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Award: Patriot Pixie's 2012 Award
Patriot Pixie's 2012 Award
Pixie's Patriotic Award 2012 from the PHF Staff.

Members who received this award
Members: 139
, Nick, Batleth, -rcv-, TooHip, Teyla, Jack I, Melody, Lady Freckles, Tepcat, Zilly, Ducky Wucky, Jezzi, UpInTheAir, Sillyasacat, vanillabug, Fairy Hoppins, Rattlebones, texastinkerbelle, Twitterbug, Dawn Starvale, Littlebell, Clover Elmlace, June Rosewillow, Hope Mistytwinkle, Violet Merryvale, Lila Mossgarden, dewshine22, StormyLightningberry, Beaniemooch, Cobweb Bitterheart, Foxfeather, Sapphire Sweetfeather, Buttercup PollenPuff, Bug, kythera, Olivia Diamondsky, Arianna Flutterwings, Roseheart, seek4light, Neverheart, LabyrinthC, breezy roseblossom, MelodyMoonriver, cupcake, Breezy lemonwind, Autumn Sunshimmer, Heather Cedarspeck, Mommy 2 Jules, cricket18, Linkerbell, Pearl Moonsplash, Lotuspuppy, Julie Roseblossom, ChloeStarMeadow, Magic Elve, BW`, Thissa Way, Lily, pinkstarlight83, Neverbelle, moonbutterfly18, ScoobyWinx, elfarie, Alina M, JovialOne, vetcat1234, Sapphire Blue, Twilight, Rin, Grace Moonglow, Sophie Silkpetal, KAZ1167, bayberry bubbleweather, Straw, Lark, lotuscup, Sparklemarble, Maps, XRoseyGirlX, dawn dazzledust, Iris Waterdew, Joan, _Stormy_, Sweet Tooth Moments, Isabelle_Limegreen009, popcorn1234, theatercandy, Black Coffee, Isabelle Daisypetal, The Mystical Pixie, Indigo_Glitterflower, Jillian Snowdew, Book Thing, kass101, mimi3007, Flora, Aria_Water Talent, roadyrocky, pixiegirl1, fadings, CactusJuicy, Julie Dazzleshimmer, Jellyblossom, Mister Pancake, MeMyselfI11, CookiezPrincess, Princess Maxie, Sweet Cupcake, alllthingspixiehollow, Sweet_Jenny, DareToBeDifferent35, Bumblestripe, lily706, Emily Watercloud, Cornflower, RosesOfScarlet, Julie Sunripple, Count Bratula, Van Van, Roar, EmeraldGuardian_04, Tanglethorn, Cerise_Ivory_Electro, Gloria Rosepetal, anaz510, Mopt0p, Iceglow, Rosalina286, Bethanythepieeatingfairy, Rosemary Seatwinkle, Nightwing, pearl, Labyrinth Pepperpool, Arianna No Last Name, Lilac Rosewillow, xXKitty_LunaXx, Emma65o, Onionleaf
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