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Lemonyfairy44 10-03-2014 09:57 PM

Wow lots of stories that I have to read through this thread is huge :Happy:

Question what time period does this take place in? Once I know I'll start the story :Confused:
If this is like Ancient Times I don't want to use iPads or telephones :Teasing:

Night Wish 10-03-2014 10:34 PM

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Thanks Liri! And you're welcome Alexa. :) Your guys's posts are great too!
Liri, best of luck for your test!

Lemony, I would suggest you read through all of this thread, especially Liri's first post. This RP takes place in an alternate universe, so all sorts of technology don't exist. I guess you could say this is like medieval times, but it's not a medieval RP... 'Cause we're not even on Earth. :Laughing:
Also, because of that Liri asked you to remove the marine biology and aquarium parts from your character forms, because those don't exist in an alternate universe. And another thing, Water Manipulation wasn't one of the options available for a power - again, read Liri's first post, it will tell you which powers you can have. :)
I hope you don't mind having to change all this, we're sorry to make you do it. :)

Okay new character! :)

Name: Ansell Vaile (pronounced like "veil")
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Gifted, Clann or Dai Li agent: Clann, but pretending to be a Dai Li agent. You know, a spy :Laughing:
Strong Ability: I'm just awesome, does that count? :Laughing:
Minor Ability: There's nothing about my characters that's minor

Personality: Brave, clever, quick thinker, a great liar and actor. Makes bad jokes a lot, and delights in getting on Ren's and Galadriel's nerves (which he does all the time). With the Dai Li, he is strong and a good fighter, but also arrogant, callous and uncaring, being branded a "troublemaker" by most of the agents on his team. However, with the people he actually cares about, Ansell usually thoughtful, caring, compassionate and understanding. While, you know, still cracking the occasional annoying joke. :Laughing:
Appearance: Tall, athletic, tousled light brown hair and bright green eyes
Other: Ansell believes that the best way to hide is in plain sight. By making jokes all the time, and constantly getting on people's nerves, he's ensured that people will label him as a "useless troublemaker", and not want to get close to him. That actually works pretty well... Everyone thinks he's rather careless and unintelligent, so they never suspect him of a complicated traitorous plan. However, there is danger in that, as Ren and Galadriel hate him so much, the only thing keeping them from throwing him in the dungeon is the fact that their superiors think he's a good fighter and an asset to their team. Ansell is skilled with a sword, and also with hand-to-hand combat.

Attachment 11084

(I got the "hiding in plain sight, being a general troublemaker so people label you as useless and never stops to suspect you have the brains to be a traitor" thing from a book I read. :Laughing: I thought it was pretty clever, so I decided to use it.
Liri and Alexa, are you okay with your characters being heckled? If not I can change things. :) Liri, I think we already agreed Ren's going to hate Ansell big time eventually, so why not start now? :Teasing:)


Thank you so much to the very talented Twi and Alyce! :heartbeat:

Lemonyfairy44 10-03-2014 11:10 PM

Me and my sister we aren't normal we have to hide because we are gifted and people don't want us around it happened a while ago we are being hunted down to be brought to the king by the wicked Dai Agents right now we are running for out lives after fleeing the village once someone saw our powers hiding in the forest...
" Grace what is someone finds us said Joy.. We could be hurt and taken away I'm scared" I said.
" We will be find alright and what if the people who find us aren't evil" said Grace
She had a point since she has the power of empathy she might be able to convince them maybe even the king
" And what if they are" I replied
" We'll if they are then we will just have to fight" Grace said
Out in the distance I saw someone or something moving I turned to run but.......

Alexa Diamondflower 10-04-2014 12:16 AM

Cool character, Night! :)

Jenny Hollybell 10-04-2014 02:23 AM

I've decided to create a new character rather than using my old one.

Name: Katherine Hunter Kennedy
Gender: Female
Age(8-25): 18
Gifted, Clann, or Dai Li Agent: Clann, but she is gifted.
Strong Ability (If Gifted): Weather Manipulation
Minor Ability (If Gifted): Telepathy
Personality: Sophisticated, serious, kind, brave. She puts others before herself.
Appearance: Short light brown hair with bangs, light skin, brown eyes. 5'7" and she's quite skinny.
Other: She likes tea, rainy days, and puppies. As an agent, she's just "K" so her identity is kept secret.

Spoiler for Katherine Hunter Kennedy:

Jenny Hollybell 10-04-2014 02:50 AM

I woke up, my eyelids fluttering fast to adjust to the sudden sunlight. I push the covers off me revealing my pajamas and stretched. Yawning, I slide off the bed. I guess I forgot to shut the curtains last night. Rubbing my eyes, I take a closer look out the window. The sun is just appearing over the horizon. I lean on the stone frame of the window and scan the forest below. What's that over there? On the far right of the forest I see a small girl running away from a man in a black war attire. What? The man's shoulder flashes in the sunlight in a pattern that I recognize belonging to the Dai Li. Oh no.
I throw open my wardrobe and quickly throw on some sturdy fighting clothes, complete with my sword. I run down the hall, skidding around corners till I reach the the east door.
I run through the woods super fast searching for the agent.
I bump into something moving as well and fall to the ground on my bum.
I look at the person standing above me. Looks like I found the agent I was looking for.


My sword is a few spaces away. I make a grab for it but he's faster and flips it with his foot to catch it. I scoot back. This is a terrible situation. I don't have many options. I don't even see Haven anymore, who I hope I recognized correctly, which I guess is a good thing. Unless there are other Dai Li agents in these woods…
I look up at the agent. He still hasn't moved, other than taking my sword. Looking at him from this angle he's very tall. He also has light brown hair and green eyes. His hair is messy too. He's actually quite hands- No. I can't think like that! He's the enemy. I put my battle face on.
I stand up, and look at him eye-level. He stares right back at me. I can't read his eyes.
"What do you want?" I ask him. "If you give me my sword, we can play this out fairly."

Alexa Diamondflower 10-04-2014 04:44 AM

Sweet chapter, Jenny (Ooh! Katherine's got a crush on Ansell!!). :Happy: By the way, you posted a pic of Katherine but whenever I click on the "show" button, it doesn't show anything. Just thought you should know about that.

Liri Dazzlebeam 10-04-2014 10:51 PM

Thanks Alexa :) I think it went alright at least. I haven't gotten my score back yet, but fingers crossed!

Ansell sounds great Night! Maybe he can have been really good friends with Talia before he went to spy by joining the Dai Li? Then when Ren joins them... Talia wont like Ren, and Ren wont like Talia OR Ansell!

Lemony or Marionette, I repeat, I really need one of you to change your character's name from Grace. We can't have two Grace's in the same RP. If neither of you wants to change your name, then maybe both of you need to change it. However, it is going to be way too confusing to have two Grace's in this RP. I'm sorry.

Jenny, I love "I am number 4" as well, but I need you to choose a different power from my list please. I'm sorry, but I picked those ten abilities for a reason, and Aeternus will not be in this RP. And also, your picture didn't show up. I can't wait to see the picture of Katherine! I'm glad you joined :)

I will post soon!

Liri Dazzlebeam 10-04-2014 11:35 PM


I finally made it back to Clann, after taking a detour so the Dai Li didn't find it, and I took both Haven and the other girl into the Gifted quarters to their rooms. Cadence quickly took over care for the second girl, but I decided to be the one to drop off Haven in her room.

"Do you have to leave?" She asked me when we arrived.
I smiled at her, "Sorry Haven. I have to go in case I need to rescue another kid like you. But I'll stop by to say hi every once in a while."
"Promise?" She asked, looking up into my face pleadingly.
"I promise." I reply with another smile, "Now, get some rest kid. Cadence will be nearby if you need anything."
"Ok. Thanks Talia." She replies, running over to give me a hug. My heart warms to this thirteen-year-old instantly.
"Just doin' my job kid. But you're welcome. I'll come back sometime soon." I promise.
(The next day)

I waited anxiously for Ezra and the others to come back from their mission. Ezra was my apprentice, and it was time for him to start going on his own missions with his own teams. Today, I had sent him out on his first mission with my usual team. Eventually, I would let him pick his own team, but for now, I sent him with mine because I trusted them to keep him safe and get the job done. After all, I trusted them with my own life.

They were going on reports of a Gifted kid in the forests. I worried that one of my two nemesis's, Agent Darklighter or Agent Walker, would find the Gifted and Ezra.

I kept looking out the window, hoping to see them coming.

There! There they are! I think, spotting my team riding back. Oh good, there's Ezra. And the girl on his saddle, must be the Gifted. So he succeeded. Good.

I ran out the door and met my team, calling for Cadence to come with me.
"Welcome back." I say calmly. "Is that the Gifted?" I ask, already knowing the answer.
"Yes, ma'm." Ezra replies.
"Good. Cadence will take her to her room and check to make sure she is alright. James, you help carry the girl." I order one of my team. James quickly dismounts and carries the girl in behind Cadence.
"Ava, you stay with Ezra and I to report. The rest of you, get cleaned up and rest until the next mission."

Once the others left except Ava, I turned to smile at Ezra.
"Well done." I finally say. "You got the Gifted and made it back in one piece with all your team."
He grins, "Thanks Talia. I learned from the best!"
I laugh, then turn to Ava, my second in command. "Well? How'd things go?"
"I'd say he passes his first trial." She says with a smile.
"Good. Thank you Ava. You can rest first, and then I'll need to to write a report for him. I'm going to show him how to fill out a report too."
"Alright. See you later Talia."
"Later Ava." I reply. "Alright, clean up and eat Ezra, then meet me in the council room."
"Yes ma'm!" He says, giving me a cheeky grin.

PixieHollowForever 10-05-2014 01:34 AM

Liri, I fixed Ali's powers. Can someone rescue my character please? I have writer's block right now.

Jenny Hollybell 10-05-2014 02:50 AM


Originally Posted by Liri Dazzlebeam (Post 291169)

Jenny, I love "I am number 4" as well, but I need you to choose a different power from my list please. I'm sorry, but I picked those ten abilities for a reason, and Aeternus will not be in this RP. And also, your picture didn't show up. I can't wait to see the picture of Katherine! I'm glad you joined :)

Ok, I switched her to Weather Manipulation. I hope I fixed the link correctly. If not, I'm not sure why it's not showing up. You can also see Katherine in my Characters album.

Haha, you'll have to see about that Alexa! :Teasing:

Blaze_of_Glory 10-05-2014 03:17 AM

Ugh, sorry I couldn't post today! I'll try to by tomorrow.
Jenny, aeternus sounds cool, what is it exactly? :) I've never read I Am Number Four.
Lemony and Marionette, Liri has asked you three times now to change one of your characters name from Grace. Sorry if I sound mean, but it's a bit rude of you to keep ignoring her.
Also, I thought I'd point out that we now have five characters with Weather Manipulation, but only one for Shapeshifting and none for Teleportation. Just something to keep in mind, if anyone is making a new Gifted character. :)

Jenny Hollybell 10-05-2014 03:36 AM

An aeternus is someone who can change their age to make themselves become younger or older. Sometimes it is based on what they are feeling. For instance Ella, from I am Number 4, tends to make herself younger (like 8 years old) when she is nervous.

Liri Dazzlebeam 10-05-2014 04:43 AM

Thanks PHF :) Talia or Ezra can save Ali, I just was waiting to see what you wanted to happen. But if you didn't have anything in mind, Alexa or I could figure something out I suppose. Did you have any ideas at all? If not I'm sure we could think of something.

Thanks for changing that Jenny. Don't get me wrong, I love those books! I just hadn't planned for that in this RP. Maybe we can do another RP sometime that is inspired by that series?
And the picture is showing up now :)

No worries Glory! Post whenever you get the chance :)

popcorn1234 10-05-2014 08:12 PM

(I just finished tinkering with Cadence's forms. I like what role you put Cadence in, Liri, so I decided to make her forms fit that a bit better. :Happy:)

I was waiting near the front entrance of Clann, waiting for Talia to come back from the latest rescue. I knew that the "reports" had come in from one of our telepathic Gifteds that the storm had come up... I was just hoping that Talia could make it to the kid on time. She certainly was taking her time getting back.
No sooner than I had thought that came Talia, riding horseback with not one but two Gifted girls. I immediately reached out my hand for the one closest to the back--the one who didn't look a lot younger than I did--and helped her off Talia's horse.
"Hey," I told her warmly, trying to make a good impression as she lands lightly on the ground.
"Is this the Clann?" She asked quickly, surprising me. Most people didn't know about us.
"Yeah," I answer. "Yeah, this is Clann headquarters. I'm guessing since you know who we are, you also know what we do."
She nods. "You rescue gifted kids and protect them from the Dai Li."
I smile. "So I'm guessing you're telepathic?" I really feel like I should know how telepathy works, but since I don't, here's another blind assumption about telepathy
"You're part telepathic. That's how you knew who we are, right?"
She shook her head. "I've been watching you guys for a while now," she answered. "Besides, I'm a healer; I don't have telepathy."
So, a healer, then--she wasn't the girl that Talia was originally going to save. But still, what this girl says gets me thinking. How many other Gifteds have been on the run, but have been too afraid to step forward?
"So, if you've been on the run," I ask, "why not stop in here? We have rooms, medical care, and the food isn't always terrible..."
Here she laughs, but other than that it's obvious she doesn't like the subject.
Switching gears, I say "I just realized I don't know your name."
"Grace," she tells me with a smile.
"Nice name," I answer. "I'm Cadence, and this is your room. If you want to chat, I'm usually around. Nice meeting you, Grace!"
"You too," she answers, going inside the simple room. I wave at her back before heading back down the hall.

(I know I controlled Grace a lot, Marionette, so let me know if anything's off about her. I'll be happy to tinker around with this post!)

--------------------------------- The Next Day ------------------------------

I hear my name being called by Talia. "Cadence! New Gifted!"
I immediately drop my inventing blueprints and run to the front entrance just as Ezra rides up, an unconcious girl in his arms. Even at a distance I can tell that she's not much older than I am.
Usually, Ezra is the one to help me out with unconcious Gifteds (at least in helping me get them to their rooms), but since this is his first time out working as Talia's apprentice, he was going to be pretty busy.
"I need some help," I call behind me as I get closer to Ezra and the girl. By the time I run up alongside Talia and Ezra, two other Clann members are behind me. Carefully, we all help the girl down, and lift her from her shoulders, legs, and waist. I know she probably doesn't weigh that much more than me, but its moments like this when I'm glad that its rare for a Gifted kid to show up here unconcious.

It takes a few minutes to work our way back to her room, but we eventually make it, and carefully set her down on the bed.
"Do you think you could find a nurse for me?" I ask one of the Clann that helped me out; she nods and jogs out of the room. I would help her myself, but I am much better at comforting people when they're awake rather than helping them when they're unresponsive.
Its not very long after this when she slowly blinks open her eyes. I give her a moment to adjust to the room before she tries to sit up.
"Whoa, there," I tell her, lightly pushing her back into the bed. She looks over at me suddenly, and then disappears under my fingertips. Looks like I just found her power.
"Hey, no need to be afraid," I tell her. "No one's gonna hurt you."

(I'm just gonna leave the rest for you to take over, Alexa. Good luck on that writers block!)

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