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Awesome chapter, Night! You nailed Ezra's and Tori's personality. Okay. Alagaesia and Mallorea sound good. Hey, do you mind if I call Tori's hometown/village/whatever Aloria? I like that name.

I took a shower and decided to read the books that the - oh, what's their name again - Clann provided before going to the meeting, which I was not looking forward to.

Then again, somebody there might be holding something valuable. Something that would be of use to me...

I deviously thought to myself, my old, thieving self resurfacing.

After a while of reading, I hear a knock at my chamber door.

"Ugh." I groan

I open the door and who stands before me? Ezra. Wonderful.

"What do you want?" I ask in a rude tone.
"Um, I came to take you to the Clann meeting. It's about to start and Talia wants everyone there so you, kinda, have to go." Ezra says, noticeably nervous and filled with innocence

What's wrong with him?

I sigh "Fine, whatever. Let's go."

I walk out of my room and slam the door behind me, which startles Ezra. He then leads me to this large room filled with people of all ages.

Well, well, well. Now this is a thiefs' paradise! Who knows what valuable trinkets these people could be holding.

I start to walk off towards the back of the room. I hear Ezra start to speak behind me.

"So, do you want to sit over.... here? Never mind. You can sit wherever you want."

I take a seat at the very back near a corner. Natalia then starts to speak.

"Attention, everyone! Welcome to our weekly meeting! As most of you know, this is a time where we all come together and discuss what's been happening this week, as well as introduce any new Clann members or Gifteds." She says
Cadence continues "As most of you know, we have three new Gifteds joining us tonight. Haven, Grace, and Tori. We're very fortunate to have them here with us this evening."

Well, I certainly don't feel fortunate.

Everyone in the room cheers and claps. Some even stare at me and the other new Gifted, although I don't know who they are.

"That's three more that's been saved from the Dai Li," A random person says, resulting in a consensus among everyone, many nodding and muttering in agreement.
"Without further ado, here is Nyna and the Council of Elders, to explain our mission as the Clann, and to give the official welcome," Ezra finally says, smiling

You seem happy about this.

Talia, Ezra, and Cadence step to allow five people to come forward. There are four older people, two men and two women, and one young lady. All looking like they are extremely important.

Let's hope they aren't arrogant. That wouldn't look good, now would it.

"Hello, everyone," the youngest looking woman says with a kind smile "As many of you know, I'm Nyna, and this is the Council of Elders."
"We are the founding members of the Clann, the shapers of all its values," An older man, one of the.... Elders, tells us with a very low, powerful voice.
"The Clann is an organization dedicated to finding and protecting the Gifted, children with strange and extraordinary powers," one of the female Elders says
"For ten years, we have been the guardians of the Gifted," the second man Elder continues. "Starting with the discovery of one girl. A girl with powers and abilities unlike any we have ever seen. We have hidden her away from the world, a world that would have taken advantage of her, or used her to fight their petty battles. We know that there is little justice under the reign of the King."
"And it was she that showed us a new way of life," the other female Elder says, glancing at whatserface... Nori? Nally? Nyna!

What's so special about this Nyna girl?

"And over time, our ranks swelled, until we formed an organization known as the Clann," Nyna starts up the story again. She looks and smiles at me and the other two newbies here. "Yes, I was the first Gifted. And the Elders are the original, founding members of the Clann. But it wasn't long until we realized that there were other children out there, children with abilities like mine. We called these children Gifted, because we believed that these powers were the key. The key to the dawn of a new way of life, a life free of the King's tyrannical rule. And so they were a great Gift to the world."

Hearing this, I couldn't help but laugh.

"You want to overthrow the king?!" I say, filled with dubiety "Now that's just crazy."

Nyna calmly stares at me "Yes, that is our end goal. One we have worked towards for the last decade. And it's not so crazy as you'd think. Though it wasn't long before the King realized the Gifted were out there. He began training up an elite group of agents known as the Dai Li, to capture the Gifted and turn them into a mindless army, a fighting machine that would take over all of Alagaesia and keep all its people under his rule."

Suddenly, a girl with pitch black hair stands up "Against their wills?" She asks in shock "He's training them to fight against their own people, the people of Alagaesia, against their wills?!"
"I'm afraid so." Nyna answers in a grave tone.

I'm sure there might be a few people that aren't doing it against their will. Don't assume things. I roll my eyes

Suddenly, there is a loud rumble of thunder.

Where the heck is that coming from?

The girls with black speaks up again "That isn't right. He must be stopped."
"That is what we thought as well," one of the female Elders says. "Which is why we formed the Clann, to protect the Gifted, but also to work towards stopping him."
"Back to the story," Nyna says, the happiness in her tone obviously forced. I guess talking about the Dai-Li or whatever they're called gets her angry "These Gifted children have extraordinary abilities: telekinesis, invisibility, empathy, weather manipulation, shapeshifting, levitation, telepathy, teleportation, healing, and prophecy. Each Gifted child has one strong ability and one minor one. Usually these powers manifest themselves for the first time in a time of great urgency, excitement, fear, or danger. They are highly tied to your emotions."

Tied to emotions? So far my powers aren't tied to my emotions... right??

"I am different from the rest of you, in that I have all ten abilities, but they are all minor." Nyna tells us. "We're not sure why. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that I was the first of the Gifted."
"Nyna has provided us with an opportunity to study these amazing powers, which we have been doing for the past ten years," the other female Elder says. "And still, we are making new discoveries regularly."
"And I provide training for all of our Gifted children," Nyna tells us, smiling gleefully "I'll be able to show you how to use your abilities properly, how to control and defend yourselves with them. But make no mistake, you will not be asked to learn to fight with your powers, unless you expressively wish to do that," she says, that grave tone returning to her voice. "This is not the Dai Li, and we are not trying to make you into soldiers."

Says you. I wouldn't mind being a soldier.

"That concludes the explanation portion of our meeting tonight," the other female Elder finishes "We will now take a break for some refreshments, and feel free to mingle amongst yourselves. We will meet back in twenty minutes to discuss news and updates this week." She gestures to the long banquet tables lining the enormous room, covered with food and drink.
"And the Elders and I would like to offer an official welcome to our new Gifteds," Nyna says, smiling at me and the two others that are new here "Tori, Grace, and Haven, we are pleased to have you here tonight, and glad that you've made it to the Clann safely. We look forward to getting to know you, and - " she spreads out her arms. "Welcome to the Clann family!"

Everyone in the crowd burst into wild cheers and they all applaud.

Why are they clapping? This was just a stupid, boring, snore-fest of a meeting.

I don't think I'll like it here. It seems too cheery for my taste.

I would actually join the Dai-Li if they weren't always kidnapping people.


I walk around the room filled with people, trying to act as nice and un-suspicious as I can. What some don't know, is that I stole a couple things from of few of the people I came in contact with. I hide the things I stole in my pocket. I was about to escape to my room when the girl with black hair that spoke up during the meeting confronts me.

"Hi! I'm Haven." She says smiling
"Haven? Your name is Haven?" I ask
"Uh, yes." She says
"Oh, really? And what's your last name? Refuge?"
"Um, no. My last name is Stavros. Not "Refuge". She tells me in a slightly rude voice
"Oh, yeah, like that's any better. You know what, girly, why don't you just prance off and leave me alone. I prefer my company over everyone else's here, especially yours. Maybe you can make a new friend here that's not me. Bye bye."
"Now hold on. You can't just walk away after acting that way, Tori. You know, I doubt anyone here will want to be friends with you if that's how you and your first impressions are always like. " The girl retorts
"Oh, be quiet." I say

I then walk off, leaving that Stavros girl glaring at me. I only take seven steps away from her before she speaks up once again.

"Where are you going?" She asks "The meeting isn't over yet and I'm sure Talia won't be happy if you skip it."
"That's none of your business." I continue to walk off back to my room, and I swear I could hear more thunder.

When I arrive there, I close my door, and take out the stuff I stole and lay them upon my bed.

"Let's see what we got here. 10 gold coins, a pen with a solid silver outside..."

No wonder it's a bit heavy

"... some gum - how valuable -, a bronze pendant, and a small dagger and sheath. Now, this'll be worth something for the black market." I say to myself while looking over the dagger. "Or maybe I'll just keep it for myself."

Now, to figure out a way to escape this awful place without being spotted...


Ren and I are riding on horse-back with our other Dai-Li agents and... Ansell, looking for any Gifted. After a while of trotting and silence, I finally speak up.

"Are you sure you know where you're going, Ren?" I ask, quietly
"Of course, Gal.."

I glare at her.

"I mean, of course, Darklighter. Why wouldn't I know my way around these woods?"
"Remember our first mission together? We both got lost an nearly died because you stepped in poison ivy and nearly drowned in a lake that you fell in, while I got stung and bitten by I don't know how many bugs. Not to mention I accidentally ate one poisonous berry that had me throwing up like crazy."
"Ugh. Please don't remind me of that, Galadriel. That was the worst day of my life." Ren says
"Besides the day the Ansell joined the Dai-Li?" I ask with a smirk
"I think we can both agree that, that was the second worst day ever. No, actually it ties for first place."
"I concur."

Suddenly, we hear something moving in the bushes in front of us. Ren nods to me and we both hop off our horses and get down low on the ground. We, quietly, pull out out our swords, and then quickly pull back the bushes to reveal two girls, one blond, one brunette. They both scream, the blonde turning into her friend, and the brunette teleporting a couple feet behind her friend.

"They're Gifted!!!" Ren yells out
"After them!!!" I cry

The two girls start to run while Ren and I, along with our crew, starts to chase them. We jump over streams, tree roots, and other debris. We start to get close to the blonde, when I trip on something and fall flat on my face."

"Ugh!" I see Ansell snickering behind me "Shut up, kid! Don't get yourself in more trouble with us than you already are."
"What? Trouble? Me? Surely, you're not talking about me, for I never get in trouble." He says running off towards the rest of the Dai-Li that are chasing the Gifted.

It takes everything in me not to kill him right this very instant. I turn my attention back to the two Gifteds that are getting away. I start to run towards them. I'm a bit far behind, but I quickly catch up to them. I notice Ren is holding her side while running.

"What happened to you, Walker?" I ask
"Low hanging tree branch."
"Well, I bet that felt good." I say dryly

We start to catch up to the Gifteds, finally cornering them against the side of tall hill.

"We got you now, Gifted." Ren says maliciously
"There's no way out." I add

Ren signals for the other agents to get the chains out so we can capture the two girls. Suddenly, the Brunette tries to run off. I start to chase after the girl. It doesn't take long for me to catch up to and grab her. I bring her back to the others, smirking.

"Well, well, well, Agent Darklighter. I am impressed, but not surprised." Ren says, the blonde girl already chained up, looking scared.

I push the girl towards one the agents so he can chain the girl up. I notice that Ansell has a slightly disappointed look on his face.

"What is it, Vaile?" I ask
"Huh? Oh, uh nothing. Nothing at all. I was just thinking about how I'm such an angel all the time." He says, batting his eyes.
I roll my eyes at him and start to walk towards Ren "Be quiet, Vaile."
"Whatever you say, Galy."

I stop short.

Did he just call me Galy?!

I quickly turn around and pull out my sword. Ren comes over to me and puts a hand on my shoulder. Her face said "don't do it". I sigh and put my sword away. I turn my attention back to Ansell.

"If you call me Galy again I swear you'll be sorry"
"Is that so? I didn't even know you knew what being "sorry" was." Ansell says in his "innocent" voice.
"That is enough, Agent Vaile." Ren commands
"Of course, Agent Walker."

Ren turns her attention back to the rest of the team "We have finally caught two Gifteds. The king should be proud. Now, let's head back to the castle. I'm sure the king is waiting to hear how our little adventure went. Now, MOVE OUT!"

Author's Note: I hope you all enjoyed my chapter. If any character is OOC, just tell me and I'll change it. By the way, the blonde girl the Dai-Li captured is Sierra, and the brunette is just a random kid. Oh, and are we going to have a special name for money in this RP? I thought we should since this is an AU. But, it's your decision, Liri.

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