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Arcade announcements:
Welcome to Pixie Hollow's Arcade!

Note from PHF's Moderation Staff: Any user caught trolling, and/or flaming in arcade comments could result in a perma ban from the arcade and all scores removed! Cursing in arcade comments will result in your scores and comments removed from the arcade, you will be banned from using the arcade, and you will be suspended from the forums!

Any users found to be cheating will quickly discover all their scores wiped out and banned from playing the arcade. If your score is removed from the list, there's a good reason for it, don't resubmit it....

If there are any troubles PM Batleth!

  The Arcade (340 Games in 14 Categories)  
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Newest Champions 
Blaze_of_Glory is the new Great Mahjong: Classic champion! 12-02-2018
Blaze_of_Glory is the new Loony Tunes: Match the Mugs champion! 11-23-2018
Neverbelle is the new Nevs socks champion! 11-22-2018
Blaze_of_Glory is the new Jungle Kid champion! 11-19-2018
Blaze_of_Glory is the new 3D Mahjong champion! 10-16-2018
Latest Arcade Score 
Blaze_of_Glory Scored 258 points playing Great Mahjong: Classic
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Visit Britain Pinball v32 
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Visit Britain Pinball v32
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