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Great post Glory! I will try to post soon too, to try to get the testing started (I started it a couple days ago).

For Mireya, she has always been torn between light and dark, good and evil, because of her parents and her childhood. But she came on this quest because Neva asked her for her help, so I think I will use her coming to help Neva as her "pure of heart" reason for being on the quest. The Spirit of the Forest will see her confusion about everything else, but her wanting to help her best friend (and her not having any plans to harm Santoff Claussen) will be strong enough to pass the test and allow her to enter. I think. Haven't worked it all out for sure yet, but that's what I am leaning towards so far.

And yes, feel free to insert Odilia and Eldoris wherever/whenever you want to Alexa! We will loop them in wherever you want us to
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