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Exclamation *new york times states real reason ph closed!

Here is what it says:

"Disney interactive unit cuts a quarter of its staff." (this means that they fired around 700 people that worked for the Disney Interactive Media group...including PH... but they didn't fire them for doing something bad. So, every company has to make enough money in order to pay employees. The Disney Interactive Media websites (PH, POTCO, and TT) did not make enough money to have all of the employees work there, so they had to fire them.) Here is more of what it says "The DIH (Disney Interactive Headquarters) in Glendale CA (this is where PH is. I looked it up.) says: Disney is struggling with Internet/Online Play (internet division) and laid off (meaning fired for not a bad reason, but for company reasons) 700 employees on THURSDAY, or 26% of its global staff (UK included) that includes a shift in how they advertise. Layoffs (firings) were long expected (expected to happen soon) but not at this rate (not this high; not so many people laid off)" THIS PART IS IMPORTANT: "This came as a result of Disneys decision to COMBINE TWO BUSINESSES: mobile games (iPads, iPhones etc) and sagging social games (Like PH, and the other closed-down interactive sites).”

So you know how younger kids who LOVE Disney Fairies and PH can't really play on the computer (which was the only way to play PH) because its too complicated, so they just play on iPads and tablets?
THAT is why they are trying to expand the whole "Focusing on Mobile Play” thing so that the little kids can play on those sort of things, without the hassle of the computer. BUT disney is also trying to figure out a way so that the kids will stay connected with the iPad games, and the teenagers (aka 10-ish years old and up) will stay online.

Does this make sense? This is EXTREMELY important!


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