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I agree, that sounds reasonable.
Okay, going to try and get the action started again!

The next day, I hop out of bed, bright and early. While brushing my teeth in the small bathroom, I glance up at myself in the mirror. My blue-gray eyes are brimming with anticipation.
First day of training.
There's a part of me that still feels nervous. I really do not want to make a fool out of myself in front of all the Gifted kids, and the Clann. Part of me feels paranoid that my powers will suddenly get out of whack, and I'll suddenly make it rain in the kitchens and flood all of our lunch or something. Hey, considering my track record, it could happen...
However, the bigger part of me is excited, thrilled. I'm finally going to learn to control these bludgeoning powers... And it finally seems as if they have a purpose. In the darkest, most secret corners of my heart, I confess that Nyna's words about fighting back against the King have thrilled me.
I remember being young, watching the King's men exercise their control in horrible, brutal ways. They kept us in line with fear and intimidation, and everyone was afraid to stand up. Including me.
Not anymore. They've taken everything from me; my home, my family, my friends. I have nothing more to lose by fighting.
And everything to gain.
Here at the Clann, I could have all of that again. A new family, a new home. New friends. A fresh new start.
Another me.
I put my hand up to the mirror, watching the mist swirl across the surface of the glass at my command. Bring it on. I'm not afraid.


"Haven!" Cadence catches up with me in the hall later that morning, after breakfast.
"Hi Cadence!" I smile. "Did Talia and the others go on another mission?"
"Yes, they just left. Anyway, this just came in from falcon mail this morning, and I got permission from Nyna to show it to you." She hands me a small slip of paper.
Seeing the all-too familiar handwriting makes my mouth drop open. I quickly snatch it up, scanning through. A half-laugh, half-gasping sound comes out of me when I read through his jokes. I'd missed them more than I thought.
Then I get to the end.

P.S. Please tell Haven that I'm sorry.

That's when I explode. "Sorry?! Sorry for what? Lying to me the entire time we knew each other - " I glance over at Cadence as a thought strikes me. "Wait. You know Ansell? ... And he sent this to you?"
Cadence nods. "He's a good friend of ours." She stares back at me. "Haven? How did you know Ansell?"
"He helped me escape, that first day, after the attack on my family." The words spill out of me. "He showed me how to use my powers... He was my friend. Until the day I saw him with the Dai Li." I glance quickly over. Does she know that?
But Cadence is nodding. "Ansell is one of us, a Clann agent. A double agent, you could say. He's currently spying for us with the Dai Li."
I groan. "Great. It seems like I'm finding out a lot lately about my good friend. What's next? Was he a llama in an earlier life?"
Cadence laughs. "Now that would be interesting."
I can't help but laugh out loud as well, trying to imagine it.
"Haven," Cadence says gently, sobering down. "I'm sure Ansell didn't mean to deceive you. What he's doing right now is very dangerous work, and he probably didn't want to endanger you by letting you in on it. You're enough of a target as it is, being Gifted."
I nod, but resentment still simmers within me. "I guess." Still would've been nice if he'd told me about the Clann thing, at least. I didn't even know the Clann existed, 'till now!
"Now. You better get going to training." Cadence smiles at me one last time, then walks away.
As I walk down the hall to the training center, I remember Tori, the girl from last night. I hope she's not there... Or at least, that she's in a better mood today. I don't think I can stop myself from blasting a lightning bolt at her if she calls me "Refuge" again. Hmm, or what about her own personal raincloud, inside her room? Now that would teach her an interesting lesson...

"Okay, team. We have news of a Gifted in the village of Dalvinia, so let's move it," Ren declares as we mount our horses the next day.
I'm itching to give some sort of sarcastic retort, but unfortunately, after the incident with the blonde shapeshifter girl yesterday, I now find myself in the Dai Li's doghouse. So to speak. I wouldn't have cared, if not for the fact that I can't raise any real suspicion towards myself.
"Sure, whatever you say, O Great and Wise one," I say with a smirk. What? Okay, I guess I can't resist...
We gallop at top speed to the far northern village, and it still takes us nearly an hour to get there. By the time we do, snow is falling thickly, and we're forced to slow down.
In front of me, I hear Ren and Galadriel chatting excitedly. "Imagine if we can manage to bring three Gifted in one day," Galy is saying gleefully.
"We may even receive some sort of promotion for that," Ren agrees.
I barely manage to keep from rolling my eyes. Oh, not if I can help it... Seriously, it's literally killing me to have to keep my mouth shut.
It isn't long before we come across the sound of screaming, and see several kids run away with looks of terror on their faces. Galadriel signals to us, and we creep silently in the direction of the screams, making sure to remain unseen. Fortunately, the kids are too busy fleeing from whatever it is they saw to notice much.
In the clearing next to the marketplace, at first we see nothing there. I squint slightly, looking... And there it was, a slight shimmering in the air. A sure sign that a Gifted is there, lurking, invisible.
A moment later, a girl with long brown hair materialized. She stares at her own reflection in the icicles hanging off of the trees, seeming stunned. Must be her first time using those powers.
Even as I think this, I slip silently away from the group. I have to find some way of distracting my team, and hope the Clann can make it here soon.
Come on, Talia, Ezra...
I find a large pine tree, just behind where Ren and Galy are sneaking up on the girl, and begin scaling it. The tree is so covered in snow that it's literally weighing down its branches. I'm careful to stay hidden beneath a large clump of pine needles. Finding a particularly thick branch coated with snow, directly above the agents, I begin sawing through it with my sword.
"Hello, Gifted child," I hear a cold voice calling out, and desperation wells up in me. Hurry!
The branch begins to creak and groan, until it finally severs from the tree entirely. It crashes down, causing more snow to dislodge from the tree as it goes. Ren and Galy spin around in surprise just as a huge mound of snow and pine needles lands directly on top of them.
I bite back a snort of laughter at the surprised cries from the Dai Li agents. Turning around, I jump down from the tree, still hidden beneath its boughs.
The Gifted girl screams in terror, spinning around and running as fast as she could. It isn't long before the Dai Li agents push themselves up from the snowdrift and give chase, but at least I've given her a head start.
I hear the sound of pounding hoofbeats, and a moment later a team of Clann agents gallops onto the scene, from the direction of the marketplace. Leading the team are Talia, Ezra, and a slightly younger girl with blonde hair.
Talia catches my eye, and gives a small, relieved smile. I grin back, the same relief flooding through me. Ezra offers me a slight wave, out of sight of the Dai Li.
I watch as Talia reaches down to help the Gifted girl onto her horse. I can't make out what she's saying from here, but it must have been something reassuring, because the girl visibly relaxes.
"Don't let them get away!" Ren yells from behind me. She and the rest of the agents have already mounted their horses and are in hot pursuit.
"What are you waiting for, Vaile?" Galadriel demands. She clearly thinks I'm standing there doing nothing just to aggravate them. A deep scowl crosses her face.
"Oh just thinking," I reply with a mischievous grin. "You know, snow covered and coated with pine needles is a good look on you guys. You should try it more often, Galy." I whistle for my horse, swinging onto his back in one quick move.
"I told you," Galadriel says in a deadly voice. "That if you ever call me that again, I'd make you regret it."
"Oh, that's just terrifying! I'm absolutely shaking with fear... Galy." I reply with an arrogant smirk as we gallop after the Clann.
So much for keeping my mouth shut. Oh well... I'd followed every order given to me without question on this mission, so it wasn't as if they could tattle on me again. Last I checked, calling people by their forbidden nicknames wasn't against the law.

(If there's something in my post that doesn't make sense, or if I controlled anyone's character wrong, please let me know.
Hopefully we can get things moving again! I'll post for Sierra soon.)


Thank you so much to the very talented Twi and Alyce!

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