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I don't feel like I need to do a full reread of C:U. It still seems pretty fresh in my mind. If anything, I might just skim through some of the earlier posts and reread the last few C:U posts. Who knows though, I might end up doing a full read-through anyway, haha.

I posted this on the main thread before creating this and just thought I'd post it again here since this is where we'll be discussing the plot and such now.:

If I recall correctly, our descendants were still on Avalon (oof) and I think they had just recently gotten their titles from our... magi-dwarf (or whoever it was)? They were all sitting around a campfire just talking. Zeo and Vera just left to have a talk.

I was trying to remember where we were going in the story and what plot ideas we had and I can't even remember all of them lol. It seems like we have so much left to do even though it feels like the story is quickly coming to a close. I really don't want to have a rushed ending (which is something I'm afraid might happen with the story) but at the same time, I don't know what else to do, at least here on Avalon (we might have to just skip over the training). I'm going to need to do some serious brainstorming.

Anyway, as for the plot/story ideas I remember (that have yet to happen in the roleplay itself): Moira is supposed to turn good, Anise is still trying to impress Modris (I have a good idea for that) and eventually she'll get fed up with him and become the big baddie, we have to do something with Anila, the double-crossing Air Elf, and I have this subplot involving Zeo, Vera, and Modris. I think we might have wanted to do something with the Lady of the Lake though I'm not so sure about that. An idea I had while going through this story about a year ago and re-editing *all* of my Zeo posts was that I wanted Zeolite and Modris to kind of... end up together. Or at least start something with them that might lead to some kind of romantic relationship (we probably don't have enough time in this roleplay for them to actually develop feelings for each other, though I have hinted at a mutual attraction to each other. I know now is not the time to be thinking about sequels but if we were to have a sequel to this rp, I feel like I could further develop their relationship in that.).

I had an idea whilst writing this. I feel like Anise should delve into some dark magic and conjure up a shadow army for Modris. She'll be doing this in an attempt to impress him. I'd say she succeeds in that, yet something still would have to happen for Anise to completely turn her back on Modris and become the big baddie. Anyway, I think Modris, Anise, and possibly Moira would try to use that army to invade "our world". The Avalonians would hear about this and send our Descendants off to fight. I feel like both the Avalonians and our Descendants would either be feeling confident (confident that this is the final battle and that they will win because that's what the prophecy says) or worried (worried because the Descendants have only been training for a few days(?) and are not ready for a full battle like this.). Regardless, the Descendants will go off to fight Modris, Anise, possibly Moira, and this new shadow army (and possibly the goofy, original army Modris had). Our Descendants... would lose this battle. Something will happen during it, Anise will turn on Modris (and Moira if she's still there) and she... will win. Our Descendants, plus Modris and Moira will possibly travel back to Avalon. Or maybe they'd receive word from some magical... thing, like a wisp, that Avalon is no longer safe so they'd have to go someplace else.

Then stuff will happen. I think Anise might use her newly-found dark magic to cover the world in darkness. Our Descendants plus Modris and Moira will have to figure out a way to defeat her, blah, blah, blah, the *actual* final battle then occurs, we defeat Anise, Bernadette gets crowned Queen of Camelot, and yeah. I guess that'd be the end. What do you all think?
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