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Lila Mossgarden 04-23-2010 08:30 AM

I am so afraid!!!
I am so afraid :Scared: we are NEVER going to see our M2J again! :Sad: With so many changes to PH and all of the Sparrowmen things like game icons, possibly party game icons, tailoring, clothing, emotes, leaf journal changes, new hair colors and MUCH, MUCH MORE, she'll be lost in the Wiki forever! Don't forget us M2J!!! :sigs-object-042::Rainbow::Cake:

Mommy 2 Jules 04-23-2010 03:09 PM

Aww, you are SO sweet! (Although you do have a point, LOL!) I promise to still be here ~ I'd miss you all too much. Plus, the other mods would get a little upset at me for ditching my new duties. tee hee

To be honest, I was feeling a little overwhelmed yesterday. So I have decided to take it slow and just plug through as best I can. I am counting on you all to help me out when needed (I'm sure I will have lots of requests :Wink:).

And congrats on your new badge! I knew you could do it.

~ Em

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