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Welcome Popcorn!

What I mean is that a Dimidium person may have multiple children, but not all of their children will inherit the Gifts. Does that make sense? So say Kenna has two siblings (I don't know if she does or not yet, haven't decided), but neither of her brothers inherit the Fire Elemental gifts from their parent but Kenna did. So say Kenna's mom is the one who is Dimidium and has a Fire Elemental necklace. When Kenna turns a certain age (usually after age 12), her powers develop, and then I was thinking that once the child's powers develop anytime the Dimidium parent is around the child then the necklace grows warmer to the touch. It doesn't burn them or anything, but it warms up like it is happy to see the child. I originally thought maybe the necklace would glow, but then normal people would notice a randomly glowing necklace... so warming up is better because it is not obvious to anyone but the wearer.

Does that make more sense Popcorn? The parent knows who their children are, they just don't know which of them will inherit the gifts.
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