack of books. "The Ultimate Handbook for the Intrepid Reader, Barrie's Travels, The Geography of Literature, Vade Mecum of Role-Playing, The Allegory of the Arrow—"
"How about this?" Misty said, pulling a novel out of the heap. "Profound Truths for Finding Your Way: Mod Edition."
Misty leafed through the book until an interesting sentence stopped her. "'At one time or another, you may find yourself astray,'" she proceeded to read aloud. "'However, in these times of great despair, one must never forget that the true path to clarity is through cookies.'"
"Whoa. That is some profound material." I raised my eyebrows.
"Wait, Ruby! Look!" Misty exclaimed, pointing at a path of cookie crumbs.
Misty and I glanced at each other, stunned.
"I swear, books are magic. This trail must lead us out of the Story Forum!" Misty's wings flitted with excitement.
"You're right! Julie probably spilled these cookie crumbs accidentally on her way back from the cookie thread. Come on, let's go!"
With our eyes locked on the precious crumbs, Misty and I followed the trail of cookies, just like any other blind, infatuated, cookie-loving mod.
Just as we were nearing the outskirts of the Story Forum, a shrill cry caught out attention. When Misty and I looked up, our eyes were scandalized by the ghastly sight of Mommy 2 Jules; her green dress was torn and stained with ink, her hair was a literal nest of brambles, and some unidentifiable critter scurried out from inside her purse.
"Em! Are you okay?" Misty cried. "Where are the other mods and admins?"
In response, Em's eyes twitched and glazed over. "Sapphire screaming... bad, bad music... the smell of burning onions..." she mumbled.
I looked desperately at Emerald, hoping to grasp at any wisp of sanity she might have left. "How did this happen?" I muttered in disbelief.
"I'm guessing we don't want to find out the story behind that one," Misty responded gravely.

Every story can teach you something. And from this one, I've learned the true power of writing. Stories can never be overestimated. As I looked at Em, I knew that we story mods had to be more careful with the potent stories we harnessed. Because somehow, we'd reduced this once great and dignified admin to, well, this. And lastly, all must beware of the crazy and wildly absurd adventures that will befall them here. Because in the Story Forum, it's inevitable.

Thank you, Hazel ♥
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All the mods had received their invitations and were discussing who was going to have to go. It was finally decided that everyone would have to go but luckily no one had to stay long. The plan was for a set of two to arrive every 15 minutes and each group only had to stay for 30 minutes. Hoping the steady rotation of guests would not be noticed by the hosts. The pairs were assigned by the admins and fortunately, the pairing went well for most.

Raven Sparkleswirl started her journey with very quietly, but suddenly there was a troll lurking along the way!!! She warned the troll to behave and tried to move on but some trolls just have to continue. She pulled out her ban hammer and whacked away at the troll. She didn’t want the other mods to have to encounter the same troll.

The party has been going on for about 30 minutes so Onionleaf and Matrim figured it was a good time to start their journey. Matrim suggested they make a game of their drive and Onion was excited. They first tried to see how many different state license plates they could spot along the way. After a few minutes this was not as much fun as thought so they decided to drive like Street Racer. The faster Matrim drove the more worried Onion got but she figured the faster they got there the sooner they could leave. After they redlined more than once, Onionleaf suggested they catch flowers like in the Flower Girl game as they walked the rest of the way. They grabbed their baskets and away they went through the forest.

Julie Sunripple waited patiently for Coconut Tulippetal to drive over to pick her up. You would think she would have been here at least on time since she loves to race but as usual he was late. Once Coconut finally arrived, Julie jumped into the car. They began their adventure and hoped they would not have to stay too long. Along the way they had laughed and laughed as they discussed all the fun things they plan to do after they left the party. Julie was sure they would be able to slip out before their obligatory 30 minutes were up!

After making sure all the mods were on their way, the admins started to pair up for their trip to the party. Almost in unison, all the admins yelled “Not it!” Joan and Lily looked around and realized they had just been tricked into be paired together, AGAIN!! Joan muttered she was tired of dealing with the shark crazed cat; while Lily remarked how she hates riding in a purple car!
Joan and Lily climbed into the Purple Bunnymobile and started the short hop down the road. Lily realized that her shark fin was not poking her in the back like it does in most cars. She feared that she lost her beloved fin and screamed! Joan stopped and asked what was wrong. Lily explained they had to turn around and look for it. After all she couldn’t show up not wearing it!!! But instead of turning around Joan just laughed at her and kept driving. Once they got to the party Lily realized her shark fin was still there but was perplexed why it didn’t bother her in the car seat. She examined the seat and noticed there was a slit that let her fin go through the seat so she could sit back comfortable. It was then she realized that Joan really was a friend, well at least sometimes.

Sapphire Sweetfeather and Mommy 2 Jules started their journey wearing the outfits they sewed and dyed together while in the Hollow last week. Today they baked some cookies and are ready to share them with the party guests. They hopped into Em’s bright green convertible and flitted through town to get the party. Saph tried not to complain but this was not good for her new hairdo and she had spent all morning at Schelly’s!!!

It was now time for Batleth and Zilly to start their excursion to the party, now that they orchestrated everyone’s attendance. Just as they were about to leave they saw it! A carrot and not just any carrot and Fairy Hoppins carrot. They looked at each other and sighed. Fairy Hoppins did not go to the party as instructed. Now they were in a dilemma do they force him to go with them or do they let him slide this time. After much back and forth they realized he had to attend just like everyone else. The modding staff is a team and we all support each other even the story mods! So Zilly got out and grabbed the carrot and Bat grabbed a cage and they lured Fairy Hoppins to the cage and placed it in the back seat. The three of them left to relieve the last set of mods from the party. Along the way, Zilly and Bat discussed the fun they hope to have and it was really nice of the story mods to throw this party. They even started to feel a little guilty for not really wanting to go. Fairy Hoppins discussed that the library is full of useful stories about taking over the world, well previous failed attempts to take it over. Fairy Hoppins was convinced he would learn from others errors and his plan would work. The three rode along thinking this was going to be the best party ever.

When the trio arrived they were concerned to see Raven’s car was still there. They looked around and realized that all of the modding staff was still here. They wondered what happened to the plan. They rushed in to make sure all was ok, because really who would willing stay anywhere near stories and they were greeted with a party. Not a sad, ugh we have to be here party, but a fun filled party with dancing and laughing! All of the modding staff was still there and they were actually enjoying themselves. Jack_I was actually directing the live band. Bat and Zilly looked around and realized that this was a good idea after all and for the first time the entire staff was happy in the stories forum!!!

A gift from the talented _Stormy_
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