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There was a second post to that article:
"Based on these events, I think the end of the few games available for kids, adults, and families is a serious mistake for our communities and our children. We urge you to seriously reconsider at least some other options and the passions behind why the Disney games are so important to all of us, now and for our future.
Disney executives -All we are asking you is to reconsider ways to increase your fan base and continue the games. So I post this letter, in this forum, in hopes to receive more than a "canned" response.

Dear Disney,
As you can tell by the number of views on the story, "Disney Shatters the Magic" that this is something that people care about. We are asking to be heard.
We accept the fact that the online world you have helped created is closing due to it being no longer a fiscally sound investment for Disney. As adults, we understand. Our children however, do not understand. They do not understand how something that they love could go away. For them, it is like losing a best friend or a beloved pet. They have a companion in this game that will never bully them or make fun of them in the safe environment that you have created and perfected. There is no other match out there.

Your world and our world are two different things. You have shareholders and we have children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews. We are a community that was built through the playing of your games. We are loyal to all things Disney. It is our love for these games, that we will not stand down and have the big bad “Corporate Raiders” and “The Big Cheese’s” take us out. We are asking you– what can we do? Is there anyway to save our games? As a community, we would just like some answers as we do not want to go down without a fight. The cause is so important to our families and children and the future of our children.

However, as realists, we know that our days are numbered as canned responses to our emails, letters and online postings are all we get. Please give us a chance to learn the real story and a chance to look at different options for our beloved game(s).
What can we do? Have you considered other options? Surely there is a market based on the amount of attention that the closing has received.

1.Licensing the game to another gaming company?
2.Revamping the game and do a re-launch in a new platform?
3.Increase the price and eliminate free memberships?
4. Add on optional extras that people can purchase to enhance game play.
5. Eliminate the free accounts to one district, if offering them at all.
6. Let us purchase smarter doodles, nicer cars, special clothing items, etc.
7. Block the injector since MOST hacks are done through it. That would save a ton in customer service calls and complaints. Not to say there would be no hacking, but it would be reduced significantly.
8. Consider extending the close date for another year to allow time for the new Games 2 or a better platform to be developed. At least respect the loyal fans and "characters" and allow them proper time to finish what they have worked so hard on and to prepare to possibly start over with a new and better Disney game.

We have confidence that you will provide something that is better than Club Penguin. Club Penguin is an insult to our children and does not build a sustaining loyal fan base.

Then with Jessie Schell:
[B]"Schell said that "kids need to learn to type and communicate." He wanted to create a safe and positive game environment. Schell states, "When you really care about what your game is going to do to somebody and you really care about when people experience this I want it to kind of make them into better people....Nothing feels better than the feeling that someone else cares...""

Jessie really did care... I feel so bad for him...


~Silver Lightflower
"May PH forever live on in our hearts"

EDIT: This kinda makes me think of a scene of hunger games were Katniss is protecting Gale and the guy pulls out a weapon and shes all like go ahead but with us with protecting PH and were katniss and the guy is Disney trying to pull it away from us..

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