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Dear Fairy Diary

The office was neatly decorated with gold,green, and red to make it feel Christmassy while it being elegant. The lady at the front desk was answering a phone call when we arrived at the desk. After a few minutes she put down the phone.' May I help you today madams?' She asked in a polite tone. Thankfully, Dara did all the talking for me. After all Dara was the girl to do it! She meant for bargaining and haggling with salesmen/women in town. After a few minutes I was handed a shiny room key. Dara was kind enough to pay a years rent for me. By then I hope to move out! Melly and I were planning to get connecting rooms, which happened. I settled down into my flat. Melly walked through the door.' I know it's probably hard for you leaving the hollow, I know your family had to do with its founding'. I looked at melly sadly, ' the worst part is that we left all the other fairies/sparrowmen alone, by now the whole civilization could be destroyed!' Melly looked at me crazily. ' The pixie hollow citizens could be gone.. But there are still others...'

- end of diary -
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