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Sapphira110 01-01-2018 09:14 PM

365 Days of Happy Thoughts
Hello Pixie Pals. Happy New Year!!! 2017 was a bad year for me: If something upsetting wasn't happening at home, something scary was happening in my country or terrible around the world. I can barely think of anything good that took place last year.

I know the Pixie Forums are kinda dead-ish, but I want to put up what I consider a 'Happy Thought' everyday for the whole year starting today: January 1, 2018.(If I miss a day, it's probably because I got too busy or forgot :pork: )
Happy Thoughts will consist of positive sayings to beautiful pictures of nature to something simply adorable. Like today's:


(I'll try to find more smaller ones next time...)

kass101 01-02-2018 12:47 AM

This is a great idea I think! I definitely need more positivity in my life.

Sapphira110 01-02-2018 09:24 PM

Thanks, Kass. I was mostly inspired to do this from a young person who commented on one of J. K. Rowling's social medias (Facebook or something...) They were really down on life, so Ms. Rowling replied back with a bunch of wonderful pictures from nature, adding that they shouldn't give up when there was so many beautiful things to see in our world. (It's an old story so I forgot some details, but the gist is there!)


Looking at the moon always makes me happy, so here's a nice picture of the full moon rising (or is it setting? I didn't take the photo, but I wish I could take a shot of something this amazing.)

Alexa Diamondflower 01-03-2018 06:26 AM

This is a very wonderful idea! :)

Sapphira110 01-04-2018 02:05 AM

Stop being like that other girl,
You're better off just being you.
Can't you feel it in your heart?
Let's look for our own ideals.
And every single memory we make
We'll snap in two and complete the set with our friends.
Make it! You're unbeatable once you get started!
Make it! Headed for a gloriously shining future!
Dreams aren't just dreams anymore,
Anyone can make theirs come true.

From a Japanese band i☆Ris song called "Make It", featured in the anime 'PriPara'. When I first read these lines I felt a bit more hopeful and wanted to share it.

Sapphira110 01-06-2018 02:52 AM

January 4th's happy thought:

Believe, always believe, and never doubt that your future lies entrancingly out there ahead of you.

January 5th's happy thought:

Click the image to view the full version

Adorable unicorn. How can you not think of warm fuzzies when looking at such a cute unicorn?

Stella Icewind 01-07-2018 12:02 AM

Oh Sapphira you have always been a sweet pixie pal. I agree with your sayings and for the thread. Positivity is the key for a wonderful life, and there is nothing more beautiful that a positive mindset🍀💕🌹

Sapphira110 01-07-2018 02:35 AM

January 6:


For those battling the snowstorm in the East Coast USA: a lovely fox relishing in the falling snow. Stay warm.

January 7:

I have an activity for today's. A small goal list. There are many people who say we should have big goals and bigger dreams, but oftentimes small goals help create steps to those big dreams. So I made a list of some, easy-to-do goals that will help motivate me. Like having tea at a small shop that I've been wanting to for way too long, yet I'm too shy to go by myself; and see if I can learn to translate one page in a Japanese light novel, to eventually be able to read the whole book. Your goals can be even smaller than these, like reading a book on your list.

Sapphira110 01-10-2018 02:51 AM

January 8:


Our galaxy, the Milky Way.

January 9:

Sometimes you just want to cry,
Out of frustration.
So channel that into power!

Do it! Do it! Do it!
Push through, leave no quarter!

Reaching over the limit...

(Lyrics from an i☆Ris song)

Sapphira110 01-11-2018 01:50 AM

January 10:

"Have absolutely no sense of guilt about being happy...if you operate honestly and with a sense of social responsibility"

I actually have a hard time with this one, sometimes feeling guilty for being happy when people I know are depressed; and a few times I felt bad for laughing and enjoying myself when I think of other parts in the world that are suffering.But it's not a terrible thing to be happy.

January 11:


My 2018 theme is cute and fluffy, and I decided to have these super adorable stuffed Alapacasso-alpaca as my mascot - these are actually the smaller key ring version and I would love to have one!

popcorn1234 01-12-2018 08:06 PM

I'm so glad that you're doing this, Sapphira!

Sapphira110 01-13-2018 02:29 AM

January 12:

"Never talk defeat. Use words like Hope, Belief, Faith, Victory."

:ButterflysPlaying: Aww, thank you Stella and Popcorn.

Sapphira110 01-15-2018 03:45 AM

January 13:

One of my favorite Hello Kitty/Sanrio characters, I wish they'd bring her back to the line of other characters:


January 14:

You and me, we're aiming for the stars
I know those galaxies Seem far away up -
Whenever things get hard Remember, you are:
Traveling at the speed of light, Shining through the dark,
With a heart (heart, heart) Of a warrior (A warrior)
Come and stand up nice and tall Show them just how brave you are,
With a heart (heart, heart) Of a warrior (A warrior)

From SpacePop Girls song 'Heart of a Warrior'

January 15:

Click the image to view the full version

We've been getting fog lately where I live; it may be scary to drive in, but I love to look at a foggy scene - it makes me feel like something magical will appear next.

Sapphira110 01-18-2018 02:06 AM

January 16:

Click the image to view the full version

I love to read by a window, sunny or rainy, with some tea.

January 17:


Awww~ a baby owl snuggling with a kitten! Fawn would love this.

January 18:

And when your hope crashes down
Shattering to the ground
You'll, you'll feel all alone
When you don't know which way to go
And there's no signs leading you home
You're not alone

From "Gift of a Friend". I've always liked this particular part in the song.:tinkerbell:

Sapphira110 01-21-2018 02:23 AM

January 19:

"It is of practical value to learn to like yourself. Since you must spend so much time with yourself you might as well get some satisfaction out of the relationship."

I thought this was funny, and naturally good advice.

January 20:


The Omega Nebula, doesn't it look like the sun illuminating cosmic clouds?

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