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Here's my post! Can't wait to read everyone's posts! Good luck with classes Night and Alexa!


As we followed Ayla as she flew through the slowly lightening sky, I watched the three new members of our group. The two Exilians walked side-by-side, staying off to one side from the rest of us, occasionally speaking quietly to each other. Both girls were tall and slender, though one was blonde and fair while the other was tan with wild dark curls. The blonde, who had said her name was Scarlet, seemed aloof and walked sedately - almost regally. The one with wild dark hair and startlingly green eyes, named Mireya, seemed almost to float as she walked - her steps as graceful as a dancer. Their relationship seemed cool and formal, like it was one of allies rather than true friends, which seemed a bit empty and sad to me. I had grown up surrounded by friends and extended family, with the inseparable friendship of my sister and Noelle to watch, and a life without those ties would be… lonely. I decided then that I would try my best to befriend the two Exilians - after all, how can we just assume they are evil just because their parents are?

Katerina had long auburn hair and brown eyes, and she walked at the opposite edge of the group, watching the rest of us warily. She still looked a bit bewildered by all that had happened to her, and I could understand why she would!
I walked over to her then, “Hey, how are you holding up?”
“It’s… a lot to take in.” She replied.
“How exactly did you end up running from those men? I know you said they kidnapped you in London, but what were you doing when they grabbed you?” I asked as we kept following the group.
“I... was looking for my mom, Marya, and the last place she had been before she disappeared was in London, so I thought I would try to trace her steps. I went to see her old friend, who told me that just before Mom disappeared she told Lydia she was going to ‘a land of fairy tales,' and that… that she was doing it for me - so that it wouldn’t end up being my destiny. Whatever that means.” Katerina paused, swallowing hard and gazing off into the distance. “Then my do- uh, then I learned that she was researching Estoriana at the time, so I bought this book about Estoriana…”

“Tales of Estoriana?” I asked, smiling, “That book is on every shelf of every home in Estoriana.”
“Yeah, that one.” She replied, then continued her tale. “Next, I went to the school Mom had attended, Loredale Private Academy, to look for information.”
“Loredale? My aunts and grandfather went there!” I exclaimed. “I can’t believe it still exists!”
“Your aunts and grandfather? What are their names? Did they know my mom?” Katerina asked.
“Well, they aren’t my aunts by blood, I only have one of those - my mom’s twin sister, Aunt Saige. And I never heard your mom’s name mentioned before, so I don’t think any of my family knew her at school - or at least they weren’t close with her if they did. My grandfather is Shang, now he is King of Corona, but at the time he was just a student there. My aunts that went to Loredale are Astrid, Lillie, Ivory, and Dove.” I explained. “Astrid was the first Estorianian to meet my dad, Jack Frost - though at the time she had no idea she was Estorianian!”

Katerina stopped walking, staring at me with wide eyes. “You are related to the people from the storybook?!”
“All the stories inside that book are real. Actually, every fairy tale that I have ever heard of is real! Peter Pan, Rapunzel, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast…. All the stories parents told their children, every fairy tale character, all real. My aunt Astrid is really the descendant of Peter Pan, and she can fly and everything! My mom is the descendant of Rapunzel and Mulan, and has the warrior skills and magic healing tears to show it. My dad is Jack Frost himself, winter sprite and Guardian of all Earth’s children - my sister Ayla inherited his winter powers, as you can see. Kati over there is from the lost city of Atlantis! Forest over there is descended from Robin Hood, and Ava from the Blue Fairy. Lissa is descended from the Knave of Hearts and Alice from Wonderland, Soraya from Jasmine, and Noelle from Elsa.” I didn’t know who the Exilians were descended from, and figured Katerina wouldn’t have heard of Neva’s ancestor - since even we hadn’t until the day she showed up at our home!

“Our parents and grandparents really experienced everything written in Tales of Estoriana. You might even be descended from someone in a fairy tale!” I stated, seeing the awe and skepticism playing across Katerina’s face. “I know it may be hard to believe at first, but all of us in this group are living proof that the stories are all real.” I gestured towards the other Legacies.

After another moment standing in shocked silence, Katerina began walking after the group again, clearly mulling over all I had just revealed to her. I walked beside her quietly, giving her space to process those truths, truths that were so different from everything in her worldview up until now. In my mind I ran through the prophecy, which I had already memorized, trying to see if I could figure out lines that might apply to Katerina - lines that could prove she was a fairy tale descendant as well.

Hmm. Dance of the snow maiden… That’s Noelle. A princess with the mettle of the desert hawk… Soraya. One born into the legacy of the dove… Najila. Tears of gold, me. Part of a whole… that’s one of the twins. A girl born of the sea… Kati, if I remember correct. Daughter of the cold and winter air, Ayla. Blue star’s child… that’s Ava. Daughter of wonder… Lissa. Raised in the merry band, that’s Forest.

A heart in a cage… maybe one of the Exilians? The girl born between two worlds… hmm. Maybe one of the Exilians too, or someone we haven’t met yet? Desires of the heart are worthless… not sure who that one is either yet. Darkness surrounds her like a veil.... Not even the two Exilians with us seem to embody this one, unless they are hiding it of course…

Girl from the world of magic lost… wait! That one could fit Katerina! She is from Earth after all! How did the rest go?

Girl from the world of magic lost, knowledge always demands a cost
At last you’ll find the one you seek, in the darkest hour when all seems bleak
Make peace with the past to embrace a new start, with the beauty that blooms from a once-closed heart

I didn’t know Katerina hardly at all yet, but she was from a world of magic lost, so maybe those were her lines! The other four unclaimed prophecy stanzas definitely didn’t seem to match up with Katerina, they seemed more likely to match someone who came from a world of pain… like what I had always imagined Exilia was like.

I had never felt comfortable with the fact that the Varden had sentenced all the children of the villains to the harsh, punishing world of Exilia - just because of who their parents were. After all, hadn’t so many of the villain’s children joined us and proven that there was good inside of them? That who you were descended from didn’t necessarily decide your fate, and that anyone could chose a life of good or evil - no matter who their parents were? Weren’t Jalilah, Layla, Amaryllis, Hunter, Eclipse, and the others living proof of that?

Who are we to sentence innocent children to the fate of their parents, parents who made their own choices, but children who did nothing besides being born? How are we to say who they might become if only given the chance? If only shown a bit of love and empathy?

“Yue?” Katerina’s voice pulled me from my thoughts, “What you said about all the stories… it’s a lot to take in, and I need to think about it more still, but I think maybe Miss Lovely would have told me the same things if I had been able to meet with her like planned. She asked me if I believed in magic when we spoke, and she spoke of girls with the same names as your aunts.”
“You were going to meet up with Miss Lovely?!” I asked, excitement filling me, “How did she seem? My aunts were hoping to come visit her soon, but then people started disappearing and the land started fading - ”
“Wait - what?! People disappearing? Like my mom did?”

“Not exactly… well, at least, probably not, but I guess it is possible… I don’t know how or why your mom disappeared. I guess I should probably explain to you what is going on…” I then relayed to her everything that had been happening, the guesses we had as to why, the prophecy, and where we were going. “I think you were meant to be on this quest with us too.” I finished.
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