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Marionette 10-02-2014 12:28 AM

Believing Is Only The Beginning
"We could've easily captured that little girl" I said to the blonde woman who was leading our group. She glared at me before looking forward again. As the Dai Li agents kept moving, they had no idea that another gifted child was watching them closely.

"The Dai Li are moving towards the Clann! I have to warn them" I thought to myself. I ran down the hill in hopes of warning them, only to find all the Dai Li agents staring right at me. "Help!!!" I screamed.

Alexa Diamondflower 10-02-2014 05:15 AM

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Okay. I kind of forgot a bit of information about my characters from DtB (specifically,my OC's personality and backstory and last names) soooo, I might make up up new stuff (Galadriel is a new character). I also changed a few things. Liri, are you okay with my characters? I'll change them if I need to.
Oh, and sorry for any typos. I am typing a lot of this on my phone.

Name: Tori Elle Gaven
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Gifted, Clann, Dai Li Agent: Gifted
Strong ability: Shape-shifting
Minor ability: Invisiblity
Personality: I forgot most of what [DtB Tauriel's] her personality was so I will kind of guess: Cold, rude, sarcastic, pessimistic
Appearance: Now has red/orange/light orange hair: Has a scar across her left eye: Dark blue eyes: Picture is attached
Other: Her parents died when she was 7. From there, she swore revenge on the person who ended her parents. She also became a thief, stealing food and other things as well. When something looked valuable, or when she was desperate, she would sell an item that she's stolen. She got the scar on her eye one day while she was being chased by authorities. She managed to escape them, but she twisted her ankle and got several cuts and bruises along the way. All her injuries healed, except for the scar across her, which many people ask her about, which annoys her. She is a really good fighter and is really good at archery. She's not the greatest at hand-to-hand combat, but she knows a little about it.

Name: Ezra Ridenger (R-eye-den-jer: nick-name: Ez)
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Gifted, Clann, or Dai Li Agent: Clann
Strong Ability (if Gifted): None
Minor Ability (if Gifted): None
Personality: Geeky, optimistic, caring, brave (at times)
Appearance: Picture is attached
Other: Was accepted int the Clann one day when he helped them rescue a Gifted. From there on he was trained by Natalia Frey and another Clann agent. He is young and looked down upon by some people at the Clann, but he always manages to change their mind. He is skilled with a sword but not so great at hand-to-hand combat. Is a major geek.

Name: Galadriel Dolemay (Nick-name: Galy (very seldom used, unless you want to get hurt; Agent Darklighter <used more often than her real name)
Gender: Female
Age (8-25): 20
Gifted, Clann, or Dai Li Agent: Dai Li Agent
Strong Ability (if Gifted): None
Minor Ability (if Gifted): None
Personality: Ruthless, rude, uncaring, arrogant, bossy, merciless,
Appearance: Picture is attached
Other: Ran away from home at the age of 7. Lived on the streets for most of her life and got into many fights. One day, she got into a fight with a Gifted (she didn't know that) and defeated him. Several Dai Li Agents saw this (they were there to get rid of the Gifted) and took and Galadriel. She quickly excelled in her training and soon became a high ranking Dai Li Agent and became close friends with Lyren Walker, so when she found out that Ren was a Gifted, Galadriel was furious and immediately set out to destroy her. Galadriel is admired by many Dai Li Agents, but is feared by everyone. She cares more about herself than her fellow Dai Li Agents, with the exception of Lyren Walker (before she found out she was a Gifted). Galadriel is a skilled fighter and can use a bow and arrow and a sword and is very skilled on hand-to-hand combat.

I will post soon. :)

Blaze_of_Glory 10-02-2014 05:33 AM

Oh cool, Dare to Believe is back in a parallel world! :D You guys made this look really interesting... I hadn't intended to, but do you mind if I join? :)
Liri, I like the Avatar reference. :p Dai Li agents! The parallel world thing is really cool too. Alexa, wasn't there an elf queen from LOTR also named Galadriel? At least I think that's what she was...
Oh, and just thought I'd point out - there's two characters named Grace in this RP, Lemony's and Marionette's. That might get confusing...

Alexa Diamondflower 10-02-2014 06:22 AM

Haha! You're right, Glory! There was an Elf queen in LotR, and I was inspired by her to name my OC Galadriel. :) It's such a cool and pretty name. :)

Liri Dazzlebeam 10-02-2014 04:14 PM

I love your characters Alexa! I'm glad Ren has a buddy... at least for now! Haha. I totally got your LOTR reference there ;)

Thats right it is Glory! Haha! Definitely! Please do join! :) Haha thanks, I was watching Avatar again recently. I frequently get my RP ideas from books and movies. They give me the best inspiration.

Oh my gosh! I totally didn't even notice! Wow... shows how tired I was yesterday. Marionette or Lemony, would one of you please change your character's name from Grace so that we don't have two? That would be way too confusing.

Alexa Diamondflower 10-02-2014 04:59 PM

Okay, I added the pics of my characters. Oh, and I meant to put "Agent Darklighter" for Galy's (uh oh. She 's gonna be mad that I said that) code name, not "Agent Darklight" (<I edited that part just now). Just thought you should know.

Marionette 10-02-2014 08:03 PM

I watched the girl carefully. I noticed she looked a lot like me.
"Are you sure she's a gifted? She looks so weak" I heard a fellow agent say.
Suddenly, a bright glow surrounded the girl
"Attack!" I heard one of the agents yell.

Night Wish 10-03-2014 12:26 AM

Aw, thank you so much for including Haven when I couldn't post (again)! :Laughing: I totally owe you one, Liri! :heartbeat:
Oh, and thanks. :) I think the tests went pretty well, only a couple questions I wasn't sure about. I've been practicing with my group for the presentation, just got back right now.
Haha! Alexa, I like your character's names. (Tori Elle instead of Taur-i-el. Very clever! :Laughing:). I think I remember Galadriel, that is an interesting name, by the way.
Welcome, Glory! Feel free to join.


Three months ago...

The smooth gait of the gentle mare is familiar and comforting as always, making clip-clopping sounds on the dirt path. I hold the reins in one hand, guiding her on, and keep my other arm tightly around my little sister, Rhea.
"Aw, can't we go faster, Havvy?" Rhea complains. "Mommy said she'd have a surprise for us at home today!"
I laugh. "We'll be there in a couple minutes, little sis. Hold your horses."
"I can't. You're driving."
I roll my eyes playfully at her. "It's an expression of speech!" She laughs.
"Oh look, we're here." I dismount, and then reach up to help Rhea down. "See? I told you we'd be here in no time - "
Rhea runs up to the door of our cottage, which is... slightly ajar. Right away, a foreboding feeling creeps through me. Mom never forgets to close the door.
Instantly, I'm on alert. It's probably nothing - maybe we just have visitors - but...
"Rhea, slow down," I say cautiously. We slip into the entryway, the door closing behind us with a soft creak. "Mom, we're home!" I call out.
No answer.
"Mom? Where's the surpri - " Rhea bounces forward, crossing into the living room, her words cut off as she screeches to a halt. Her mouth drops open, and she lets out a piercing scream.
"What? What is it?" I run up to her, and...
... The entire room is completely torn apart. The sofa is tipped on its side, the wooden chairs and table have been slashed to splinters. The cushions have been ripped apart, stuffing flying everywhere. Shattered glass litters the floor, and the curtains have been torn to shreds, half falling off the windows.
In the middle of it all, my mother has been forced to her knees on the floor, weeping openly. Two Dai Li agents stand behind her, both with their swords drawn.
"Naida Stavros, now you have gotten a taste of what we do to those who do not cooperate," one Dai Li agent is speaking to her, his voice a low growl.
"Now are you ready to confess?" The other demands, her voice so chilling it sends shivers down my spine.
"I - I know nothing, I p-promise," my mother gasps out through her sobs. "Pl-please, leave my family be. We have done nothing wrong."
The male agent raises his hand and delivers a stinging slap across her cheek. She cries out as her head snaps to the side.
At this, I finally move from where I'd been standing, frozen in the entryway. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" I scream. "LEAVE HER ALONE!"
I rush forward, but the female agents holds me back easily. "Your mother has been suspected of secretly harboring Gifted children," she explains without a hint of emotion. "That is a crime against the King. If she will give up these children's location, we will leave you alone. However - " she nods to the destroyed room. "This is just a taste of what we have in store to those who choose not to cooperate."
"I have no idea what you're talking about!" I exclaim. "We've never even heard of these 'Gifted' children! My family has committed no crime against the King."
"A likely story," the man snorts. "Take the little girl. Perhaps she will be more willing to talk than the rest of her family."
I rush forward, but not quickly enough. The woman grabs ahold of Rhea, who lets out a shrill scream as she tries to squirm out of her grip. The Dai Li agent ignores her cries and drags her over to where my mom is still being held captive.
I watch helplessly as the woman brings the tip of her blade close to Rhea's cheek. My sister whimpers, tears streaming down her small face.
The sight of my sister being threatened like this is the last straw. Anger, hot as a burning flame, mixed with ice-cold rage and the acrid tang of fear, boils over. It's like a storm has stirred to life within me, and I'm not sure I could have stopped it if I wanted to.
And right then, I didn't want to.
Power explodes out of me like a volcanic eruption, and I watch, feeling curiously detached, as a cyclone begins to take shape inside my living room. It spins up towards the ceiling, fierce winds whipping at my hair, my clothes, and picking up every piece of debris covering the floor.
I hear one of the Dai Li agents cry out. "The Gifted child!"
It's then that I look down for the first time - and see that my feet have left the ground. I'm hovering several feet in the air... Part of me thinks that I should be panicking, but I feel strangely calm.
Then a hand clamps onto my ankle. "Go, go! You have to go!" A guy's voice is yelling at me. I turn to him, and at that moment I lose my concentration and plunge downwards, falling heavily to the ground.
"Oof!" I grunt as I land awkwardly, one leg twisted underneath me.
"Come on! We have to get out of here, before they get their bearings. You've given them a shock, but it won't be long until they get over it."
I look up into the face of the guy who'd been screaming at me, over the roar of the twister I'd created. He's tall, with a slim, athletic figure, tousled light brown hair and bright green eyes. He looks to be about eighteen or nineteen.
He drags me to my feet, and we stumble out of the house together. We break off into a run as soon as we reach the forest.
"Wait!" I gasp. "My family... Mom, Rhea!" I turn to head back the way we'd come.
"No." His hand grips my arm in an iron hold. "You can't go back. Can't you see? You'll only be putting them in danger if you do. You saw how the Dai Li reacted to just a suspicion of your mom harboring the Gifted. The best thing you can do for them right now is disappear, go into hiding, and eventually the Dai Li will think you've broken off contact with them. Your family will be on their radar forever... But if they find that you've had any contact with them, they will be thrown into the dungeon immediately."
I stare at him, shell-shocked. No...
I have to go back. I have to know if they're okay!
But I can't. I'll only be a danger to them. I can never go back...
But I, I... I never even got to say goodbye.

Tears well up in my eyes, and the sky above us turns an ominous gray, heavy with storm clouds.
The guy stares back at me with compassion in his green eyes, and no small amount of sadness. "I know how you must be feeling... But you have to try and keep it under control. Or else the Dai Li will be able to track you." He holds out his hand. "I'll help you, I promise. My name is Ansell. Ansell Vaile."
I grasp it shakily. "H-Haven. Haven Stavros."

Now, in present RP time... (Meaning the day Haven was rescued by the Clann)

I peer out through the trees, looking for his distinctive light brown hair. "Ansell?" I call out softly. He said he'd be back in a moment...
Finally, I spot him, talking to a woman dressed in black. I frown in confusion. What is he doing, attracting attention to himself like that? He'd always taught me to speak with others as little as possible. Stay under the radar.
The woman shifts, and a pin on her cloak flashes in the bright sunlight. I gasp, then clamp a hand over my mouth.
The symbol of the Dai Li.
What was Ansell doing talking to her? He seems relaxed, comfortable. He reaches out his hand for the woman to shake.
I slide back under the cover of the forest, shaking. How... What... I can't even begin to process that. Ansell has been my protector, my mentor, and my best friend for the last three months. The only person I could trust...
I walk back to our hideout, waiting for him to come back and explain just what he thought he was doing.


"Havvy?" Ansell's voice calls softly through the trees. He climbs down into the undergrowth next to me. "Hey, sorry for taking so long. I'm sure you were devastated by my prolonged absence, right?" He jokes, grinning.
Then his face turns serious as he sees the look on my face. "Haven? What's wrong?"
"Why were you talking to a Dai Li agent?" I demand, getting straight to the point.
Ansell's face is frozen in an expression of shock. "You saw us?"
"Don't deny it! You knew her," I whisper, my voice shaking. "You knew her... Who are you really, Ansell?"
He's quiet for a moment. "I'm sorry," he says finally.
Shock and rage floods through me. "You've lied to me this whole time?! You were one of them? What were you doing, trying to win my trust so you can trick me into working for them?"
"No! That's not - " He cuts himself off. "I was going to tell you the truth. Yes, I'm not what I said I was. I'm not a Gifted, but neither am I - "
I jump up, using my levitation powers to fly out of the whole. My flight is clumsy, wobbly - I've never been good at this, at controlling either of my powers. But now all I care about is getting as far away from him as possible.
"Haven, wait!" Ansell yells out from behind me, but I don't stop, even when I tumble clumsily to the ground. I just pick myself up and start running.
I glance up at the sky. Roiling storm clouds are creeping across the horizon, covering up the sun, coming so quickly that it can't be natural. I clench my fists.
"Come on, control it, control it," I whisper to myself through clenched teeth. If I can't get it under control, it will attract their attention.


(I'm abridging a bit - this post is getting too long. :Laughing: This part comes after Liri's post.)

"Don't worry," Talia reassures in her kind, soothing voice. "You are safe now."
Suppressing a shiver, I dare a glance behind us, to see several Dai Li agents in hot pursuit. Suddenly, I realize that some of the people who'd been with Talia aren't riding beside us now.
"Wh-what will happen to the rest of them?" I ask, fearing the answer.
Talia pauses for a moment. "They're all competent fighters, and the Dai Li will probably concentrate most of their efforts on chasing us. They will be fine." I can hear the slight hesitation in her voice, a shadow of fear. I pray to whoever will listen that she's right.
I don't want anyone else getting hurt because of me.
"Where are we going?" I ask.
"Clann headquarters. We will explain more once we're there, and you'll have a chance to meet other Gifted children. It's going to be okay," she promises.
I'm not sure what it is, but some instinct makes me trust her. In her presence, I feel safer than I have since that day the Dai Li agents first stormed into my home.
"Wait." I concentrate, imaging a thick, heavy mist rising up out of nowhere, right in front of the Dai Li. When I hear cries of surprise come from behind us, I smile, knowing I've succeeded, if just for the moment.
"Nice thinking, Haven." Talia smiles at me as we gallop on.
"Thanks." I stare out over the distant horizon line, wondering... Just what sort of a place am I going to? A sort of... safe haven for people like me?
For the first time in a long time, I allow myself to hope.

(I'll post Ansell's character form in just a few moments, after I get his picture and glitter text. :) Sorry for the super long first post!
Haha, I'm so excited for this RP! :Excited: Guess I'm just feeling inspired.)


Thank you so much to the very talented Twi and Alyce! :heartbeat:

Blaze_of_Glory 10-03-2014 12:41 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Awesome posts, guys! :)
Alexa, I agree, Galadriel is a really cool name!
Thanks Liri. :)

Name: Stacia Waybern
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Gifted, Clann or Dai Li Agent: Gifted
Strong Ability: Telekinesis
Minor Ability: Invisibility
Personality: Bright, cheerful, friendly, and caring, but a bit withdrawn at times. She can be brave when the situation calls for it, but is usually cautious.
Appearance: Lightly tanned skin, long brown hair with a braid on the side, blue eyes
Other: She's from a cold, wintery part of the country, but Stacia has always preferred the warmth.

Liri Dazzlebeam 10-03-2014 03:27 AM

No problemo Night! Great post! I'm excited too :)

One sec Marionette, Talia is almost there.

Welcome Glory! I'm glad you joined :)

Lemony or Marionette, I really need one of you to change your character's name from Grace. We can't have two Grace's in the RP or things will get way too confusing. I'm sorry.

As we ride away, the Dai Li remain in hot pursuit, and I urge my horse faster, desperate to outrun them and get the girl to safety.
"Wh-what will happen to the rest of them?" She asks in a small voice.
I pause for a moment, caught off guard by her question. "They're all competent fighters, and the Dai Li will probably concentrate most of their efforts on chasing us. They will be fine." I say, trying to convince myself despite my fear for my team.
"Where are we going?" Haven asks.
"Clann headquarters. We will explain more once we're there, and you'll have a chance to meet other Gifted children. It's going to be okay," I promise.
"Wait." She then concentrates, and a thick, heavy mist rises up out of nowhere, right in front of the Dai Li. The agents cry out in surprise and frustration.
"Nice thinking, Haven." I smile at her as we gallop on.

We continue in silence for a while, but then I hear a scream.
"HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" It is a girl's voice, and I look across the valley to see her running down the hill towards Haven and I.
"We have to help her!" Haven exclaims, but I had already turned my horse towards the girl.
"We will." I promise.

The girl reached the bottom of the hill, but then she tripped and fell. She quickly got to her feet, but the Dai Li had already reached her. She slowly backed away, terror written on her face.
"Attack!!!!" Yelled a Dai Li agent, and the girl bolted, running away as fast as she could.

"Haven, can you help again?" I ask, knowing my horse wouldn't get there in time.
"I think so..." She says, closing her eyes in concentration. A small tornado begins to spin into being in between the agents and the child, and it soon starts to pick up the nearby agents and lift them into the air.
"Nice." I say, and we finally reach the girl. "Grab my hand!" I call out to her, and she reaches up to me. I grab her arm as I ride past her, pulling her up behind Haven and I. "Hold on tight!" I spur my horse on and head for the forest. I couldn't go straight to Clann yet, not with the Dai Li on my tail. As we rode past the tornado, I locked eyes with the blonde agent, my nemesis. She glared at me from the other side of the tornado, not daring to come too close and get swept up like the rest of her agents.

"I will find you, and I will find the Clann!" She yells after me, and for some reason, her promise seemed to ring true, although for some reason I didn't feel afraid. Yes, I believed some day she would find the Clann and I, but I didn't think it would be how either of us expected.

Alexa Diamondflower 10-03-2014 04:31 AM

Great chapters guys and thanks Night. Yay! My first chapter! I know it's bad, but I'm kind of going through a little writer's block. My chapters will get better.


The day after Haven was saved....


I see several men and women slowly walking down in the forest below, trying not to make a noise but they still are. I am up in a tree, looking down upon them, hoping that they won't find me. They have never caught me in the past, but you never know what could happen. I start to stand up slightly in the tree I'm in, preparing to swing on across to another tree using the rope I bought, er... stole, but then the tree branch breaks and I fall to the ground.


My head is spinning, my vision is starting to blur a bit. I hear the voices of the authorities rushing over to me.

This is the end of the line for me.

But once they all arrive to where I am, they don't do anything. Except...

"Where is she?! She fell right here?" One man exclaimed
"Maybe it was just an animal or something." A woman suggested
"It can't be. We heard a yell and it sounded like a human girl. She was hear. I know it." The same man says "That little thief. Where could she have gone?"

They all continue you bicker about where I am, and I just lie there confused...

What are they arguing about? I'm right here in front of them.

And about to pass out. My head is now throbbing like crazy and my vision isn't doing so well either. Suddenly, these people jump out of no where and start pointing there swords at the authorities.

What are they, crazy?

Out of no where, these other people jump out and start attacking everyone.

And that's all I remember.


(a little bit before Tori's part)

"Have you found her?" I ask
"No sir. We haven't found the Gifted yet, and how are you so sure it's a girl?" A Clann member, named John, asks
"Uhm... I.... I don't know." I say, lowering my head

Everyone rolls there eyes at me.

"Heh, sorry." I say
"WE'VE FOUND THE GIFTED! I REPEAT, WE HAVE FOUND THE GIFTED!" I hear some other people of the Clann say as they ride back to us on horseback.
"Show us!" I say galloping towards them on my stallion, the others following my lead.
"This way!"

We soon arrive near the spot where my men say they saw the Gifted. We hide behind some bushes so no one spots us.

"I don't see any..."

One of them grabs my face and points it up at a tree, where there is a girl sitting there.

"Ahh. I see. We should probably..."
"Wait." Another interrupts
"Ugh, can't I speak?" I exclaim quietly, not wanting to be heard
"Look. I see some people over there. It looks like the authorities. I wonder what they are doing out here?"
"It does make you wonder." I say

Suddenly, we hear a loud crack. The branch the girl is sitting on breaks and she falls to the ground with a thud. We all cringe. We were about to go up and help her when the authorities rush over to the spot. What they say only confirms the fact that the girls is a gifted.

"Where is she?! She fell right here?" A man said
"Maybe it was just an animal or something." One woman suggested
"It can't be. We heard a yell and it sounded like a human girl. She was hear. I know it." The other man says "That little thief. Where could she have gone?"

They all start bickering, and that's when we start planning our next move. Unfortunately, we don't get much time to plan when, suddenly, all these other people jump out from nowhere. We immediately recognize them as them as Dai Li Agents. They've circled the authorities, hold up their weapons at them. That's when me and my fellow Clann members jump out from the brush we were hiding in.

"Well, well, well. If it isn't my favorite Clann member." A woman with light brown hair and white lowlights says
My eyes narrow "Agent Darklighter."
"So, you remember my name? I thought since your brain was so small, you wouldn't even remember what I look like."
"I'm not dumb, Darklighter." I say
"Hmmm, we'll see about that, shall we?"

All of us then charge at one another, getting into a big fight. The sound of swords clashing and the yells and grunts of the men and woman fighting are among the many sounds in the fight. The authorities that were once here have fled. I look over my shoulder during the battle and I see that there is a girl lying on the ground where the Gifted was supposed to be.

So that's her, huh. She's... beautiful.

"Oh!" I then get kicked by, none other than, Agent Darlighter, sending me to the ground
"Oops. Clumsy me. I didn't mean to hit your side... I meant to hit your head!" She tries to kick me again, but I block it, sending her to the ground next. She trips me, making me fall flat on my face. She gets up once again and raises her sword above me, when
"AAAH!" She exclaims as an arrow hits her arm.

I finally get up and grab the Gifted, signaling my team to fall back. We do this, and hurriedly get onto our horses and head towards base, but not before Agent Darklighter gets in the final word.



As the Clann agents ride off, I take a look around us. We lost a lot of Dai Li, but there about just as many Clann agents that were defeated as while. An evil smile spreads across my face.

"Gather up all of the weapons and take the fallen and throw them away. Make sure that nobody is alive."

My team does as I say. Once they were through, we got back on our horses and headed back to the Dai Li headquarters.

"You know, we have horses just like those Clann guys." One of my men says
"What is your point?" I ask
"Well, couldn't we have just gone after them on horseback?"

When he says that, I become filled with shock and regret... for a split second. I then put the dagger I have to some good use.

"One less rider, one less agent.... we can make do without him. Come. Let us hurry back to base. We don't want to keep anyone waiting, and I'm sure none of you want to have the same fate as that other agent, am I correct?"

I sense the fear in my team and we continue onto the Dai Li Headquarters, as I try to come up with a good explanation as to why we didn't destroy the Gifted.

Author's Note: I hope you all enjoyed this. Liri, you can continue with Natalia seeing Ezra brings Tori in with the others, if you want to. Sorry for any typo.

Liri Dazzlebeam 10-03-2014 04:31 PM

Great post Alexa :) I will definitely continue with Talia seeing Ezra and Tori soon, after I take a test. One thing though, they wouldn't know about Star Wars or any movie like that... (since you know, parallel ancient society...) but everything else was great!

I will post after my classes!

PixieHollowForever 10-03-2014 05:10 PM

My forms:
Name: Aloisa Averie (Sister of Andres) Nickname Ali
Gifted, Clann, or Dai Li Agent: Gifted
Strong Ability (If Gifted): Healing
Minor Ability (If Gifted): Levitation
Personality: perky, loves to sing, very social
Appearance: long blond hair, tan skin, blue eyes
Other: none for now

Name: Andres Averie (brother of Aloisa) nickname And or Andy
Gender: male
Age(8-25): 11
Gifted, Clann, or Dai Li Agent: Clann
Strong Ability (If Gifted):
Minor Ability (If Gifted):

Personality: changes moods a lot, very sporty
Appearance: curly blond hair, blue eyes, tan skin
Other: none for now

You know, why can't we have some gifted agents?

Liri Dazzlebeam 10-03-2014 05:51 PM

Welcome PHF! :)

As for why we can't have Gifted agents, the King is too scared of the Gifted, so he doesn't want them in high positions where he has to trust them. He would much rather break them into submission and create a mindless army that follows his orders than to have them as his highly intelligent and efficient elite agents. This fear of the unknown and uncontrollable is completely normal for humankind, so I am using it in this RP. However, the Clann is fighting for a world of equality for the Gifted, and one of their goals is to overthrow the King and make some serious changes. Once they succeed in that, the Gifted will be accepted into the Dai Li ranks. Making that an opportunity for the Gifted will be one of Ren's top priorities once she joins Clann.

Also, PHF, would you please change one of Ali's abilities so that she doesn't have the same ability set as Tori? Tori already has the set of Shapeshifting and Invisibility. I really want them to all have slightly different skills. Sorry to make you change things!

Alexa Diamondflower 10-03-2014 07:32 PM


Originally Posted by Liri Dazzlebeam (Post 291085)
Great post Alexa :) I will definitely continue with Talia seeing Ezra and Tori soon, after I take a test. One thing though, they wouldn't know about Star Wars or any movie like that... (since you know, parallel ancient society...) but everything else was great!

I will post after my classes!

Thanks! Aaah! I forgot about the whole AU thing. I fixed the "Star Wars" scene. :) I look forward to your post! I hope you do well on your test! :)

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