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The Tinker Hammer

The Tinker Hammer

"Thank you so much, Tinker Bell," Violet said. "It looks just like new!"

Tinker Bell held out the copper pot to her. Violet took it and admired Tink's work. She couldn't see a single dent.

"It's as smooth as a pearl," Violet said as she rubbed the pot. "Oh, thanks again, Tinker Bell!"

And she flew away with her pot, ready to use for boiling dye. Tinker Bell smiled up at her. This job had been much better for her than the last time she had one of Violet's pots to fix. That pot had come out dented and would leak after she had tried fixing it. But that was because she didn't have her trusty tinker hammer. She had lost it the day before. Nowadays she would use her spare tinker hammer. She was very glad that she had another one. But she had a fear; if she lost a hammer once, couldn't she lose one again? Although she did try to be more careful with this one, she still worried that something might happen. If she lost this hammer, then what would she do? She had no more spares. She did not want a repeat of what had happened when she was without a tinker hammer. She hadn't been able fix things properly and a rumor spread around that she had lost her talent.

But Tinker Bell could get another tinker hammer made. The moon was almost full, and when it was, the mining-talent fairies would mine iron which was needed to make a new hammer. So that made Tinker Bell feel better.

In the meantime, she decied to just look again where she thought she lost her original hammer. When she had searched for it the day she lost it, the day was getting dark. But it was sunny now, so she thought perhaps she might just spot it. But although she searched and searched, she found no hammer.

"Oh well," she sighed, "It doesn't really matter. I will be getting a new hammer anyway."

And she went back home to mend spoon with a crack in it.

A little later, Tink finished the job. The owner of the spoon had said that he would collect it tomorrow, thinking it would only be fixed by then. But since it was mended now, Tink decided to return it today.

She went on her way, flying in the bright sunlight, when suddenly she sneezed from some pollen blowing in the breeze! And the spoon flew out her hand and fell to the ground. Fortunately, since the sunshine was bright, Tink easily spotted it. But she wasn't the only one who spotted it. As Tink came to get the spoon a magpie lunged down and caught it. Tink was still for moment after such a sudden fright, then looked up at the bird flying away.

"Hey, that's not yours!" she yelled.

She flew after the magpie, but it was faster than she was. It flew among tree branches and Tink soon lost sight of it.

"It's just a spoon," she told herself. "Nothing important."

But she was worried about the fact that she had dropped the spoon just because of a sneeze. What if she had been holding her tinker hammer? This thought was disrupted with a flapping sound coming from a tree to Tink's right, and suddenly the magppie flew past. Tink flew in the direction it had come, and there on a branches was a nest. She landed inside and gasped as she looked around, as the nest was full of shiny objects the magpie had collected. There were candlesticks, jewelry, cutlery, tools, pots and pans.

"So this is where Terence's ladle went," Tink thought. "And there's Rosetta's necklace. I must tell everyone about this so that they can collect their posessions."

She then noticed a shiny shell, with a picture engraved in it.

"I wonder who did that?" she thought, becoming curious.

She flutted over to the shell and held it up to take a better look. Then, she caught sight of an object that had been underneath it. She stared at the object for a moment, then put down the shell and picked the thing up. It was her original tinker hammer!

After returning her hammer to the workshop, Tinker Bell told the fairies about the magpie's nest. Fairies and sparrow men went to retrieve their belongings, some leaving other shiny objects in place for the bird. A few animal fairies didn't even get anything back, allowing the magpie to keep them.

One day, a tool-making fairy gave Tinker Bell the new hammer she had commissioned. Tink had forgotten all about this, and wouldn't have had another hammer made after finding her old one if she had remembered about it. But she was still happy to have yet another spare. If she lost one, she would still have two more, and if she lost one again, there'd still be another. And she was also going to try to be a lot more careful. And so her she no longer worried about being without a tinker hammer.
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